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Lecture 3 - Drupal Extended for Design and Authoring III at Algonquin College.

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Drupal Extended

  1. 1. drupalextended Week 3 - MTM4081
  2. 2. Week 2 Review week2review• What is a content management system? • Group assignment: Build a simple website Why do we use it? Popular systems? with Drupal.• Guest speaker, Andrew Sinkinson, from • Group presentations: Show off your new Statistics Canada provided insight on how site. content management systems are being used in his department. • Possible work term placements at• Introduction to Drupal 7 as a web content Statistics Canada with a Drupal framework. migration.• Drupal 7 architecture, system flow, modules, and documentation.
  3. 3. Week 3 writtenworkThere a plethora of different modules that Drupal allows you to use to customizeyour site. These are all open source and developed by users and the Drupalteam alike. - StevenViews Slideshow CAPTCHACarolyn Lundy, Shauna Snippe Andrew Brown, Ashely LoweMedia Sports ScoresTony Gamble Jeff StrayLocale Google AnalyticsSteven Truong Sabrina Dziarski www.opin.ca chris.smith@opin.ca (613) 851-7102 126 York Street, Office 300, Ottawa
  4. 4. Week 3gettingtechnical Last Week – Introduction Nodes, Content Types Menus, Blocks Users, Roles, Permissions Today - Extending Drupal Content Construction Kit (CCK) Views Internationalization Flags Rules Service Links Rate Taxonomy Token www.opin.ca chris.smith@opin.ca (613) 851-7102 126 York Street, Office 300, Ottawa
  5. 5. Week 2 documentationThere are thousands of websites devoted to Drupal. Most problems you mayencounter have been solved and documented online. Drupal Modules http://drupal.org/project/modules Where you read about and download Drupal modules. www.opin.ca chris.smith@opin.ca (613) 851-7102 126 York Street, Office 300, Ottawa
  6. 6. Week 3 onlinelab• Enabling Modules • Rules• Content Construction Kit • Service Links• Views • Rate• Internationalization • Taxonomy• Flags • Token
  7. 7. intermission
  8. 8. Week 2 groupwork Teams of 3. Assignment should take 1 hour followed by presentations.Taxonomy Extend Drupal Configurations ViewsTaxonomy Modules Modules ViewsCreate a new taxonomy for Review the list of modules Configure your new Create a couple new viewscategorizing your information. available on your Drupal modules to work as you as a creative way of instance.Add a list of terms. need. displaying your content. Enable the modules whichAdd the taxonomy field to Setup permissions, display, Create a “Page” view and a you believe are required toyour content type. etc. “Block’ view. further develop your site.
  9. 9. intermission
  10. 10. Week 2 presentations1. Group B2. Group H3. Group C4. Group 15. Group E6. Group F7. Group D8. Group G