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20090319 ines06

  1. 1. Negotiations between State Actors and Non-State Actors:Case Analyses from Different Parts of the WorldEdited by Raymond Saner & M. Varinia MichalunDiplomacy Dialogue , CSEND, Geneva, Switzerland & MPA-Sciences Po., Paris, FranceTable of Contents Pub date est. March 2009 ISSN 1570-6451PREFACECONTRIBUTORS ISBN HB 978-90-8979-002-6 (410 pages)INTRODUCTION ISBN PB 978-90-8979-004-0 (410 pages)PART ONE: ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL CONFLICTS List price HB Euro 75 / US$ 95Adiba Asadova - Negotiating Water Resource Conflicts inTajikistan and Uzbekistan List price PB Euro 39 / US$ 49Nao Iwamura - Global Moratorium of Bottom Trawling Fishery No. of pages 428Practice Weight 1.318 lb = 597.824 gmManish Kumar - Ship-breaking in India: Future conflictscenarios94 Series International Negotiation Series, 6Laura Marconnet - The Issue of Access to AIDS Treatment: Library (International Studies Library, 8)Possible evolution of the latent conflict between AbbottLaboratories & Brazil & solutions to overcome the crisisM. Varinia Michalun - Argentina, Uruguay & the Case of LasPapeleras: No longer a simple neighborly dispute With the end of the Cold War came a proliferation of actorsIsabel Morales Martínez - The Government use of Patents in partaking in disputes, be they at local, regional, national orThailand: The Thai government and Abbott LaboratoriesPART TWO: MALIGNANT MILITARY CONFLICTS international levels. This growing multiplicity of actors behindMohalhel Fakih - International Donors Seek Alternatives to conflict and behind the negotiation process has not only madeProviding Aid & Financial Support to the Hamas-Led Palestinian negotiation practice more demanding, but also leads to a needAuthority: US favors modification of UNRWA’s role to provideaid and services to all Palestinians for further development in negotiation theory. This book takesHanneul Earl Han - Nuclear Negotiation: A psychological analysis a step closer to the reality of international conflicts by addingof negotiation strategies for Japan, North Korea and the US a special focus on the relation(s) between state and non-stateTuhin Sen - What Scenarios Foretell: Conflict management andthe issue of Kashmir actors. Today’s world has gone beyond state-to-state negotiationsJuan Pablo Valencia - A Trilateral Negotiation: Bolivia, Peru & and conflicts. While these traditional forms of engagementChile still exist, the more rapid developments have occurred at theZhang Lingzhi - An Analysis on the Taiwan IssueRaymond Saner - The Cyprus Conflict: Will it ever end in boundary of social and political conflicts. The State’s strictagreement? jurisdiction over diplomacy as a tool for conflict resolution isPART THREE: ECONOMIC & POLITICAL CONFLICTS being increasingly challenged by economic actors and civilAlessandro Bacci - The Integrated Framework: Institutionalconflict over mandate, role and responsibility society actors. This new overlapping of convergent and divergentSamar Bajaj - Russia’s Accession to the World Trade Organization interests between these multiple actors is the focus of the book.Matteo Bocci - Negotiation as a Core Issue in Political ChangeMargaret Galbraith - The Ukraine-Russia Energy Dispute: Withfriends like these who needs enemies Raymond Saner is a professor at the University of Basle andMads Aarøe Mathiesen - Turkish Accession to the European teaches at Sciences Po, Paris. He has pioneered the field ofUnion: Negotiation analysis business diplomacy and contributes to the study of multi-Shabnam Mirsaeedi - The Orinoco Oil Fields: Venezuela vsConocoPhilips stakeholder diplomacy within the field of diplomacy.Léo Julien Pagnac - Cuban Oil – Mirage or Oasis: A multi-actorconflict search of an agreement Ms M.Varinia Michalun holds a MA in Public Affairs fromFederico Rostrán Chavez - Market Access & Anti-trust Legislation– the Microsoft anti-trust case in Europe: Understanding Sciences-Po, Paris and an Bachelors degree in internationalbusiness development economics from the Georgetown University, School of ForeignRachel Stein-Holmes - Minister for Immigration & Multi- Service. She currently works in the area of public governance.Cultural Affairs versus The Human Rights & Equal OpportunityCommission (Australia Immigration Detention)Marie Sudreau - The Banana Trade DisputeCONCLUSION Republic of Letters Publishing Singel 205 T +31 78 631 5011 3311 KR Dordrecht F +31 8 4229 9716 www.rolpub.com The Netherlands E publisher@republic-of-letters.com
  2. 2. Please send me the following title How and where to orderPlease print Book orders Individual customers Individual customers can order directly on theTitle Republic of Letters Publishing website by using their credit card. Visa Card or Eurocard/MastercardAuthor are accepted. Please use the ordering links which you find close to the information on our books.ISBN Hardback | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Alternatively our books can be ordered through: http://www.Amazon.com and their internationalQuantity subsidiaries.Price For Retailers Direct North America http://www.Amazon.comISBN Paperback | | | | | | | | | | | | | | http://www.barnesandnoble.comQuantity Rest of the world http://www.Amazon.co.uk http://bookshop.blackwell.co.ukPrice Retailers may also order directly through publisher@republic-of-letters.com or send the order by regular mail or fax to:First name M/F Republic of Letters PublishingSurname Attn: Order Department Singel 205Job title 3311 KR Dordrecht, the Netherlands F +31 8422 99716Organization For Wholesalers we recommendAddress □ Home □ Work North America Ingram Book, Baker & Taylor, NASCorpOrganisation Rest of the world Bertrams, Gardners & STLDepartment For Library Suppliers we recommendStreet and no. North America Ingram, Blackwell’sCity/State Rest of the world Blackwell’s, Cypher, Dawson, CouttsCountry For Bibliographic ServicesEmail North America Titles@IngramTel Rest of the world NielsenBookDataFax Right of return For booksellers, libraries, companies or individuals, there is no right of return for purchases made.□ Send me an invoice □ Charge my credit card Shipping and HandlingCredit card no. The prices cited here do not include taxes, shipping and handling. Our books usually ship within 2 weeks. Pre-Exp. Date ordered books will be shipped to you within one week after the day of publication.VAT no.Signature
  3. 3. Note: This publication has been made available by CSEND.org with the agrement of the author. The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND) aims atpromoting equitable, sustainable and integrated development through dialogue andinstitutional learning.Diplomacy Dialogue is a branch of the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development(CSEND), a non-profit R&D organization based in Geneva, Switzerland since 1993.