Common Service Centres in Lakshadweep: Training to Village Level Entrepreneurs


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Common Service Centres in Lakshadweep: Training to Village Level Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Thought for the day The true function of lawyer is to unite parties driven asunder. Mahathma Gandhi. Vol. * XXVII. No. 20 * KAVARATTI * FRIDAY * 13 APRIL, 2012. Price Rs. 2. Common Service Centre Earthquake Hits Indonesia; in Lakshadweep Tremors felt in India also; Training to Village Level Tsunami alert withdrawn Entrepreneurs Kavaratti : A string of high Within eight minutes, the withdrawn and the people, intensity earthquakes off Indian Tsunami Early who moved to safer places, Warning System issued alert returned to their homes. Indonesia on 11th April, 2012 for Nicobar islands Meanwhile in Mexico, a led to tremors in various which prompted evacuation parts of India and triggered 7.0 magnitude earthquake of people from India’s fears of tsunami. 8.5 struck sparsely populated southernmost islands. magnitude undersea mountains in western part of As panic struck the earthquake, with the the country last night. coastal regions, the central epicentre at over 400 km off and state governments People evacuated some the northern Sumatra coast, immediately initiated buildings in the capital, but struck at 2.08 PM Indian operations to meet any the city government said time sending tremors as far exigency. The Tsunami helicopter flights detected as Guwahati and Bangalore. warnings were later no signs of damage. Lakshadweep Police Women Help Desk Kavaratti : Round the crimes against women has crime. About 50 women clock Police Women been organized on 5 th were participated in the Dr. N.Vasantha Kumar, Secretary delivering inaugural address in the Secretariat Help Desk has started April, 2012 at Secretariat programme. The contact Conference Hall, Kavaratti on 7th April, 2012. functioning at Kavaratti Telephone number of Conference Hall. The mainKavaratti: As part of the role Police Station from Women Help Desk is was inaugurated by Dr. N. locality under a single roof. aim of the Help Desk is to 21st March, 2012 onwards. 04896 262232(Landline)out of Common Service Vasantha Kumar, Collector A total of 10 CSCs across A training programme on enlighten the women against and 9496620294 (Mobile).Centres (CSCs) in and Development the Lakshadweep areLakshadweep, the Commissioner and getting ready to operational Importance of Women Help DeskLakshadweep Information Secretary (IT) on 7th April, to provide the GovernmentTechnology and Service 2012 in the presence of the The establish- for rendering necessary but also deal sensitively sevices to the common man.Society (LITSS) in Akshaya Teams, LITSS ment of Womens Help assistance. The primary with the ensuing trauma. This will ensure theassociation with the Akshaya Officials and the VLEs. Desk is of utmost impor- message to the public We will be introducing Po- efficiency, transparency andTeams of Kerala State, Speaking on the the reliability of such tance and relevant consid- especially to the victim is that lice Help Line numbersIT Mission, Trivandrum occasion, Dr. N.Vasantha services to realize the basic ering the assistance they may without any delay without delay.conducted five day long Kumar, Secretary (IT) said needs of the common man. required for women in approach the Help Desk The Objectives of theEntrepreneurship that the Common Service The inaugural session times of necessity. Police Help Desk and follow the guidance soDevelopment Training in e- Centres are going to concluded with the vote of It is pertinent to are Recapitulated as that the evidence whichLiteracy Programme to the introduce with the aim to thanks by Shri. Marathe follows : note that crimes against would have been availablevillage level entrepreneurs. access the Government Onkar Gopal, Director, 1. Prevent violence from women irrespective of at the first instance may not The programme services to citizens in their LITSS. happening by challenging their ages is increasing at be tampered with and the the attitude and behaviour NYP Team Participates in states presented their own traditional performances. rapid pace. Those who are victims find it much difficult offender may not be pro- vided entitlement of any loop which foster it and inter- vening early