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eme4406 • Spring 2010 course Intro


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A selection of images to support a course introduction to Integrating Technology into the Secondary Curriculum.

Published in: Education, Technology
  • These slides are being used for an overview discussion of my Spring 2010 course on integrating technology into the secondary curriculum. The audience is a collection of undergraduate students who are interested in minoring in education. This presentation is used to provide a visual narrative for discussion among course participants. Wish you could be there!
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eme4406 • Spring 2010 course Intro

  1. 1. eme4406 • integrating technology into the secondary curriculum Spring 2010 • Introduction College of Education • University of Florida • csessums
  2. 2. educational technology learning with technology
  3. 41. Seven Survival Skills for Teens Today -critical thinking & problem solving -collaboration across networks & leading by influence -agility & adaptability -initiative & entrepreneurism -effective oral & written communication -accessing & analyzing information -curiosity & imagination Wagner (2008)
  4. 46. I have been collecting images off the Web since the Web was born. Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep tabs on all of the places and sources where I located these particular images. Please know this slide deck was developed for educational purposes with no intention to sell or reuse these images for monetary gain. I hope the original authors of these various images understand Fair Use and know how grateful I am for their generous and sharing nature. If you can identify the source of the particular image, please let me know and I will include a page citing the proper sources. Thank you.