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Introduction to Web Standards


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Lecture 5 - Introduction to Web Standards for Design and Authoring III at Algonquin College.

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Introduction to Web Standards

  1. 1. webstandards Week 5 - MTM4081
  2. 2. Week 4 Review week4review• Guest speaker, Laura Wesley, from • Group assignment: Begin work on the Treasury Board and Secretariat Canada. design for your site. Convert to Drupal if Talked about user experience and design. time is available.• Briefly looked at Common Look and Feel • Group presentations: Show off your new and the new Usability template. design.• Drupal 7 theming. Why do we theme? What benefits are associated with • Possible work term placements at separating the visual and business layer? Statistics Canada and Treasury Board• Drupal 7 templates files (tpl), stylesheets, with a Drupal migration and user and available documentation. interface work, respectively.
  3. 3. Week 5standards
  4. 4. Week 5standards
  5. 5. Week 5 standards Two all-beef patties, specialsauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions - all on a sesame seed bun
  6. 6. Week 5 why?To make internet a better place, for both developers and visitors, it is importantthat both browsers and web developers follow the web standards.Developers Search EnginesWhen developers follow the Web standards, Easier for search engines to access and index,the development is simplified, since it is easier easier to convert to other formats, and easier tofor a developer to understand another’s coding. access with program code (Javascript)Browser Display AccessibilityWill ensure that all browsers will display your Allow people with disabilities to access webweb site properly, without time-consuming content using assistive-technologies.rewrites. (613) 851-7102 126 York Street, Office 300, Ottawa
  7. 7. Week 4w3cconsortium World Wide Web Consortium Created in 1994 Purpose: working to standardize the web. Created and maintains the WWW Standards. Standards are referred to as W3C Recommendations List of recommendations: (613) 851-7102 126 York Street, Office 300, Ottawa
  8. 8. Week 4 ourfocus HTML - Validating HTML CSS - Validating CSS Accessibility - Identifying, testing, and validating accessibility. Common Look and Feel - Identifying, testing, and validating CLF. Usability Template - Overview of the new usability (987) 124-5678 98 East Street, New York, NY 12345
  9. 9. intermission
  10. 10. Week 4 onlinelab• Install Live CSS• Experiment with template CSS files (987) 124-5678 98 East Street, New York, NY 12345
  11. 11. intermission
  12. 12. Week 2 groupwork Teams of 3. Assignment should take 1 hour followed by presentations.Create Design ConvertDesign ThemesIn your group, create a Using Live CSS, begindesign as a mock-up of what converting your design intoyou would like your website look like.Design should be 1, 2, or 3columns.Should have a header andfooter.
  13. 13. intermission
  14. 14. Week 2 presentations1. Group B2. Group H3. Group C4. Group 15. Group E6. Group F7. Group D8. Group G
  15. 15. Week 4 writtenGroup: Finish migrating the design of your website into Drupal.Individual: Write an article explaining what are the “Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines”. Why do we implement these guidelines? (613) 851-7102 126 York Street, Office 300, Ottawa