wherever and National Integration This helped each delegates to confide their difficulties holes for his exit. whenever possible to to know the rich culture and or problems towards the The Help Desk will prevent it. Youth Camp at Kavaratti heritage of all the states Police of male gender. With ensure proper enforcement 2. Provide adequate and got golden chances to the introduction of Women of law and convictions in levels of support whereKavaratti: National Youth events starting from 3rd April show-case their traditional Help Desk the victims or women related crimes. It violence occurs.Programme Team from morning like Youth song, Physical exercise, National art. the concerned approach- shall also be ensured that 3. Work in partnership todifferent parts of the country Flag Hoisting, Social In the valedictory ing the Help Desk will find the enforcement of rights of obtain the best outcome forparticipated in the National work, Language class, function held at the it convenient and relaxed in the weaker and vulnerable victims and their familes.Integration Camp held in Talent exchange, Rally, assembly hall where all the seeking the Help Desk and sections with emphasis to 4. Take action to reduceKavaratti from 3rd to 9th April,2012. NYP launched under Religious prayers, Cultural delegates and volunteers also they will utilize the full the fact that they shall not be the risk of the women andthe directorship of Dr. S.N. programmes etc. potential of the Help Desk girls who are or may be were felicitated and some of down played for fear ofSubba Rao in 1970. The delegates got in combating and prevent- victims of these crimes and them gave their feedback further disturbances of ret- Altogether 22 states an opportunity and privilege ensure that perpetrators are about the camp. ing the crimes against ribution and adequatearound 200 delegates to interact with eminent brought to justice. The delegates women. We are fully preparation will be made toparticipated this camp which personalities from the 5. Our ambition is to end got the golden opportunity confident that face any such eventuality.included Assam, Bihar, Island. violence against women to feel the kindness of Lakshadweep Police will Lakshadweep Police isMadhya Pradesh, Uttar The camp delegates and girls and prevent Kavaratti and Minicoy reap fruitful results by this committed to increase further such violence andPradesh, Orissa, Tamil cleaned the premises of Kavaratti Juma Masjid and people. The camp deligates innovative venture. awareness to the Public providing a very peacefulNadu, Gujarat, Karnatakaand Kerala. Indira Gandhi Hospital. returned with pleasant We are deploying regarding the crime against atmosphere to the public The delegates The religious prayer led memories and enriched efficient Women Police women and take steps not with special emphasis toparticipated in various by Dr.S.N.Subba Rao. All experience. Constables round the clock only to tackle such crimes women and girls.
  2. 2. THE LAKSHADWEEP TIMES 13 APRIL, 2012, Page 2 Lakshadweep Development Corporation Ltd. FIFA-The Newly inaugurated Club Communication Wing (A Government of India Undertaking) Union Territory of Lakshadweep P.O. Kavaratti - 682 555 F. No.S/CR/2012-LDCL Dated : 23.03.2012. NOTIFICATION 1. Name of Post : Oiler. 2. Qualification : 1. 4 months Pre Sea training from an approved Institute. 2. Valid Indian CDC. 3. Valid ENgine Room Watch Keeping Certificate. Shri. M.K. Sayed Mohammed Koya Smt. Suharabi inaugurating the A view from the Drawing Competition Drawing Competition. 4. Basic STCW Course inaugurating the FIFA Club. held at Andrott. Certificate.Andrott: Sub Divisional Shri Nazarulla Khan inaugurating the drawing 5 to 7th STD 5. Passenger Ship Familiariza-Officer, Shri. M.K. extended a warm welcome competition, Smt. Suharabi, tion Course Certificate. First prize – NafeeyaSayed Mohammed Koya to the guests and the public. Chairperson, Village 3. Experience : 9 months experience asinaugurated the FIFA Club In his inaugural (Dweep) Panchayat Hussain Trainee Seaman (Engine(Future Inspiration of address, Sub Divisional said that “As a part of Second Prize – Ansih Banu Room) in UTL ownedAndrott) on 29 th March, Officer said that innovative motivating the artistic 8 to 10th STD vessels.2012. The club has been set revolutionary changes are talents of the new First prize – Naseema 