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Spanish badge


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Details of the St Paul's Spanish Badge.

Published in: Education
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Spanish badge

  1. 1. If you are a Brownie or Cub, you’ll be used to doing badges. Would you like to have a go at the St Paul’s Spanish Badge ? Choose and do one thing from each of the groups below. Then bring your work to Mrs Seccombe. Good luck !Language: • Make a decorated bookmark with useful Spanish words on it. • Write a postcard in Spanish. Say hello, what your name is, how old you are, something that you like, and goodbye. • Copy out and illustrate this Mexican finger rhyme: Cinco elefantitos, éste se cayó, 5 little elephants, this one fell, Cuatro elefantitos, éste de perdió, 4 little elephants, this one got lost, Tres elefantitos, éste se enfermó, 3 little elephants, this one got ill, Dos elefantitos, éste se murió. 2 little elephants, this one died. Ahora queda uno, uno se quedó, Now there’s one left, one remained, Y este elefantito, ¡me lo llevo yo! And this little elephant, I’m taking him home! • Make a poster to say why it’s important to learn another language. • Find out about the languages that are spoken in Spain that aren’t Spanish.Spanish-speaking countries: • Design a piece of art on the computer using images of Spanish-speaking countries. • Draw the flags of Spain and two other Spanish-speaking countries, and find out what the colours and images mean. • Create an advert for a Spanish town, to encourage people to go there. • Make a line of paper dolls from a concertina of paper, and decorate each one in the colours of a different Spanish-speaking country. • Choose a country where Spanish is spoken and make a poster to tell your friends about it.Spanish-speaking people: • Find out about a famous author who wrote stories or poems in Spanish. • Find out about a famous sportsman or sportswoman from a Spanish-speaking country. • Find out about a famous Spanish musician, pop singer or pop group. • Find out about a Spanish historical figure.Food and money: • Write down and illustrate a recipe for a well-known Spanish dish.
  2. 2. • Plan a simple Spanish meal for your friends. Find out how much it would cost to buy the ingredients. • Find out about the type of money that is used in three different Spanish-speaking countries.Need help?Play these games at previous blogposts