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Building Scalable IMS LTI Tools Using the TSUGI Framework


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This talk is about my next-generation tool hosting environment called "Tsugi" -

2014 06-03-miami-tsugi

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Building Scalable IMS LTI Tools Using the TSUGI Framework

  1. 1. Building Scalable IMS LTI Tools Using the TSUGI Framework Charles Severance University of Michigan School of Information Longsight, Inc.
  2. 2. Disclaimer... What I am about to talk about is not an official direction or position of the University of Michigan, Longsight, nor IMS Global.
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Installation Instructions
  5. 5. Project Tsugi • Tool Hosting Container (i.e. Like a B2) – PHP now, Java planned • Based on IMS Specifications – LTI 1.x / LTI 2.x / IMS Settings / Common Cartridge / Caliper / CASA / Roster / Gradebook / .... • Tools can run on a campus hosting platform or commercial provider or cloud • Tools are "installed" into hosting containers
  6. 6. From the 2003 Sakai Proposal
  7. 7. ... WTD?
  8. 8. L T I PHP Java C# ... But...
  9. 9. "Large Midwestern University" Sakai ....... Looks pretty cool.... But...
  10. 10. Sakai • Where is the user data?? • What happens when there are 50 apps? • What if the app is free and hosted by a professor? • What happens if we stop paying the license?
  11. 11. Neo-Colonialism LTI-style
  12. 12. LTI 1.x versus LTI 2.x and Beyond • LTI 1.x – Three pages of spec and some "hello world" code • LTI 2.x – Several specs – multiple interactions – We will need to share common implementations across instructions • And what about Caliper, Casa, xAPI, etc. ??
  13. 13. Multiple LMS Campus + App Store App Store Tool Tool Tool Tool...
  14. 14. Multiple LMS Campus + App Store App Store Tool Tool Tool Tool Tsugi Hosting Container Tool ToolTool ... Install
  15. 15. Tsugi Exp Multiple LMS Campus + App Store App Store Tool Tool Tool Tool Tsugi Prod Tool ToolTool ...
  16. 16.
  17. 17. • Install / Configuration similar to Moodle • Emulate the Moodle APIs / Runtime • Multi-tenant • Cookie free (i.e. loves iframes) • Uses PDO with some rules about FK for easy cleanup • Auto-ddl feature to upgrade schema PHP Tsugi
  18. 18. PHP Tsugi Tool Code <?php require_once "../../config.php"; require_once $CFG->dirroot."/lib/lms_lib.php"; $LTI = lti_require_data(array('user_id', 'result_id', 'role','context_id')); $displayname = $USER->displayname; // Start of the output $OUTPUT->header(); $OUTPUT->start_body(); ... $OUTPUT->footer();
  19. 19. Demos • • – Join site "TSUGI Test"
  20. 20. PHP Tsugi Next Steps • Architecture Review / Critique • Internationalization – need help • Outreach to the Moodle community • IMS LTI 2.0 Support • xAPI support • IMS Caliper Support • IMS Casa Support Tsugi is in 24x7 production and I can support a few experimenters on my servers.
  21. 21. Java Tsugi Dreams Sakai Sakai Tool Sakai Blackboard B2 Tool B2 I am not in a rush to do the Java port. I want to stay agile and use PHP as an architecture proof of concept. The Java port will be simple and fast with PHP in hand.
  22. 22. Java Tsugi Dreams Sakai Tsugi Tool Tsugi Sakai Tool Sakai Blackboard Tsugi Tool Tsugi B2 Tool B2 Amazon EBS Tsugi Tool Tsugi Tomcat Tsugi Tool Tsugi
  23. 23. Thinking Big... • I hope to bring TSUGI to Apereo Incubation before next conference • I would like to build a tool ecology to benefit all teachers regardless of LMS • I want us to own our data and cloud choices • I want to see Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and D2L schools joining Apereo
  24. 24. Questions...