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Gnu Radio and the Universal Software Radio Peripheral

Presentation given at the 2010 AMSAT UK Space Colloquium. Video recording of the presentation is available from

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Gnu Radio and the Universal Software Radio Peripheral

  1. 1. GNU Radio and the Universal Software Radio Peripheral Alexandru Csete OZ9AEC An open source platform for experimenting with Software Defined Radios
  2. 2. I want a radio which... ? Lets me experiment with SDR Not limited to audio bandwidth On the air from DC to “many” GHz Affordable
  3. 3. SDR with GNU Radio & USRP RF front end analog digital software • Converts RF to/from • Digital baseband analog baseband • ADC and DAC • Low rate (16 Msps) • Direct conversion using • Resampling quadrature mod/demod • Defines functionality
  4. 4. Universal Software Radio Peripheral FEATURES • Four 12 bit ADC (64 Msps) • Four 14 bit DAC (128 Msps) • Two RX and two TX • Up to 8 MHz bandwidth • USB 2.0 interface • Auxiliary analog & digi I/O
  5. 5. WBX transceiver board FEATURES • 50 MHz – 2.2 GHz • Full duplex • Direct conversion • 5-6 dB noise figure • 50-100mW TX power RF boards available between DC and 6 GHz
  6. 6. GNU Radio DSP library Execution framework Modulation Filters I/O GUI Other blocks...
  7. 7. Programming Levels GRC Graphical design tool Composite blocks Python Applications C++ Low level functions
  8. 8. Python example
  9. 9. Generate Code Execute GNU Radio Companion
  10. 10. Simple FM Receiver
  11. 11. The FM receiver on the air USRP with WBX and Arrow II Demo video:
  12. 12. Simple FM Transmitter
  13. 13. FM Transceiver Full Duplex!
  14. 14. The simplest transponder 1.265 GHz → 2.415 GHz → 500 kHz bandwidth
  15. 15. Transponder with TM/TC Transponder at ∆f = 50 ... 150 kHz from centre TM and TC at ∆f = -50kHz from centre
  16. 16. DVB with webcam UVC webcam Linux Gstreamer USRP High Definition GNU Radio
  17. 17. DVB with webcam Video demo:
  18. 18. The DVB system Webcam USRP Text H.264 MPEG-TS Packet GMSK Gain overlay encode muxer encoder modulator Gstreamer GNU Radio Unix pipe Transmitter Receiver USRP Display Channel GMSK Packet MPEG-TS H.264 filter demod decoder demux decode Unix pipe GNU Radio Gstreamer
  19. 19. Video transmitter gst-launch -e -v v4l2src device="/dev/video1" ! video/x-raw-yuv, framerate=25/1, width=640, height=360 ! timeoverlay halign=right valign=bottom shaded-background=true ! textoverlay text="Test Video 640x360 25fps" halign=left valign=bottom shaded-background=true ! x264enc bitrate=1000 ! mpegtsmux ! filesink location=myfifo.raw
  20. 20. Video receiver gst-launch -v playbin uri=file:///home/alexc/gnuradio/GST/video2.ts
  21. 21. Summary GNU
Radio USRP • Great for experimenting with SDR • Modular HW for DC to 6 GHz • Free & open source • Good receivers • Can use HW other than USRP • Full duplex transceivers • Works great on Linux • ∼100mW TX power • With some effort on Mac and Win • Does not require GNU Radio
  22. 22. Explore GNU Radio GNU Radio website: GNU Radio Python tutorial: GNU Radio Companion tutorial: The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (projects): Ettus Research (USRP and daughterboards): USRP FAQ: My GNU Radio projects, blog, etc: My simple GRC examples: I have many videos with GNU Radio in action: Ubuntu Linux (great OS for GNU Radio):