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B a n c r of t P r og r am K e ySince its founding in1883, Bancroft has grown froma tiny school to a multifaceted organiza...
Making your mark at BancroftMargaret Bancroft Annual Fund changes lives                 Your contributions to our Annual F...
Bancroft newsmakers: noteworthy people, events, achievementsClockwise from top left:• Fun raiser: Employee Jennifer       ...
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Bancroft our world_spring2012web

  1. 1. Our World V o l u m e 3 , I ss u e 1 : S pring 2 0 1 2 | T H E B A N C R O F T N E W S LE T T E R Inside this issue A different kind of battle After brain injuries, military veterans gain better lives at Bancroft 2 Innovation: Bancroft They fought for our country, “The staff here are very good… I’m enjoying leading the way and for freedom in other life,” says Ray Mannion (pictured), who lands. Some were struck recently enrolled in Bancroft’s VA-funded 2 Staff member creates program for veterans. homes – sweet homes by brain injuries while they served, and others – in cruel 3 App store and more: twists of fate – got hurt National Guard. “They get me our digital revolution after coming home. to go outside,” says the former In either case, our website designer, who developed a 6 Making your mark – veterans deserve the best fear of the outdoors after his brain how your gifts help possible care. And now, injuries. thanks to a new, VA- Gary’s sister, Sandy Reilly, says Special Feature funded program at Bancroft and other sites “he’s accomplished so much” since coming nationwide, vets with brain injuries are living to Bancroft. “We didn’t think he’d be able to more successful and fulfilling lives. go that far.” COMMUNITY SETTING 2012 Guide to Bancroft’s “It’s a good program; they help us,” Within his first year at Bancroft, for Continuum says Navy vet Gary Schall, who came to instance, Gary re-learned how to cook, do of Programs the Assisted Living for Veterans with his laundry, and manage his medications. He BANCROFT FACILITY Traumatic Brain Injury (AL-TBI) Pilot went from needing a wheelchair most of the Program at Bancroft in late 2010. Gary time to walking almost everywhere. survived an explosion in Iraq, and later a Bancroft is also helping Gary regain snowboarding accident at home that left him vocational skills, which earned him a Pull-out resource in a coma. volunteer position at an animal shelter. Plus, on pages 4 & 5 “They help by making me do things,” his mood has vastly improved. reports Gary, 45, who also served in the (continued on p. 3)New daycare program ‘amazing,’ parents report $1,500 discount now availableKristi Gonzales tried other daycare “The staff taught him sign language, socenters for her toddler, A.J., but “nothing he can tell us what he wants,” explainswas fitting what he needed.” Then she Gonzales. “He’s less frustrated now.”discovered Little Butterflies, Bancroft’s Such progress is typical at Littlenew, inclusive daycare program, and Butterflies, notes its supervisor, Amanda“that was it. Little Butterflies has been Bramble. “Our staff knows how toamazing,” says Gonzales, citing the low help children – both with and withoutchild-to-staff ratio, warm environment, delays – to learn, play, communicate andsmall size and expert staff. socialize. We get great results, in a very “We’ve seen a huge difference in A.J. He’s nurturing environment.”happier; he’s walking; he’s talking [a bit].” More good news: a $1,500 discount A.J., who has developmental delays, is now available on annual tuition. Forused to throw frequent tantrums, says details, call (800)774-5516 or email inquiry@bnh.org.Gonzales. But since starting at LittleButterflies this year, his meltdowns have A.J. Gonzales enjoys an activity at our Little Butterfliesvirtually melted away. daycare, with teacher Cassie DiOrio.