4. Age Limit : 35 years.up to target, motivate and possible in the cultural and generation, FIFA club has Faheema P.nurture the social and sports events in the island. become a role model for rest Application forms can be had from OSD (CTOD), He also promised full of the clubs.” Second Prize – Abeedacultural growth of Andrott Control Tower Operations Division, Kavaratti, Sub Divisionalpeople and also to inspire supports in all the ventures Winners of the drawing P.K.H. Officer, Addl. Sub Divisional Officer of each island and alsothe young talents in sports initiated by the club. and painting competitions The Programme ended from Deputy Collector, Minicoy and Agatti.and games. As part of the programme are as follows: with the expression of Willing eligible candidates are requested to The inaugural programme a drawing and painting 1 to 4th STD gratitude by Shri Pookoya.P, submit their applications along with attested copies of allstarted with the unfurling of competition was organized First prize – Hisana. K.C. relevant certificates/documents in the prescribed form so English Teacher and thethe flag by Shri Abdul Vahab, for all the school students Second Prize – Sayyed as to reach this office or in the Office of Director (Port, of Andrott. While Musjid Sadak Adviser of the club.the President of the club. Shipping & Aviation), Kavaratti on or before 25.04.2012. The applications received after due date and the Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Office of the Sub Divisional Officer Save the corals applications which are not in prescribed form and without Kadmat and the attested copies of all the documents will be rejected.F.No.19/6/2012-BDO(KDT)/796 Dated: 20.03.2012. save the Island Sd/- NOTICE MANAGING DIRECTOR. The following persons of Kadmat have applied for Ownership Certificatein respect of their land/property and the details of Survey No. and Document No. are Office of the Sub Divisional Officer,follows : Andrott Island.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F.No.15/7/2010-SDO(AND)/1183 Dated : 23.03.2012.Sl.No. Name of present Sy. No./Sub Area of R.P. No./ NOTICE Landholder Divn. No. Sq.m. Document No. The following persons are applied for Ownership/Possession Certificate in respect------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- of their landed property and the details of Survey No., and Document No., etc. as 1. Sheemabi, Puthiyaveed 151/3B 240 D. No. 116/1991 follows : -do- 44/23 162 D. No. 13/2000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -do- 139/12 144 D. No. 123/1994 Sl.No. Name of the present Sy. No./Sub Area in Details of 2. Pookoya, Alakka 198/1B 900 D. No. 26/2012 Landholder Divn. No. Sq. Mts. Document/ Proof 3. Aminabi, Thakkilapura 218/15(Part) 468 D. No. 129/2011 4. Ibrahim, Biriyommada 62/3 487 D. No. 47/2012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Pathahulla, Therakkal 161/14(Part) 80 R.P. No. 238 1. Smt. Sarommabi T.M. 350/4 176 Sq. Mts. D.No. 91/87 6. Saleena, Mullapura 126/13 289 D. No. 66/1998 2. Shri. Koyamma, Kunnumpura 588/2 230 Sq.Mts. R.P. No.810/91 7. Sayedali, Kunhipandal 169/5 352.10 D. No. 10/1992 3. Shri. Basheer, Melapura 17/6 80.85 Sq. Mts. D.No. 193/2010 -do- 169/5A 461.04 D. No. 18/2010 4. Shri. Mohammed Abdul Rouf C.P. 101/8 160 Sq. Mts. D. No. 197/201 -do- 167/15 130.98 D. No. 80/2004 5. Smt. Ramlath, Edayakkal 488/1 400 Sq.Mts. D. No.95/04 -do- 152/8 264 D. No. 93/1976 6. Shri. Kunhikoya, Matharapura 75/2A 390 Sq.Mts. D. No. 189/2011 8. Muthukoya, Cheriyam Nallala 255/3E 220 D. No. 46/1998 7. Shri. Kidave, Biriyammada 31/10 240 Sq.Mts. D. No. 136/90 -do- 255/3F 210 D. No. 82/2006 -do- 252/16 423 D. No. 120/2007 8. Smt. Suhrabi, Thachery Biyyada 486/3 360 Sq.Mts. D. No. 62/2001 9. Muthukoya, Therakkal 27/3A 218 D. No. 65/1996 & 9. Smt. Pathummabi, Cyclepura 31/20 137.5 Sq.Mts. D. No. 111/91 D. No. 17/1997 10. Smt. Marhommabi, Belichetta 68/2 180 Sq.Mts. D. No. 136/8310. Hamzakoya, Nangattiyamchetta 186/7 740 R.P. No. 630 11. Smt. Naseema Beegum, Bilutheth 150/6 240 Sq.Mts. D. No. 181/2011 -do- 187/6 460 R.P. No. 630 150/7 80 Sq.Mts. D. No. 223/2011--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12. Shri. Hamzakoya, Biriyammada 216/2 380 Sq.Mts. D. No. 63/85 It is proposed to give Ownership Certificate in favour of the above persons/ 216/5 90 Sq.Mts. D. No. 63/85Institutions at Kadmat. Those