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Chris Davis Mobile/Tablet Design Presentation


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A brief presentation on the impor

Published in: Business, Technology
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Chris Davis Mobile/Tablet Design Presentation

  1. 1. Why Mobile MattersAnd why YOUR business cant afford to be leftbehind
  2. 2. How Do YouAccess The Web
  3. 3. HomeComputer
  4. 4. Smart Phone
  5. 5. Mobile Tablet
  6. 6. SomeInterestingFacts• 84% of people use their smart phone at home.• 74% of people use their smart phone while waiting in line• 64% of people use their smart phone at work.
  7. 7. Are You Prepared The explosion of mobile devices with Internet capabilities has changed the web. Most smartphones will ship then PC’s in 2012 Heavy data users will triple to one billion by 2013
  8. 8. Why Does ItMatterHow this effects YOU
  9. 9. Why Does It MatterHow websites are accessed by mobile phonescan no longer be ignoredYour site must be created with mobile users inmindPotential donors are likely to use their phones toaccess the web. By not creating a site they canuse you can lose their donation.People are likely to look for help when it firstcrosses their minds.
  10. 10. How Does ItHelp• Allows donations on the go• Helps people find the help that they need• Makes organization easier to find for people without home PC’s
  11. 11. What To Keep In MindSite must be designed for size of mobile phones.It is better to design site for mobile first then addcapabilities for PC usersA smaller area means that the more importantcontent should be given special treatment.Content needs to developed in mind with whatinformation someone on the go is going to needabout the organization.
  12. 12. What YouDon’t Want• No real functionality• Small links that are hard to press on a mobile phone• No info to what the site can really do for you.• No personality about company
  13. 13. What You DO Want• To add value to the user• Mix of different content media that the user can chose from• Clear links that help the user find what they are looking for quickly
  14. 14. It’s Up To YouBy creating mobile site you can meet newcustomers/donors where it is most convenient forthem.Increase in donations and people wanting to takeclasses can justify costBy creating mobile site as a part of new sitedesign you are able to cut time and costCan you afford miss opportunities to reacheveryone possible.
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