Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange

   Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange

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   Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange

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   Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange

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Virtual Data Rooms play a key role in sharing, protecting and tracking access to documents in mergers & acquisitions, loan syndications, debt financing, technology licensing, commercial real estate sales, and life sciences. Provide secure, 24-hour access to an unlimited number of partners & participants by launching a data room online at

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  1. 1. Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange SELECT PRODUCT FEATURES Drag and drop thousands of les and folders directly from your desktop for instant data room population Upload and extract compressed zip les containing entire sets of folders and documents directly into your data room Control who sees what inside the data room—down to the page level inside a document Apply PDFGuardTM to selectively prevent the printing, saving, copy/paste and forwarding of documents Stamp document pages with digital watermarks to identity authorized users by email address and location is a web-based software application that allows Dynamically add your company logo (or other image) you to protect, collect, share and track access to con dential to all document pages documents across an unlimited network of users, both inside Instantly search the indexed content of thousands of and outside of your organization. Our Virtual Data Rooms documents across multiple data rooms (VDRs) are key components in simplifying and streamlining Provide instant access by simultaneously importing your document-centric business processes, projects and hundreds of data room participants transactions. Leverage personal and company-level lists of contacts for granting repeat data room access Using end-to-end document security and an on-demand Send instant email noti cations to alert participants “Software-as-a-Service” delivery model, allows about new or modi ed data room access you to instantly reach beyond your company rewall to safely Automate the NDA/CA process using electronic signatures and securely conduct business with the extended enterprise. Move/Copy folders and documents between data From start to nish, was designed to be your rooms using drag and drop company-wide solution for all your document sharing and Integrated “convert to PDF” feature for most le types collaboration needs. (original le format is maintained) Utilize a tamper-proof audit trail that tracks all data room activity End-to-End Document Protection See how long participants spend viewing documents and individual pages PDFGuardTM Replace insecure email by sending protected Fine-tune your company’s Document Compliance Management documents directly to other individuals (DCM) strategy using PDFGuardTM to digitally encrypt and Display a listing of current data rooms on your protect documents outside your rewall. PDFGuardTM applies a company website and support public data room tamper-proof security layer that “travels” with the document- registration (optional) ensuring that the document always remains under the system’s watchful eye, even when it is opened, edited or stored on an end user’s desktop. This allows the document publisher to change or revoke document access even after the le has been downloaded by the recipient. 1-877-90-ROOMS
  2. 2. Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange Electronic NDA/CA Signatures Branded Solution Automate the non Our branded solutions includes a disclosure/con dentiality vanity URL (i.e. agreement signature process by, requiring the electronic signature a private-labeled login screen and of user-uploaded NDA or CA a customized application header documents. All signed documents so that data room participants can are instantly emailed to a select quickly identify your company group of dataroom administrators. when accessing your data room(s). Digital Watermarking Tamper-Proof Audit Trails On-Demand Data Rooms To prevent camera-based attacks or Tracking all data room participant Your critical business transactions when data room participants need activity is the only way to ful ll demand a Virtual Data Room the ability to print documents, each stringent compliance obligations. solution that can be up and running page that the authorized user views utilizes powerful in a matter of minutes. We are the can be stamped with a dynamically reporting tools that provide detailed only provider that lets you instantly embedded watermark. This water- information on who is doing what customize and purchase a dataroom mark identi es the current user by inside your data room—including that meets your speci c functional- email, time of download and IP tracking time spent on individual ity, storage and duration needs address. A unique document ID pages and which pages were online. Review our dataroom plans number is also included to quickly printed. An IP address geocoding and pricing at identify the document in the event system displays the end user’s point or start of unlawful forwarding or use of the of access at the city, state and a free trial at document. Additionally, you can country levels. “stamp” your company logo on each page. Flexible Delivery and Pricing Enterprise