Directions for Standards in Teaching and Learning


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This is a talk I gave at the Apereo13 conference. Ref: 2013-06-05-sakai-stds-update

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Directions for Standards in Teaching and Learning

  1. 1. Dr. Charles SeveranceUniversity of Michigan School of Informationwww.dr-chuck.comJune 5, 2013Directions for Standards in Teaching andLearning
  2. 2. During this talk, I am not speaking for theUniversity of Michigan, I am not speaking forBlackboard, Inc., I am not speaking for the IMSGlobal Learning Consortium, and I am notspeaking for anyone except for myself.
  3. 3. Quick History Review
  4. 4. NineYears Ago - February 19, 2004 - Sakai All Hands Meeting @ Stanford
  5. 5. At 02:28 PM 3/2/2004 -0500, Chris Etesse wrote:Chuck, Jeff and Babi,It was my pleasure talking to you both during my travels recently - Chuck in person inEdinburgh and Jeff & Babi via phone from Europe.As promised, I wanted to pass on alink to a white paper we just released on Blackboard & Standards as well as restatemy invitation to host a meeting at Blackboard with Chuck to discuss how we caninteroperate going forward. Finally, the second link is to the Blackboard SDKs for ourvarious products - I thought it might be of some interest. I look forward to workingcloser with you each.Warmest regards,Christopher EtesseSenior Director of TechnologyBlackboard Inc.
  6. 6. DRAFT Software Portability Workgroup Prospectus DRAFTThe current trend in web-based systems for eLearning has beenmoving steadily towards increasing componentization andmodularity. This trend is driven to a large extent by the desire forsystems deployers to easily enhance system functionality to morequickly and effectively support the maturing demands of LMS users.Three notable examples are referenced here:Blackboard Building BlocksSakai’s Tool Portability ProfileWebCT PowerLinks SDKJoseph HardinUniversity of Michigan September 3, 2004
  7. 7. Brainstorming at IMS Meeting in Denver 2004-10-19
  8. 8. Colleagues:It looks like we have about 25 individuals (give or take) attending the SCP/SCA/Board meeting on 4/27/2005 from 1-5 pm.This includes the Board (9). See list below.At this point, Id rather not invite any more people.Textbook Publishers Invited/Attending...............................................Allen Noren, OReilly & Associates -- ATTENDINGRay Henderson, Pearson Education -- ATTENDINGSchoen, Steve,Thomson Higher Education -- ATTENDINGDavid Serbun, Houghton Mifflin Company -- ATTENDINGJonathan Stowe, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. -- ATTENDINGGlenn Kammen, Intelecom -- ATTENDINGVivian Vivie SinouDean, Distance & Mediated LearningFoothill CollegePublisher Meeting @ Stanford
  9. 9. June 21, 2005,IMS Alt-I-Lab Sheffield, UK
  10. 10. June 21, 2006IMS Alt-I-LabIndianapolis, IN
  11. 11. February 2007
  12. 12. StandardsCommercialOpen SourceLMSPublisherswww.imsglobal.orgCommonCartridgeToolsInteroperability2008
  13. 13. 2012
  14. 14. Success has a thousand parents..
  15. 15. Current State
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Sakai 2.9• IMS LTI Tool - IMS Learning Tools Interoperability 1.1• Tool Launch• Grade Return• Lesson Builder - IMS Common Cartridge 1.1 Import
  18. 18. 2.9 LTI Extensions• Roster API - Allows an external tool to get the entire roster of acourse with roles and grade callbacks (Sakai 2.9)• Settings API - Allows eternal tool to store and retrieve up to 4K ofsettings (Sakai 2.9)• XML + OAuth
  19. 19. Lesson Builder Post Sakai 2.9• LessonBuilder• IMS Common Cartridge 1.2 Import (2.9.1)• IMS Common Cartridge 1.1, 1.2 Export (2.9.3) - very nice to havefor OER
  20. 20. LTI in 2.9.2• Lessons API - XML + OAuth• Retrieve Lessons Structure• Add folder, link or collection of LTI links to LessonBuilder at anypoint in the hierarchy - every link can accept grades• See BLTI-203 in JIRA and developer documentation in the source tree
  21. 21. Looking Forward
  22. 22. Sakai 2.9.3?• University of Michigan has made amazing changes to Site Info to auto-place LTI 1.1 tools• Zhen Quian, John Johnston, Beth Kirschner• The majority of the code is running in CTools right now, and an everprettier version is now in trunk• I would like to see this in 2-9-x and 2.9.3
  23. 23. LTI 1.1 - Next-Gen Learning Tools• Coursera should soon support LTI 1.1 (Announced at the PartnersConferernce)• edX will be supporting LTI 1.1 (even if I have to write it)• NovoEd (formerlyVentureLabs) interested in using LTI 1.1 as its firstexpansion option
  24. 24. On My SummerVacation...• LTI 2.0 - My highest priority for the summer• Application Store Use Case - Automatic Provisioning• Service Registry - External Tool Requests Access to Services -workflow for Admin to approve Facebook-Style• Will lay the groundwork for wide range of standard and extensionservices•
  25. 25. LTI 2.0 To Date...• IMS and Ingram Sponsored ROR reference implementation of LTI 2.0• Simple (easy to read) LTI 2.0 implementation in PHP• Work is starting on code UI chenges for LTI 2.0 in coordination withUMich• I am working on getting funding for a Moodle LTI 2.0 referenceimplementation
  26. 26. {"@context": ["",""],"@type": "ToolProxy","@id": "http://localhost/~csev/BLTI-230/51af451a47c48","lti_version": "LTI-2p0","tool_proxy_guid": "98765","tool_consumer_profile": "http://localhost/~csev/BLTI-230/tc_profile."tool_profile": {"product_instance": {"product_info": {"product_version": "0.3","technical_description": {"default_value": "Simple LTI 2 PHP Implementation","key": "tool.technical"},....LTI 2.0 REST3/JSON-LD
  27. 27. LTI 2.0 Motivational Speech...Sakai LTI SIGJuly 10, 2009
  28. 28. Summary• Past: Sakai was essential to the past decade of progress in openstandards for teaching and learning• Present: Sakai 2.9 has excellent support for IMS LTI and IMS CC out ofthe box• Short Term:We are polishing and extending our LTI 1.1 support• Future: We are in a great position to continue to lead the industryforward in the areas of portability and interopability