who have objections, if any, to the issuance of the -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ownership Certificate may file their objections, with valid documents in support of It is proposed to give Ownership Certificate in favour of the above persons.their claims, before the undersigned within 30 days from the date of publication of thisNotice in Lakshadweep Times. Those who have objections, if any, to the issuance of the Ownership Certificate may file Sd/- their objections, with valid documents in support of their claims, before the undersigned (P.V. HASSAN) within 30 days from the date of publication of this Notice in the Lakshadweep Sub Divisional Officer, Kadmat Times. Sd/- Retired from Clerk and was the first Typist farewell party was (M. K. SAYED MOHAMMED KOYA) in the Lakshadweep organised by the staff of Service Administration during 1971. Village (Dweep) Panchayat Sub Divisional Officer,Agatti: Shri. U. Abdul Andrott Island. Later he served in various and VDP/DP Members onRahman, Executive Officer, capacities such as UDC, Sub 31 st March, 2012. Smt. towards the farewell andVDP, Agatti retired on Treasury Officer, Senior Ummulkulus, Chairperson, were spoke on the occasion and which was handed over mementoes. Earlier Shri.superannuation after 41 Auditor, Junior Accounts Shri. D. Alikoya, Member, and wished him success in by Smt. Ummulkulus, K.P.B. Abdul Jabbar, UDCyears of Service on 31 st Officer and Superintendent VDP, Shri. K.M.Sayed his retired life. A memento Chairperson. In his reply, VDP welcomed and finallyMarch, 2012. Shri. Abdul and finally as Executive Mohammed, Member, VDP, was presented by the Shri. Abdul Rahman Smt. Hameedath, Vice-Rahman entered in Govt. Officer at Village (Dweep) and staffs of VDP Shri. P. Members and the Staffs of expressed his sincere Chairperson proposed voteservice as Lower Division Panchayat since 2008. A Abdullakoya and Shri. Azad VDP to Shri. Abdul Rahman thanks and gratitude of thanks.
  3. 3. THE LAKSHADWEEP TIMES 13 APRIL, 2012, Page 3 Weekly Cultural Programme Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Revenue Sub Divisional Officer Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Office of the Sub Divisional OfficerChetlat: Gearing on for the Agatti: The Weekly Cultural Kavaratti Island-682555 Kadmat F. No.16/1/2012-SDO(KVT) Vol.II(4) Dated : 21.02.2012.Weekly Cultural Programme Programmes organised by F. No.19/10/2006-BDO (KDT) Dated : Chetlat. Shri. K.Muthu the Lakshadweep Kala NOTICE NOTIFICATIONKoya, Sub Divisional Officer Academy and Information Shri. Abdul Rafeek, Chekkillam Malika of Kavaratti Smt. Beefathummabi, Melasurambi of Kadmat Island Island has applied for Ownership/ Possession Certifi-has formally inaugurated the and Public Relations cate in respect of his landed property in Survey has applied for Heirship Certificate in respect of herprogramme on 31st March, was inaugurated by No.144/3 measuring 220 Sq.m. at Kavaratti as per the husband Shri. Thalhath, Keelasurambi (late) who expired D o c ument No.166/2011B1 dated 11.11.2011 of Sub on 02.02.2012 at Kadmat. The local Amin, has reported after2012. In his inaugural Smt. Hameedath, Vice- due enquiry that the following persons are the heirs of Registry, Kavaratti.address, SDO elaborated Chairperson, VDP at It is proposed to give Ownership Certificate in favour of (late) Shri. Thalhath, Keelasurambi of Kadmat Island.the aims and objectives above person. Those who have objections, if any, to the ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lagoon Beach, Northern tip Sl.No. Name and Address Relationship Ageof the Weekly Cultural issuance of the Ownership Certificate may file their of the Island on 7 th April, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ objections, with vaild documents in support of their claims,Programme and he also 2012. Shri. C.N. Abdul before the undersigned within 30 days from the date of 1. Smt. Beefathummabi,highlighted the importance publication of this Notice. Melasurambi (Wife) 57 Years Raheem, Environment 2. Smt. Sheemabi, Melasurambi (Daughter) 37 Yearsand needs of such Sd/- Warden welcomed the (T. KASSIM) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------programme. The progra- gathering. While speaking Sub Divisional Officer, Kavaratti. It is proposed to give necessary Certificate in favourmme was commenced with of above persons. The persons who have objections, if on the occasion, Shri. Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep any, to the issuance of the Heirship Certificate proposed maybrief introductory speech by M.Munjameen, Member, Directorate of Printing and Stationery file their objections with valid documents in support of theirShri. K.B. Ahamed Koya, Kavaratti Island-682555 claims to the undersigned within 30 days from the date of District Panchayat and Shri. F. No.10/4/2010-LGP Dated : 04.04.2012.Member, VDP. He also publication of this Notification.welcomed the gathering. F.G. Mohammed, IAP QUOTATION NOTICE Sd/- focused on the activities (P.V. HASSAN) Sealed typed quotations are invited in plain paper from Sub Divisional Officer.Several folk arts and of Lakshadweep Kala interested parties for Transportation and Shifting of Presscultural items like Kolkkalli, Materials. Quotation superscribed "transportation and Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Academy for theParichakkali, Attam, shifting of Press materials" should be addressed to the Revenue Sub Divisional Officer preservation and encoura- Director of Printing and Stationery, Kavaratti and should Kavaratti Island-682555Ulakkamuttu, Dollppattu, gement of folk arts of reach this office on or before 16.04.2012 at 3 pm. Quota- F. No.16/1/2012-SDO(KVT) Dated : 23.03.2012.Oppana etc. and other tions received after due date and time will not be enter-items were staged. The Lakshadweep. Parichakkali, tained. Quotations will be opened at 03.15 pm on the same NOTICE Kolkkali, Ulakkamuttu and day in the presence of the bidders or their agents present if Shri. Muhsin, Kuttithayapura of Kavaratti Island hasprogramme was organised Oppana dances presented any. Quotations received unsealed or without EMD or applied for No Objection Certificate for applying Electricby Lakshadweep Kala less EMD are liable to be rejected. For Terms and Connection in respect of his newly constructed building by the artists. A largeAcademy with the help of Conditions of the quotation and for schedule, please visit in Survey No.456/2 measuring 230 Sq.m. at Kavaratti gathering consisting of office of the Director of Printing and Stationery or may log as per Document No.102/2011 B 1V dated 01.11.2011 &Information and Public tourists, guests and on to Diversion Certificate vide F. No. 10/1/2012-SDO (KVT) (3)Relations. A large number Sd/- public were participated. dated 17.02.2012 of Sub Divisional Officer, Kavaratti.of gathering from all walks (HANS RAJ SINGH) It is proposed to give No Objection Certificate in favour of Shri. Mujeeb, Programme Director.of life were present to above person. Those who have objections, if any, to the Assistant proposed vote of Office of the Executive Engineer issuance of the No Objection Certificate may file theirwitness the entire thanks. Lakshadweep PWD Division, Indira Gandhi Road,programme. objections, with vaild documents in support of their claims, Willington Island, Kochi-682003 before the undersigned within 15 days from the date of F. No. 2/1/2011-AB2/431 Dated : 26.03.2012. publication of this Notice. Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Sd/- Revenue Sub Divisional Officer NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER (T. KASSIM) Kavaratti Island-682555 The Executive Engineer, Lakshadweep PWD, Sub Divisional Officer,F. No.16/1/2011-SDO(KVT) Dated : 15.03.2012. Kochi-3 invites on behalf of President of India online item Kavaratti. rate tenders for the following work. NOTICE 1. NIT No: 50/EE/LPWD/Kochi/2011-12. Office of the Smt. Fathima, Kunnumpura of Kavaratti Island has 2. Name of Work : Procurement and supply of Steel Deputy Collector, Agatti Islandapplied for Ownership/Possession Certificate in (Thermo Mechanically Treated) during 2011-2012 F.No.13/10/2012-DCA Dated : 28.03.2012.respect of her landed property in Survey No. 413/6, (Second call). 3. Estimated Amount : Rs. 2,08,55,625/-. ’fl-º°æfi-…»¢-419/10 measuring 510 Sq.m. & 670 Sq.m. at Kavaratti 4. Earnest Money Deposit : Rs. 4,17,113/ per Rough Patta No.709 dated 17.08.1982 of Assistant 5. Period of Completion : 2 months. 04.03.2012- ó »° Œ¯√- Ê MG·- - Á …fi- œ ÃΔV, μ‡- { fi- Œ √fl- -Settlement Officer, Kavaratti. 