June 6th SSA leadership, relationships, teams


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SSA Leadership session building capacity, relationships and Teams for success.

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  • June 6th SSA leadership, relationships, teams

    4. 4. “The best way to achievechallenging goals is throughteamwork. Where singleindividuals may despair ofaccomplishing a monumentaltask, teams nurture, support, andinspire each other” Noel Tichy, The Leadership Engine
    5. 5. We typically think of the leader as beingthe person at the top. “But if you define aleader as an executive, then you absolutelydeny everyone else in an organization theopportunity to be a leader.”Peter SengeLeadership from every chair……..
    6. 6. We need to make people feel they are anessential part of the work through the workthey do everyday.How do we do that? JFK Story
    7. 7. The six most important words: "I admit I made a mistake.“The five most important words: "You did a good job.“The four most important words: "What is your opinion.“The three most important words: "If you please.“The two most important words: "Thank you,“The one most important word: "We“The least most important word: "I"- Author unknown- Only make new mistakes
    8. 8. Management is doing things right;Leadership is doing the rightthings. - Peter Drucker
    9. 9.  Listen effectively, Communicate effectively Encourage teamwork and participation Empower team members Capacity Building Build strong relationships Make sound and timely decisions Treat each person as an individual Know yourself and your team Protect your team Have vision, courage and commitment
    10. 10. "Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier."The ripple effect of a leaders enthusiasm andoptimism is awesome. So is the impact ofcynicism and pessimism.Colin PowellFISH Philosophy
    11. 11. Good-to-great leaders start with people first and then deal with vision and strategy second…….
    12. 12.  COMPANY TOUR MONTHLY MEETING FIELD TRIP PICNIC PANEL DISCUSSION Run For the Roses Kudos, Spotlight on…. Off-site meetings Feed Them Notes, deliver pay checks, candy etc Other ideas????? 17
    13. 13. YOU’RE INVITED!!
    14. 14.  PLAY MAKE THEIR DAY BE THERE CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE at work…at school…at home…with friends…anywhere…everywhere…
    15. 15. Why FISH?Inspires teamworkFosters creativityIncreases productivityBuilds effective relationships tofacilitate the communication ofideas, goals, etc.Stimulates thinking about waysto create a more worker-friendlywork environmentMakes people feel valuedRetains employees
    16. 16. The FISH! PhilosophyCatch the energy. Release the potential. How will you …? • Create a fun, playful, comfortable work/study environment? • Be someone who makes people’s day? • Be totally present? • Choose the attitude you would like to have and see everyday? Think about your team members and who you are serving. How can you be the LEAD FISH?
    17. 17.  Be visionary Build capacity Know your core values Be a catalyst for positive change Motivate, guide and coach your team Make difficult decisions Keep learning and growing Be the good model Encourage feedback Value people Build and sustain Trust Recognition Create the constant environment of learning and development Problem solver Convey clearly expectations
    18. 18.  Taking Risks Relationship building Provide Hope Be Optimistic, if not don‟t expect it from others Self-less Make everyone feel they are an essential part of the team Be clear what you stand for Remember GO FISH Empower the team and team members Build on strengths, work on concerns Positive dynamic attitude Give credit and recognition often
    19. 19. Building bridges by taking an interest in someone...In trueleadership situations, listening comes before arm-waving.”Yahoo’s Tim Sanders,“The job of a leader today is not to create followers. It‟s to createmore leaders.”Ralph NaderThe great sociologist Max Weber said, over 100 years ago, that theorganizations that will survive and thrive will be those that fosteracts of leadership throughout the system, rather than assumingleaders only exist at the top.“Your job is to touch everyone and get into their soul. Everymoment you are in your office, you are useless.”Jack Welch
    20. 20. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, tells us in his bookLeadership that there are three keys to leadership:1. If you are going to lead, be optimistic. If you are not, your followers can hardly be expected to be.2. If you don‟t love people, do something else.3. Be absolutely clear what you stand for.Make sure people learn and grow from mistakes, and that they sharethat learning. But, don‟t accept the same mistake twice. Make it clearthat the rule is: „Only make new mistakes‟.Phil DouradoThe organization, the programs do not accomplish anything. Schoolssucceed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting thebest people will you accomplish great deeds."
    21. 21. Determine Real Goals then set out to achieve themTurn Disasters into opportunitiesThink great thoughtsTurn barriers into triumphs Be proactiveWhen you want to tell someone somethingimportant, do it in personallyDon‟t be afraid to get your hands dirty doing what you ask others do…
    22. 22. Story Time:BUS DRIVER BOB
    23. 23. What‟s in the BAG…….Dave?Thanks for comingDavid SandersCooperating School Districtswww.slideshare.netSSALeadershipdsanders@csd.org www.csd.org