Sakai 10 and Beyond - Next Steps for Sakai


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This was given at the Apereo Mexico 2014 meeting. 2014 05-13-apereo-mexico14

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Sakai 10 and Beyond - Next Steps for Sakai

  1. 1. Sakai 10 and Beyond Next Steps for Sakai Charles Severance Sakai PMC Member
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  3. 3. Programming for Everybody 3
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  7. 7. A Decade of Innovation ●Sakai 2.9 (2013) is a world-class Enterprise LMS ●We have been a driving force in building standards and interoperability in LMS systems ●IMS Learning Tools Interoperability ●IMS Common Cartridge ●We have made the market better and safer 8
  8. 8. True Open Source ●Hundreds of contributors ●50+ Universities and companies ●Diverse community ●Merit based leadership ●Our plans, roadmaps, and directions are open 9
  9. 9. 10 US Market Share
  10. 10. Add title of slide ●Content of slide 11 November 2012
  11. 11. Sakai-10 (Mid-2014) ●Peer Review in Assignments ●IMS Learning Tools Interoperability 2.0 ●Drag-and-Drop Resource Upload ●Student Success Plan ●Start and End Times for Discussions ●Calculated Question Types ●Extra Credit in the Grade Book ●... 12
  12. 12. The Impact of Sakai ●Customers of Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Canvas can thank Sakai for bringing interoperability to the marketplace ●Sakai pioneered IMS LTI and in effect created a 500-million dollar market for portable learning tools add-ons that work in any LMS 13
  13. 13. Have we achieved perfection in the LMS marketplace? Can we sit back and relax?
  14. 14. No. We cannot relax, we must push harder. Learning is changing.
  15. 15. Grand Challenges ●Scalability ●Systems with a million students ●Courses with 100,000 students ●Learning Analytics ●The move to mobile as sole device ●Building / using tools outside the LMS 16
  16. 16. Who Owns Your Data? ●Cloud-hosted systems owned by US vendors ●Externally hosted tools from US vendors ●Analytics from proprietary vendors ●All lead to a loss of control over the data for your students and teachers 17
  17. 17. Sakai-10/11 Performance ●In order to scale Sakai to >1M users ●Non-sticky session / dynamic failover ●Reconfigure without reboot ●Dynamic cluster sizing ●Distributed caching MemCache or Hazelcast ●ElasticSearch ●Sakai-10 lays the foundation for scalability 18
  18. 18. Sakai-11 Road Map ●Roadmap January 2014 / Release Mid-2015 ●Responsive Design + Mobile (no frames) ●Dashboard ●Visualization of discussion ●IMS Caliper Learning Analytics ●Increased services available to external tools ●... 19
  19. 19. Other Apereo Projects ●Learning Analytics Initiative ●Working with the Society for Learning Analytics (SOLAR) ●Karuta – Portfolio System ●TSUGI – External Tool Hosting Environment ●Working with IMS Global Learning Consortium ●These will be cross-LMS projects 20
  20. 20. The De-Coupled LMS ●Increasingly learning needs are met by a central LMS that provides core functions and additional tools outside the LMS for advanced or unique functionality ●Mets the needs of diverse teaching needs ●We can integrate tools from many different sources 21
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  23. 23. Summary ●Sakai and Apereo are about freedom ●Choose technology ●Choose your deployment strategy ●Choose your commercial partners ●Own your data ●Own your content ●Own your present and your future 27
  24. 24. Open Apereo 2014 ●L 28