Licensing Model For a broader implementation you Policy-Based Security and Access can leverage our a ordable, Controls Software-as-a-Service unlimited-use enterprise licensing. Our intuitive access rights Our Software-as-a-Service delivery Launch dedicated data rooms for all management system supports model drastically reduces the time your document sharing and group-based access rights at the and cost associated with traditional exchange needs without having to folder, document and even in-house software solutions. No worry about additional costs individual page level. Additionally, servers. No software. No lengthy incurred for each data room you you can prevent printing, saving, installation and con guration launch and document you create. copy/paste operations and disable periods. With our hosted service, all Call us today for a quote. the print-screen function. Users see you need is an internet connection 1-877-90-ROOMS, opt 2. only the folders and documents and a web browser. they have been granted access to. is one of the only solutions that is Apply extended rights to individual delivered on both the PC and Mac folders to give non-administrative platforms. users limited access to contribute data room content in speci c locations. 1-877-90-ROOMS
  3. 3. Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange Unique Offerings Reliable Support Protected User-Level File Exchange Dedicated Account Managers The unsecure emailing of Our dedicated account managers con dential company and client are available to ensure you are documents has lead to major, provided with the highest level of highly-publicized breaches in support available. With the know- corporate security. how and experience to streamline extends the traditional virtual data your use of the room model by empowering your platform, your dedicated expert is employees with user-level The Best in Security and only a phone call away. On-site, document storage and exchange Reliability custom-tailored training is also portals to facilitate the protected available. and traceable exchange of Cutting Edge Data Centers documents between individuals. Our servers are located in SAS 70 Telephone and Email Support Type II certi ed data centers that Telephone and email support are An Enterprise-Wide Platform provide unmatched security and available 24/7/365 to resolve any provides reliability. Data center features questions or issues you have. The revolutionary technology that gives include: 24/7 monitoring, backup support team is our customers an enterprise-wide power, redundant network equipped with remote assistance platform for managing document connectivity and physical security software to facilitate the resolution sharing and exchange. Create a through video monitoring and re of technical or training issues. company account online to facilitate control systems. Contact us at the automated registration of other company employees. Company Geographical Redundancy or 1-877-90-ROOMS, ext 1. level controls enable company-wide, A multi-location, real-time backup cross-dataroom reporting and solution ensures your information is permissioning at the employee always protected and available. level. Every document you upload is immediately sent to a backup server located in a separate facility and city. Encrypted Storage and Transmission Strong 128-bit encryption on the server protects documents and prevents unauthorized access, including access by unauthorized IT personnel. All tra c to and from the system is encrypted with 128-bit SSL. 1-877-90-ROOMS
  4. 4. Enterprise Document Sharing and Exchange Common Solutions GET STARTED TODAY Mergers and Acquisitions Pre-due diligence, comprehensive Based on your current needs and familiarly with how Virtual Data Room due diligence, closing and post- technology can be put to work inside your business, there are several merger integration di erent ways to get started with us: Instantly launch and pay for a customized data room online at Legal Proceedings Need help determining what plan is right Client Extranets, bankruptcy, for you? Call us at 1-877-90-ROOMS, opt 2 for assistance. litigation, patent Law, intellectual property, contract management, Inquire about our enterprise licensing options to facilitate a higher- real estate volume, cost-e ective adoption of the platform at your company. Call us today at 1-877-90-ROOMS, opt 2 for a custom-tailored Commercial Real Estate quote that meets your current budget and needs. Purchase and sale due-diligence Schedule a live, web-based personal demonstration of war rooms, debt placement, loan by calling 1-877-90-ROOMS, opt 2 or submit a request online at servicing, re nancing, leasing, property management, LEED Start a 14-day, no-obligation free trial of at application, advisory services, Our customer support team is ready to title work assist you during your free trial. Call us at 1-877-90-ROOMS, opt 1. Loan Syndication Debt o erings, syndication and placement, project nancing, Corporate Finance workout Private placements due diligence, IPOs, secondary o erings, venture Oil and Gas rounds and other fundraising , Property sales, acquisitions and activities, divestments, bankruptcy divestitures, well reporting, investor reporting, title history Corporate Governance/Strategic Initiatives Board of directors documents, restructuring, corporate nance les, audit and compliance records, legal matters, limited partnership reporting Business Development Joint ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances 1-877-90-ROOMS