  2. 2. Message from Innovating to improve lives I was recently invited by SmartCEO magazine to speak at an event that drew 200 our president, high-level executives from the Philadelphia region. The subject: Innovation. It’s a word on every leader’s mind these days. Innovation helps us provide the Toni Pergolin best possible services, and ensures our success and survival. It’s something that I’m dedicated to, here at Bancroft. And you’ll be seeing more innovation as we strengthen the organization and work toward our vision for 2014: to be the region’s elite service provider in our field. Everyone wants to learn how to innovate. And I’m proud to say, Bancroft is one of the leading innovators in our field. A few examples: • e’re embracing new technology, which holds limitless potential to help the W people we support. Plus, we’re sharing our tech know-how with others, so even more people can benefit. See page 3. • e recently opened one of the first daycare programs for children with and W without autism and other developmental issues. See page 1. • e’re one of a limited number of programs serving military veterans with brain W injuries through a contract with the VA. See page 1. • e offer a uniquely rich continuum of services, enabling people to get the W help they need at any point – from birth through old age – and at virtually any level of need, from intensive behavioral support to highly independent living. See our program guide on pages 4 and 5. These are just a few of the innovations at Bancroft today. Others involve key partnerships, strategic planning and staff accountability, to name a few. To support these initiatives and help us stay innovative, please use the enclosed envelope to give today! Spotlight on: Carol Martella If you’ve visited a Bancroft group home or apartment in recent years, you’ve probably seen the work of Carol Martella. Although Carol doesn’t work in any one home, she works on all of them. As director of housing and facilities, Carol identifies and purchases or rents all of Bancroft’s residences in the community, directs their renovation, furnishes and outfits them. She has similar responsibilities with Bancroft’s campus dwellings. This role gives her a profound effect on the daily lives of hundreds of people we support each year. “Carol makes them part of our world,” says Jack Seymour, senior director of facilities. “She really takes the time to listen, and translates people’s needs into the physical environment.” For instance, Carol recently designed extensive renovations to a new group home in Cherry Hill, N.J., making it accessible for two residents in wheelchairs. “My goal is to create places where anyone would like to live,” she says. “Nice environments in nice, safe neighborhoods; places where you can bring your family.” Carol is also a terrific ambassador with our neighbors, who often contact her with questions or concerns prior to our move-in. With her professional, compassionate demeanor, she calms even the most negative callers, educating them and opening their hearts and minds. “This job is so rewarding,” says the ten-year Bancroft veteran. “It’s wonderful when a home is completed, and I see how excited everyone is to move in.” Carol Martella (right) designed this indoor ramp at a new Bancroft group home. It’s one of many ways she helps people like Duane Wong (left) live more Making it One World. For Everyone. independent, fulfilling lives.Page 2
  3. 3. Technology: Huge benefits for students, adultsBancroft student Giovanni purchased 70 more iPads for useAntinoro can’t talk due to his by students and staff, starting inautism. But technology like the September. (Bancroft encouragesiPad can literally speak for him – families / school districts to purchaseopening a world of possibilities, iPads for their students, so they havefrom friendships to jobs. ongoing access to the device, which For student William can serve a multitude of purposesFreeman, the iPad is a key throughout the day. Bancroft pays forto independence. It enables any apps used in our classrooms.)him to create and follow a • Within 18 months, everyschedule. It’s helping him learn Education Program classroomself-care skills like shaving, Bancroft student Giovanni Antinoro completes a school assignment will have a SmartBoard – a giant,through step-by-step videos. on an iPad, as teacher Amy Hunsberger observes. interactive computer touchscreen withAnd the iPad reduces William’s Internet access.behavioral outbursts by holding For instance:his attention with fun, engaging “apps” • We’re creating a technology • We now offer a “technology(short for applications – software infrastructure to support virtually infusion” package to other privateprograms for iPads and other devices). unlimited use of iPads, SmartBoards, schools and public districts, which “Technology enables us to bring and other Internet-connected devices includes technology infrastructurethe world to the people we support throughout the organization. design, training, service and support.through the Internet,” says Dennis • We’re building a Bancroft One current challenge: to secureMorgan, executive director of Bancroft App Store, which will provide a funding for more technology inEducation Programs. “And apps help us wide selection of Bancroft-tested and Bancroft’s adult programs. Saysmake enormous leaps in learning and strategically chosen apps, available on Morgan: “As people see whatindependence.” all Bancroft devices. We already have technology can do for those with For these reasons and more, Bancroft about 250 apps in our “store.” disabilities and get excited about it, itis embracing technology – even • Our Education Programs (for will become a must-have. It’s the waveinnovating its use in the disabilities field. students ages 3 – 21) recently of the future.”Vets with brain injuries rebuilding lives at Bancroft(continued from cover) the AL-TBI program. end of the day, they return to their “He can manage his anger better,” Before coming to Bancroft, Ray lived Bancroft-supervised apartment in nearbysays Sandy. “Before, he wouldn’t say in his twin sister’s home, where he slept Voorhees, where they re-learn daily-anything nice. Now he thanks me for the away most days. living skills.things I do. He says ‘I love you.’ He did “Things would overwhelm him,” “I’m just relaxing and enjoying life,”not do that prior to coming to Bancroft.” recalls the sibling, Rose Licata. “He says Ray, 67, downplaying the effort Gary’s housemate Ray Mannion, also would constantly retreat to his bed. He required by daily rehabilitation. “Thea veteran, faces different issues from his had no life.” staff here are good people; they keepbrain injury. But he too has made good Now, Ray joins Gary and other peers me company 24 hours a day.”progress – even after just a few weeks in daily at Bancroft’s Day Treatment Services “The staff’s patience and kindness are site in Cherry Hill, N.J. There, remarkable,” adds sister Rose. “I’m so they take part in structured grateful for Bancroft. It’s not only helped rehabilitation activities – Ray; it’s helped my husband and I.” everything from physical therapy to memory-strengthening tasks For more information on the to social-skills groups. At the VA-funded Assisted Living for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (AL-TBI) Pilot Program Navy vet Gary Schall shares a laugh or other brain-injury services at with staff member Jennifer Travaligone. Our VA-funded services are available Bancroft, please call (800) 774-5516 in both South and Central New Jersey. or email inquiry@bnh.org. Page 3
  4. 4. 2012 Guide to Bancroft’s Continuum of Programs Services for all ages and every level of need Age 0-7 3-9 5-21 n Intervention Early n Consultation n Bancroft The n Program n and Training n School Ages 0-3 Ages 3-21 Ages 5-21C o mm u nit y s e tting Education and therapies for infants Hands-on services for public schools, Comprehensive a nd toddlers with developmental private agencies and families, special education and d elays or disabilities provided on-site and in-home behavioral intervention, Regional Regional emphasizing functional skills, communication, community participation, vocational training and n Butterflies Little n Education Early career exploration n Inclusive Daycare n Program Haddonfield, N.J. Ages 0-7 Ages 3-9 Educational, therapeutic Intensive school for daycare program for young children with autism, enabling most graduates n Bancroft School The children with and without autism n Voorhees Pediatric Facility at and other developmental delays to return to their home school district Ages 3-21B ancr o ft faci l it y or disabilities Cherry Hill, N.J. Haddon Heights, N.J. n Children and Youth Residential Services • Community | ages 7-21 • Transitional Campus | ages 5-21 • Lindens (intensive behavioral) | ages 5-21 Special-education school located within a leading A range of therapeutic, supervised pediatric care facility, for homes and apartments on-campus students with complex and in the community medical needs Southern N.J. Voorhees, N.J.
  5. 5. B a n c r of t P r og r am K e ySince its founding in1883, Bancroft has grown froma tiny school to a multifaceted organization serving n Bancroft programs for people with autism or other intellectual orpeople of all ages, at sites in New Jersey, Pennsylvania developmental disabilities Toll-free: (800) 774-5516and Delaware. Please keep this guide for convenient Email: inquiry@bnh.orgreference to all major Bancroft programs. n Bancroft Brain Injury Services (BIS) Online: www.bancroft.org n Education Services and Support Special Age 21+ 40-80+ n Home and Community BIS n In-Home Services n Community Vocational Ages 21+ Ages 21+ Services/Employment Support Ages 21+ C o mm u nit y s e tting Individualized rehabilitation A menu of highly individual- programs at one’s home, job site or ized services, such as be- A range of instruction and other community location. Focus havioral support, life-skills supports that help adults on maximizing independence and instruction, companionship, obtain and maintain jobs community re-integration. and respite care for families in the community Regional Regional Regional n Day Treatment Services BIS n Campus/Satellite Ages 21+ Day Programs for Adults Ages 21+ Structured learning programs featuring a variety of functional, meaningful and therapeutic activities, from job sampling to volunteering, social-skills instruction to computer classes Brick | Cherry Hill | Mullica Hill, N.J. Coordinated rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, individual and family counseling, n Adult Residential Services n Judith B. Flicker vocational support Ages 21+ n Residences Ages 40-80+ Brick | Cherry Hill | Plainsboro, N.J. n Residential Rehabilitation BIS B ancr o ft faci l it y Ages 21+ An array of therapeutic, supervised homes and apartments, on campus A residential and day and in the community. Support program for older adults, ranges from 24-hour awake emphasizing recreation, staffing, to highly independent socialization and overall Full range of campus- and community- living with periodic staff check-ins. quality of life based homes and apartments designed Southern N.J. | Central N.J. Voorhees, N.J. for varying levels of independence and Delaware | Southeastern Pa. offering an array of rehabilitation services Southern Central N.J.