6. Last date of submission E-Tender bids : 20.04.2012 Á∑fiJfl- ÆK’-{·--Êø Œ¯√fi’μfi-÷fl-μ ƒfi--Ê› -Êμfi-ø·Jfl-¯fl-A·- It is proposed to give Ownership Certificate in favour of up to 1400 hrs. K’¯fi--Ê√KÌ •-Á»b-◊√JflW- »flK·¢- -Œ»Tfl-‹fiμ·K·.above person. Those who have objections, if any, to the 7. Time and date of opening of Tender : 1430 hrs on óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóissuance of the Ownership Certificate may file their 20-04-2012. Those who are ready to deliver steel at LPWD dμŒ •’μfi÷flμ{·Êø Ãt¢- ’œTÌ Challanobjections, with vaild documents in support of their claims, Store yard, Beypore, Calicut need only apply. Tender forms »OV Á…¯Ì No.before the undersigned within 30 days from the date of and other details can be obtained from the website : óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóópublication of this Notice. 1. -•ÃÌΔ·-U-ÁAfi-œ, ÕVJfi-’Ì 54 1823 dated Sd/- Sd/- (T. KASSIM) ŒAfi-÷fl-Afi-Afi-ø, •∑Jfl- 17.03.2012 EXECUTIVE ENGINEER. Sub Divisional Officer, Kavaratti. Lakshadweep State Wakf Board 2. ˘¢-‹JÌÇ-∑¢, Union Territory of Lakshadweep, Firdous Annex, 1st Floor μ‡-{fi-Œ√fl--Á∑fiJfl-- Œμ 29 Lakshadweep State Wakf Board Post Office Junction, 3. •ÃÌΔ·W- Ãfi-¯fl-- -do- ŒμX- 28 Union Territory of Lakshadweep, Firdous Annex, 1st Floor Kavaratti-682 555 Post Office Junction, 4. ◊Ÿ°»fi-ÿÌÇ-∑¢-- -do- Œμ- 26 Kavaratti-682 555 F. No. 11/4/2012-Wakf Dated : 20-03-2012. 5. ÿΔAJ·-U- -do- ŒμX- 24F. No. 11/5/2012-Wakf Dated : 20-03-2012. -Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° Á»fi- 6. ¶ÿfl-œNfi-Ãfl-- -do- Œμ- 21 -Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° ¶-ÁdLfiJÌ Δb‡-…fl-Ê‹ …IfiJÌ…Uflœ·--Êø- Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl- 7. Œ˘fl-œ¢-Ãfl- -do- Œμ- 19 •Œfl-»fl- Δb‡-…fl-Ê‹ œ‚-ÿÀ°…Uflœ·--Êø- Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl-¯·K 8. ŸŒ‡-ΔJÌÃfl-- -do- Œμ- 16 ¯·K Œ·- J fi- A fi- ø , ¶x- Á Afi- œ Œ¯√- Ê MG·- - Á …fi- œ ƒ·- - Ê μfiIÌμΔfl--Áœ-Ê∫Óx Ÿ¢-ÿ Œ¯√-ÊMG·--Á…fi-œƒ·--ÊμfiIÌ œ‚-ÿÀ°…Ufl 9. Œ·-ŸNΔ° ∂fi-ÿfl- -do- ŒμX- 13 …IfiJÌ…Uflœ·--Êø Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl- ƒ-ÊX˘- -Á…¯° -Á∫V-A√-œ·--Êø- Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl- ƒ-ÊX˘- -Á…¯° -Á∫V-A√-ÊŒKfi-’÷c--ÊMG·-- 10. ˘À°∂fi-»fi-Ç-∑¢- -do- Œμ- 09 ÊŒKfi-’÷c--ÊMG·--ÊμfiIÌ Œ·-Jfi-Afi-ø, -Ê∫˘fl-œ-Áμfi-œ ‹fΔb‡-…° 11. ÀfiJfl-Œfi-Ãfl- -do- Œμˇ- 07ÊμfiIÌ •-ÁgŸJfl--ÊX˘- Œμ»fi-œ μ·-{¢--M·-»AW- …‚-A·-Efl-- ’∂À° -ÁÃfiV-¡° ≥À‡-ÿflW- •-Á…f ÿŒV-Mfl-∫Ófl-¯fl-A·K·. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóÁAfi-œ ‹fΔb‡-…° ’∂À° -ÁÃfiV-¡° ≥À‡-ÿflW- •-Á…f ÿŒV- ¶œƒfl-»fiW- …IfiJÌ…Uflœ·--Êø- Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl- º»fi-ð- Œ¯fl-∫Ó·-Á…fi-œ ÃΔV, μ‡-{fi-Œ√fl--Á∑fiJfl- ÆK’-{·--ÊøMfl-∫Ófl-¯fl-A·K·. ¶œƒfl-»fiW- œ‚-ÿÀ°…Uflœ·--Êø- - Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl- º»fi-𠌷-Jfi-Afi-ø, -Ê∫˘fl-œ-Áμfi-œÊœ »fl-œŒfl-A·KƒflW- ¶V-ÊACfl-‹·¢- - Œ¯√fi»L¯ •’μfi-÷fl-μ{fi-œfl- -ÁŒW-…øfl- ¶{·-μAÌ ÿV-Gfl-Àfl-μ·-{¢-M·-»AW- …‚-A·-Efl-ÁAfi-œÊœ »fl-œŒfl-A·KƒflW- ¶V-ÊACfl-- - - - ’‹ ¶-Áf…-ÁŒfi, …¯fi-ƒfl--Áœfi ©-ÊICflW- ® Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° …¯ÿc- AxÌ Êμfi-ø·-A·KƒflW- ¶V--ÊACfl-‹·¢ …¯fi-ƒfl--μ{·--ÊICflW-‹·¢- ’‹ ¶-Áf…-ÁŒfi, …¯fi-ƒfl--Áœfi ©-ÊICflW- ® Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° -ÊMø·Jfl- Œ·-Mƒ° (30) Δfl-’ÿJfl-»μ¢- ‹fΔb‡-…° ÿ°Áxx° ’∂À°- ʃ{fl-’Ì ÿŸfl-ƒ¢ ® ≥À‡-ÿflW- ‹fΔb‡-…Ì -ÊÊø¢-ÿflW- …¯ÿc¢-…¯ÿcÊMø·Jfl- Œ·-Mƒ° (30) Δfl-’ÿJfl-»μ¢- ‹fΔb‡-…° ÿ°Áxx° ÁÃfi-V-¡° ≥À‡-ÿflW …¯fi-ƒfl- ÿŒV-Mfl--ÁAIƒfi-√°. -ʃ{fl--Á’fi-ø·- - Ê ∫œÌ ƒ ƒ·- Œ·- ƒ W- 30 Δfl- ’ ÿJfl- » μ¢ …¯fi- ƒ fl- μ ÿŒV- M fl-’∂À° -ÁÃfi-V-¡° ≥À‡-ÿflW …¯fi-ƒfl- ÿŒV-Mfl--ÁAIƒfi-√°. -ʃ{fl- μ‚-øflœ‹fiJ ≤¯·- ¶-Áf…’·¢ ÿb‡-μ¯fl-A·Kƒ‹. ÁAIƒfi-Ê-√KÌ ßƒfl-»fiW- •˘fl-œfl-∫Ó·-Êμfi-U·K·.-Á’fi-ø·-μ‚-øflœ‹fiJ ≤¯· ¶-Áf…’·¢ ÿb‡-μ¯fl-A·Kƒ‹. ≤M° ≤M° ≤MÌ (…fl. …fl. ¶x) (…fl. …fl. ¶x) (-Êμ. »fl-ÿfi-Œ·-i‡X- -Áμfi-œ) ∫‡-À° Æμ°ÿfl-μc-‚-G‡-’° ≥À‡-ÿV. ∫‡-À° Æμ°ÿfl-μc-‚-G‡-’° ≥À‡-ÿV. Ê¡…c-‚-Gfl- μ{μÌøV,- •∑Jfl-.
