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Chapter nine photography visualization


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Chapter nine photography visualization

  1. 1. sessums « eme4406 • integrating technology into the secondary curriculum • fall 2010 chapter 9: technology to support learning Photography offers many benefits to individuals and society. It serves as both a creative outlet and a form of record keeping, a way to catalog our world and our memories. Photography as an act allows participate in our world both as a producer and consumer. Technology gives us a way to capture, store, and share photographs enhancing our ability to learn and increase the connections between our schools and communities. This lesson provides an opportunity to document a moment, share it with others, and go back and reflect on it later. Photographs are triggering towns, each a poem unto itself, waiting to be received. Online each photograph posted is a community waiting to happen.
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  16. 21. Activity: • Open Photobooth • Snap a series of photos • Post one to Twitter using Twitpic (sign up) • Tag your photo #eme4406