  6. 6. Making your mark at BancroftMargaret Bancroft Annual Fund changes lives Your contributions to our Annual Fund make a big difference in the lives of those bring technology into our we support. The fund helps us provide the highest quality programs, modern facilities, You classrooms and help children communicate and learn. and the best training for our skilled staff.MargaretBANCROFT See how your gift makesAnnual FundMAKE YOUR MARK a difference… improve the homes of the peopleYou we support, assuring their safety and enhancing their quality of life every day. Bancroft student Jaden Whelan uses an electronic “SmartBoard” with teacher Amy Zambotti. Such new technologies are revolution- izing learning and greatly enhancing our students’ abilities. sustain the excellence of Bancroft’s You employees, providing funds for their professional development. Relaxing in a newly remodeled Bancroft home are Liz Tropea (left) and Duane Wong, with Brain Injury Services staffer Cheryl Rubba. If you have not yet made a gift to the Margaret Bancroft Annual Fund this year, please use the enclosed envelope or make a gift online at www.bancroft.org/development Staff member Pinky Sarin and student Brazil McFadden share a warm moment. Thorough staff training fosters a positive, caring environment here at Bancroft.Page 6
  7. 7. Bancroft newsmakers: noteworthy people, events, achievementsClockwise from top left:• Fun raiser: Employee Jennifer of the Year by the New Jersey Self- Early Education Program, whichRodgers competes in the annual Advocacy Project, a special project of provides intensive therapies for young“Bancroft Classic,” a wacky competition The Arc of N.J. children with autism.that raises funds for employee- • Working it: Bancroft receptionist • Inspiring words: Adults withrecognition programs. Hundreds Carolyn Benasuti (left) reviews an brain injuries spoke at three “Bancroftattended the spring games and cheered assignment with her boss, Kathy Unplugged” events marking Brainfor their favorite staff teams. Nazarok. Benasuti gets support from Injury Awareness Month in March.• Visiting expert: Renowned brain- our brain-injury program, while hold- Shown here are participants in theinjury authority James Malec, Ph.D., ing a job and living in the community. Plainsboro, N.J., Unplugged. The event(center) spoke at Bancroft’s YorkLecture this spring. He discussed how • Award winner, II: Bancroft Presi- was held in Brick and Cherry Hill, too.to use a key assessment – which dent and CEO Toni Pergolin (in checked • College milestone: The Bancroft jacket) recently received two awardshe co-authored – to plan a person’s School Transition Program at Camden for her outstanding leadership: Therehabilitation program. County College wrapped up its first Alice Paul Equality Award, and the• Award winner, I: Staff member Brava! Award from SmartCEO school-year this spring. Here, studentsMichael Rogers was named Advisor magazine. Here, Pergolin visits our work on job skills, as part of the program. Page 7
  8. 8. Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Bancroft Bellmawr, NJ 425 Kings Highway East Permit 482 P.O. Box 20 Haddonfield, NJ 08033-0018 Inside this issue New daycare center winning praise Little Butterflies A Bancroft Inclusive Daycare Program Helping veterans with brain injuries Clarence York 11.9.12 Our World Lecture Series Our World is published twice a year by Bancroft, a private, nonprofit organization.Graduating to adulthood: National expertto speak on effective transition planning Our MissionPreparing students with disabilities for adult lives is challenging for families, Bancroft’s mission is to ensureeducators and clinicians. In order for this transition to be successful, well- that every person is givendesigned programming is required. opportunities for lifelong learning and fulfillment. On Nov. 9, Bancroft will host a national expert on this subject, as part We do this by alteringof our Clarence York Lecture Series. Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D., will discuss perceptions, and by supportingevidence-based practices in transition planning and adaptive behavior, those with intellectual andincluding employment and community participation. developmental challenges and Gerhardt is director of the Upper School at The McCarton School in New acquired brain injuries in achievingYork City, a renowned education program for children with autism. He has their life goals as valued andwritten extensively on the needs of adults with autism spectrum disorders, respected members of our world.the school-to-work transition process, and effective interventions for problembehaviors. He has also served as the director of the Division of Transition and To contact us, call:Adult Services at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center at Rutgers 1-800-774-5516University. Bancroft, a New Jersey Watch for more information on this lecture at www.bancroft.org. To pre- Non-profit Corporationregister, please call Sue Crouse at (856) 348-4010 or email scrouse@bnh.org. 425 Kings Highway East For information on Bancroft programs, including The Bancroft School P.O. Box 20Transition Program at Camden County College, please contact our Haddonfield, NJ 08033–0018Admissions Office at (800) 774-5516 or inquiry@bnh.org. bancroft.org