  4. 4. THE LAKSHADWEEP TIMES 13 APRIL, 2012, Page 4 Õ‚-μOJflW- Ø◊c- »ø·-Bfl- ∫fiOcX-ÿÌ -Ádøfi-Àfl- ÿ‚-MV- ‹‡-∑° -μ·-E»fi-Œ" ∑flKÿÌ Ã·-AflW- Ø◊cX- ¯fi-ºc-B-Ê{ Õ‡-ƒfl- Œ·Ifi- œ ƒ° . ß- - Á ƒƒ·- ø VKÌ À·-ø°ÁÃfi- ø‚V-√-ÊŒX˘° ÿŒfi-…fl-∫Ó·-œ·- - Ê ø Œ·- Œ·- » œfl- ‹ fi- A fl- ßLcX- ŒŸfi-ÿŒ·-d- Δ ƒ‡-¯JÌ …fl.…fl. Œ‚-Œfl-»JÌ ¶«c-f¢- ßLc-œøAŒ·-U 28 ¯fi-ºc- μøŒ¢- :- μøŒJÌ Δb‡-…flW-ß-ÁLfi--Á»◊c-œfl--Ê‹ ÿ·-Œfi-- ’Ÿfl-∫Ó·. -Ê∫œV-ŒfiX-, ˘‡-ºfl- B{flW- ÿ·- » fi- Œ fl- Œ·K˘fl- ˘‡- º fl- œ √W- ÿÌ - Á …fiV- ø Ì ÿ Ìdƒ Δb‡-…flW- ’‡I·¢- •ƒfl- œfl-M·- »W-μfl. Œfl-Aœfl-øB μÏY- ÿ fl- ‹ fl- - Ê X˘- ¶Õfl- Œ ·- œ√W- ÿÌ-Á…fiV-øÌÿÌ μÏY-÷μ̃Œfi-œ Õ‚-μO¢. ÿ·-Œfi-d- ƒΔb‡-…flW-Ê…G ¶-Ê∫ d- …’fl-÷c- - {fl-‹·¢- μø‹flW- ÷μ̃Œfi-œ ∂cJflW- »øK·- ’ K ÿflW, - Ê μ. •Œfi- » ·- Uœ·- - Ê ø ƒ‹ÿÌ ≈ fi- » Œfi- œ ƒfl-¯œfl-{A¢- •»·-Õ’-ÊMG·. ∫fiOcX-ÿÌ -Ádøfi-Àfl- ÿ‚-MV- ÿ¢-ÿfi-¯fl-∫Ó·. …¯fl-…fi-øfl-œ·--ÊøÃfiX-¡ ¶-Ê∫ »∑¯JflW- …flK‡-ø° ÿ·-»fi-Œfl- Œ·K˘fl-œfl-MÌ ‹‡- ∑ ° ø‚V- √ - Ê ŒX˘° ŒfiV- ∫ Ó Ì ’fl- º œJfl- » ·- ÿŸfi- œ fl- ∫ Ó»flK·- 434 μfl- - Á ‹fi- Œ ‡xV- …flX-’‹fl-∫Ó·. ÆCfl-‹·¢- ƒ‡-¯- 31ó»° ÿŒfi- … fl- ∫ Ó · . ® Æ‹ fi - ’ - Á ¯œ·¢- •- Á gŸ¢-ʃA·- … øfl- E fi˘° ÿŒ·- - d Δ ÁΔ÷B{flW- ºfi--d∑ƒ ƒ·-ø¯·- Œr¯JflW- -Áœfi-μ°Ê◊œV- •Õfl- » wfl- ∫ Ó · . ˘‡- º fl- œ √W-Jfl-‹fi-√° Õ‚-μOJfl--ÊX˘- μœfi-√°. ˘fl-d- μfl-Áœ◊X- μÃÓÌ ’fl-ºœfl-∫Ó- - ÿÌ - Á …fi- ø Ì ÿ Ì μÏY- ÿ flW-d…Õ’- Á μ- d w¢. ßLcX- 2004óW- ©Ifi- œ ÁMfi- -ÊŒ∑fi-ÿÌxfiV- μÃÓÌ Êÿ-dμG˘fl, -Áøfi¢- Œfi-ƒc-·- »wfl-ÿŒœ¢- ßK- Ê ‹ ©∫Ó μ›fl- ’X- Õ‚-μOJfl--ÊX˘- -d…Õ’- ˘- Á H›° ÿ Mfi- œ fl. ’fl- º œfl- -d…μøfl-Mfl-∫Ó·. ’‹fl--Êœfi-¯·-EÌ 2.08ó»fi- √ ° ˘fl- μ Ì ø V- Áμ-dwJfl-»ø·Jfi-√° μA·- U ÿNfi- » B ÿΔTÌ …¯fl- … fi- ø fl- ’‡- f fl-ÿÌ-Êμœfl-‹flW- 8.6 ƒ‡--d’ƒ ßK‹- Ê J Õ‚- μ OJfl- - ÿð ¡fl-’fl-◊√W- ≥À‡- ÆB-Ê»œ·IÌ ® ÷fi-‹œflW--Ê’∫Ófi-œfl-¯·K·- ÊX˘-œ·¢- -d…Õ’ÿÌ≈fi-»¢. A·Kƒfl- - Ê »Jfl- œ fl- ¯ ·K·. μ·- E »fi- Œ ?- ß·- ¯ ÿfl- ® --ÁÀfi--ÁGfi-Á…fi-ÿÌ !-".Á¯∂- Ê Mø·Jfl- œ Õ‚- μ O ÿV,- …fl.’fl. ŸTX- ÿŒfi-…» À·-ø°ÁÃfi- Œr¯ Δfl-’ÿ μX, •-Á‹?- -Á‹fi-μ-ÊJ Ê’˘·¢ •Oƒ·- -d∑fi-Œfi-√° ŒfiO›Afi-‹¢- ó 2012 …¯fl-÷‡-‹» ∫øBflW- -Ê’∫ÓÌ ’fl-ƒ¯√¢- B{flW- «fi-¯fi-{¢- À·-ø°ÁÃfi- Øx’·¢ Ê∫˘fl-œ ¶Œœfi-œfl- μ·- E »fi- Œ œ·- - Ê ø Õfi- ¯ ¢. Ê∫œÌ ƒ ·. - Á œfi- ∑ JflW- - ∑flKÿÌ Ã·-AflW- ßø¢- Á»øfl- - …¯fl-…fi-øfl- -Ád…Œfl-μ μ{fl-μfi-√·Kƒfl-- œ -’fi-GV" ¶√fl-ƒ°. Õ‡- Œ »° ≥- Á Gfi- œ ·- - Ê ø- Á ƒfi- ? - ’fl--Á‹º° Δb‡-…Ì (Δb‡-…Ì) …Ffi- Ê»Jfl-œfl-¯·K·. ߯·- » ‚V μfl- - Á ‹fi- œ ·¢- ! -•Œfl-»fl- :- º’ŸV- ¶V-GÌÿÌ ÆKfl-’V- …¯fl-÷‡-‹»¢- »W- μ·- E X- μœ˘fl- œ fl- ¯ fl- œJÌ - Ê ∫œV- - Á …›° ÿ Y, ∞.Æ.…fl. μøŒ¢. »‡- { Jfl- ‹ ·- Œ ·IÌ ß’V-¶X˘° ÿÌ-Á…fiV-GÌÿÌ μÃÓfl- μfl. …¯fl- ÷ ‡- ‹ » …¯fl- … fi- ø fl- A·Kƒ° ¶¯·-Êø ƒ‹œfl-Ê‹- - - œflW- …- Ê Cø·J’- Á ¯œ·¢, ÁKfi- ? - - Á ‹fi- μ - Ê J ƒNfl-‹° -ßNfl-√fl- ’‹fl-œ"ÊX˘- ¶Õfl- Œ ·- ∂ cJflW- Office of the Deputy Collector, Agatti Island ’‹·- M ¢- μ‚- ø fl- œ ¶Œμ{fl- - ’c- ƒ cfi- ÿ ¢. 7.6 - Ê ÿX˘‡-Ø-d…flW- 2ófi¢- ƒfl-œƒfl- ÿ¢-∏ …¯fl- ÷ ‡- ‹ »¢- »W- μ fl- œ ’- F.No.13/10/2012-DCA/588 Dated : 16.03.2012. Ê‹fiKfi- œ - ≥- Á Gfi" ÆK Œ‡x˘fi- √ ° μ·- E - Ê X˘-øfl-Mfl-∫Ó ŒfiO›Afi-‹¢- ó 2012 Á¯œ·¢- μà ÓÌ - d …ÿfl-¡X˘°, ’fl-º°æfi-…»¢- Õ‡-Œ-ÊX˘- ƒ‹œflW. ºV-Œ»fl- »‡-{¢. Õ‡-Œ-ÊX˘ »‡-{-ÁŒfi-?- …fl. -Áμfi-œN •Õfl-»wfl-∫Ó·. 24.05.2011- ó »° Œ¯√- Ê MG·- - Á …fi- œ - Ê ÿœÌ ƒ ·- - Á μfi- œ , œfl- - Ê ‹ Ÿfi- - Á »fi- ’ V- Œ„- ∑ 110 -ÊÿX˘‡-Œ‡x˘·¢. -…¯fl-÷‡-‹» …¯fl-…fi-øfl-œ·--Êø ƒ·-øVKÌ ÿ¢-∏øfl-Mfl-AfiX- μfi-Afi-ø- ÆKœfi--{·--Êø Œ¯√fi’μfi-÷fl-μ ƒfi--Ê› -Êμfi-ø·Jfl-¯fl-A·-©Δ° ∏ fi- ø » μV- N ¢- •¡° - Á’√-ÊŒCflW- ∫A -Á’¯fl-‹·¢- μfi-œ°A·¢- ƒ‡-¯·-Œfi-»fl-∫Ófl-¯fl-A·K K’¯fi--Ê√KÌ •-Á»b-◊√JflW- »flK·¢- -Œ»Tfl-‹fiμ·K·.ÊÊ’ÿ˘fl- -ÁÃfiV-¡° -Ê∫œV- ’c- μ Ì ƒ fl- ƒ b- ’fl- μ ÿ»¢- óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóŒfiX,- -Êμ.-Êμ. ∂fi-‹fl-Δ° »flV- (- Ê ÿŒfl- » fiV- ) , ÿfi- Ÿ ÿfl- μ dμŒ •’μfi÷flμ{·Êø Ãt¢- ’œTÌ Challan’Ó Ÿ fl- ∫ Ó · . ≤¯fi- › ° ∫ »‡I·- »OV Á…¯Ì No. …¯fl- ÷ ‡- ‹ »¢- , »‡LW,»flK …¯fl-…fi-øfl-œflW- ∫fl--dƒ óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó μÃøfl, À·-ø°ÁÃfi-, -Á’ fi-¯∫», μ¯μÏ-÷‹¢, ÿfi-Ÿfl- {fl--ÁÃfi-, ߢ-∑‡-◊° Õfi-◊fi- 1. -Ÿ¢-ÿ-ÁAfi-œ, μ·Kfi¢-∑‹¢-, ŒμX- 43 1679 datedƒc- …¯fl-÷‡-‹»¢- ÆK‡- Œ‚KÌ 27.02.2012 …¿»¢- ÆK‡- …¯fl- … - fi - ø fl-ß»B{fi- √ ° ÿ¢- ∏ øfl- M fl- 2. Ÿ‹‡-Œ, μ·Kfi¢-∑‹¢- Œμ 47 μ{flW- …-ÊCø·-Afi-»·¢- •ƒfl-∫Óƒ°. ∫fl--dƒ¯∫»œflW- 12ó©¢- óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó »° …¯fl-…‚V-√ ÿŸμ¯√¢-μ¯μÏ-÷‹ …¯fl-÷‡-‹» …¯fl- Œ¯fl-∫Ó·-Á…fi-œ -ÊÿœÌƒ·--Áμfi-œ, μfi-Afi-ø- ÆKœfi--{·--Êø »W- μ fi- » ·¢- •ÕcVjfl- ∫ Ó · . Œ¯√fi»L¯ •’μfi-÷fl-μ{fi-œfl- -ÁŒW-…øfl- ¶{·-μAÌ ÿV-Gfl-Àfl-…fi-øfl-œflW- 10ó©¢- ÿfi-Ÿfl-ƒc- ’fl-ΔcfiVjfl-μ-Ê{ ÿ¢-Ãtfl- AxÌ Êμfi-ø·-A·KƒflW- ¶V--ÊACfl-‹·¢ …¯fi-ƒfl--μ{·--ÊICflW-¯∫»œflW- 13 -Á…¯·¢- …-ÊC ∫Ófl-ø-ÁJfi-{¢- ŒfiO›Afi-‹¢- ó ʃ{fl-’Ì ÿŸfl-ƒ¢ ® ≥À‡-ÿflW- ‹fΔb‡-…Ì -ÊÊø¢-ÿflW- …¯ÿc¢- •∑Jfl- - :- ‹fΔb‡- … flW- ’fi- › •ƒfl- - Ê X˘ ƒøflœflW-ø·J·. ∫fl- - d ƒ¯∫», μ¯ 2012 …¯fl-÷‡-‹» …¯fl-…fi-øfl- »flK·¢- μ·-‹∫Ófl-¯fl-A·K·. - Ê ∫œÌ ƒ ƒ·- Œ·- ƒ W- 30 Δfl- ’ ÿJfl- » μ¢ …¯fi- ƒ fl- μ ÿŒV- M fl- ÿ·- ‹ ÕŒfi- œ fl- μI·- ’ ¯·KμÏ- ÷ ‹¢, ÿfi- Ÿ fl- ƒ c- ¯ ∫» •’«fl- A fi- ‹ ¢- ’fl- º Ì æ fi- » - »fi- ø X- ∫A- Ê œ …xfl- œ ‹ Œ‚K·-Œfi-ÿ¢- Œ·OÌ ÁAIƒfi-Ê-√KÌ ßƒfl-»fiW- •˘fl-œfl-∫Ó·-Êμfi-U·K·. ® …›-ÊFfi-‹·Uƒ°. Œ˘fl-∫ÓÌ - »fi- Δ V- - Á μfi- œ Œfi- ÿ Ì x ˘·- - Ê øÆK‡- …¯fl-÷‡-‹» …¯fl-…fi-øfl- d…Δ’·¢- ÿ- Á Lfi- ◊ - d …Δ’· ≤MÌ ŒμX- -Êμ.ÿfl. ◊fi-ºŸfiX- ’X-μ¯œflW- ÿŒ„-ifl-œfi-œfl-AÌ œ≈fi-d- μŒ¢ Æ.ÿfl. •Œ‡V, Œfi-AfiX- ’{-ʯ-Áœ-Ê˘ ÿŸfi- - (-Êμ. »fl-ÿfi-Œ·-i‡X- -Áμfi-œ) ’{¯·K … fi - ’ flW- μfi- œ Ì ƒ-ÊX˘- ’‡-Gfl--ÊX˘- …fl˘μflW-Æ. •◊°˘À°, ÿfl. ∂‹‡W- œfl-∫Ó·. Ê¡…c-‚-Gfl- μ{μÌøV,- •∑Jfl-. A·K ∫Aœfi-√° ߃fl-ÊX˘-- ©Ifi-Afl-œ -Ê∫˘fl-œ •ø·-A ÿ‚-∫». {- Á Jfi- G JflW- »G ’fi- › »N·--Êø »fl-ƒc-º‡-’fl- œ·- - Ê ø ƒøfl- œ flW- »flK·¢- ≥À‡-ÿÌ ≥À° Δfl- -ÿð ¡fl-’fl-◊√W- ≥À‡-ÿV- ¶V-Œfl- ˘fl-d- μ‚-GÊŒX˘° -Ì μ·-‹∫Óƒfi-√‡- ’fl-∫fl--dƒŒfi-œ μflWJfiX- Δb‡-…Ì ƒJflW- …‹-ÁMfi-›·¢- •Õfl-Œ·- μfi- › ° ∫ . μ›fl- E ¶›° ∫F.No. 16/7/2011-SDO(KTN) Dated : 10.03.2012. ˘fi-‹fl- ∂‡-μ¯fl--ÁAIfl-’¯·K ÿ¢-∑ œfi-√° ® ’fi-› μ·-‹∫Óƒ°. Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° -Á»fi- ¶V-Œfl- ≥MY- ˘fl--dμ‚-GÌ- ƒfl- μ »Œ·- A Ì ’fl- … ¯‡- ƒ ’fl-’¯Œ˘fl-EÌ ÊŒX˘° ˘fi-‹fl- 2012 -ÊŒœ° 15 Œfi- œ fl- ’¯·- - Á Ofi- »fi¢- …‹¯·¢- ® ’fl-∫fl--dƒ μfi-›°∫ μflWJfiX- Δb‡-…° ÿð ¡fl-’fl-◊√W- ≥À‡-ÿflW- »flK·¢- •˘fl-œfl-A·Kƒ°. μflWJfiX- …˘œfi˘·- U ≤¯·- - Ê ∫fi- ‹  · ¢- Œ·-ƒW- 23 ’-ʯ ’øμ¯œflW- μfi-√fiX- ÿÌ≈‹-ÊJJfl-.Δb‡-…fl--Ê‹ ƒfi--Ê› -Á∫VJfl-¯fl-A·K’¯·--Êø -Á»-ʯ μfi-√fl-∫Ó Õ‚-Œfl-œ·--Êø ©øŒÿÌ≈fi-’μfi-÷ ÿV-Gfl-Àfl-AxÌ μ‚-øfl-œfi-√fl-ƒ°. »øJfiX- ƒ‡- ¯ ·- Œ fi- » fl- ∫ Ó ÿwV-÷μ¯·--Êø ÆH¢- ’V-¶’÷c--ÊMGÌ ® ≥À‡-ÿflW- Ÿ¯ºfl- -ÁÃfi-«fl-Mfl-∫Ófl-¯fl-A·K·. ƒfi-œfl- ˘fl--dμ‚-Gfl¢-∑° -ÁÿfiY ß’fl--Êø -d…ÿ̃fi-’c-Œfi-œ ifl-∫Ó-Áƒfi--Êø ◊fi-ºŸfi--ÊX˘óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó-óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó--óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó--óóó ÊŸ¡° μbfiV-G˘flW- »flK·¢- μfi-¯c¢- ∫Aœ‹. ≤¯·- ’fl-∫fl-- d…- Á ƒc- μ ÿ¢- ¯ f√Jfl--dμŒ ¶’÷c--ÊMG ÿÊ’Ó} ’fl-ÿ̃‡VH¢- ƒfi--Ê› μfi-√fl-∫Ó Challan No. •˘fl- œ fl- A ·K·. ‹fΔb‡- dƒŒfi-œ ’fi-› μ·-‹∫Óƒfi-√° ‹fi-√° ® ’fi-› ß-ÁMfi-.»OV- ¶{·--μ{·-Êø -Á…¯° »OV- Á¯∂ -d…μfi-¯¢- & Date …flW- »flK·¢- •V-Ÿ¯fi-œ ÿ¢-Õ’¢. •∑Jfl-œflW- ≤¯·- ÆÀ°.º‡-.óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó ’V-AÌ ˘fi-‹fl-œflW- …-ÊCø·- Lakshadweep State Wakf Board 1. ∞÷fi-Nfi-, -»fi-‹μ¢- 144/3A, 38/7, 1300,140, D.No. 53/011 1127 dated: Afi-’·Kƒfi--Ê√KÌ Union Territory of Lakshadweep, Firdous Annex, 1st Floor Æ¢--Á…fi-œfl--ÊŒX˘° ¶X˘°- Post Office Junction, 27/15A 540 9.3.2012 Êdøœfl- » fl¢- ∑ ° ¡œ˘μÌ ø V- Kavaratti-682 555 2. ÿ·-Ÿ°˘fi-Ãfl, -Á…fi-A-ÁœÓfi-ø- 70/2 430 D.No. 37/2003 1131dated: •˘fl-œfl-A·K·. F. No. 11/6/2012-Wakf Dated : 20-03-2012. 13.3.2012 - Áÿfi- ºfl- œ V- º»˘W-óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó ¡c- ‚ - G fl, - Á ÿfi- ºfl- œ V- -Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° Á»fi- ߃° ÿ¢- à tfl- ∫ Ó Ì ¶V- - Ê ACfl- ‹ ·¢- »cfi- œ Œfi- œ ’‹ ¶- Á f…- Á Œfi, •’μfi- ÷ - Á Œfi- »›° ÿ fl¢- ∑ Ì •ÿfl- ÿ Ì x X˘° , - μ’¯Jfl-- Δb‡-…fl-Ê‹ ßøfl-œfi-…Uflœ·--Êø- Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl-¯·K Áÿfi- ºfl- œ V μ V - A Ì / - •Ÿ°ŒΔ°Ÿfi-ºfl, ¶»M·-¯ Œ¯√-ÊMG·--Á…fi-œƒ·--ÊμfiIÌ ßøfl-œfi-©-ÊICflW- •ƒfl-»° ƒAƒfi-œ -ʃ{fl-’·-μ •øB·K -Á¯∂μ ÿŸfl-ƒ¢- ® -Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° Áÿfiºfl- œ V ÿÌ - Á xfiV- …Uflœ·--Êø- Œ·J’‹fl-œfi-œfl- ƒ-ÊX˘- -Á…¯° -Á∫V-A√-ÊŒKfi-’÷c--…¯ÿc¢- -Ê∫œÌƒƒ·- Œ·-ƒW- 30 Δfl-’ÿJfl-»μ¢- ® ≥À‡-ÿflW- ÿŒV-Mfl--ÁAIƒfi-√°. μ‡- M V- - Ê øμ° » fl- A W,- ÊMG·--ÊμfiIÌ •-ÁgŸJfl--ÊX˘- Œμ»fi-œ ŸTX, ÃI¢-…Ufl- ‹fΔb‡-…° ’∂À° -ÁÃfiV-¡° ≥À‡-ÿflW- •-Á… f ÿŒV-Mfl-∫Ófl-¯fl-»fl-÷°∫fl-ƒ Δfl-’ÿJfl-»·--Á÷◊¢- ‹Õfl-A·K ¶-Áf-…B œfi--ʃfi-¯·- μfi-¯√’÷fi-‹·¢- Áÿfi-ºfl-œV Ádø¡°ÿÌŒfiX- - A·K·.…¯fl-∑√fl-A·Kƒ‹. »fl-÷°∫fl-ƒ Δfl-’ÿJfl-»μ¢- ¶-Áf-…¢- ‹Õfl-AfiJ…f¢- -ÁŒW-…˘E ÆK‡- μfix∑˘fl- œ fl- - Á ‹ ¶œƒfl-»fiW- ßøfl-œfi-…Uflœ·-Êø- Œ·J’‹flœfi-œfl- º»fi-ð ÃI¢- - - Afi√° ˘fi- ‹ fl- »øJ·- μ . …Ufl- ŸT-Ê» »fl-œŒfl-A·KƒflW- ¶V-ÊACfl-‹·¢- ’‹ ¶-Áf…-ÁŒfi, -¶{·-μ{·--Êø -Á…¯flW- ÿV-Gfl-Àfl-AxÌ •»·-’Δfl-A·Kƒfi-œfl-¯fl-A·¢. …¯fi-ƒfl-Áœfi ©-ÊICflW- ® Á»fi-G‡-ÿ° …¯ÿcÊMø·Jfl- Œ·-Mƒ° (30) - μ‚- ø ·- ƒ W- ’fl- ’ ¯BAÌ Δfl-’ÿJfl-»μ¢- ‹fΔb‡-…° ÿ°Áxx° ’∂À° -ÁÃfi-V-¡° ≥À‡-ÿflW ≤MÌ ‹fΔb‡- … fl- - Ê X˘- ¥- Á Δc- fi - …¯fi-ƒfl- ÿŒV-Mfl--ÁAIƒfi-√°. -ʃ{fl--Á’fi-ø·-μ‚-øflœ‹fiJ ≤¯· (-∞.ÿfl. …‚--ÁAfi-œ) ∑fl- μ - Ê ’ð - Ê Êÿxfi- œ ¶-Áf…’·¢ ÿb‡-μ¯fl-A·Kƒ‹. - ÿð ¡fl-’fl-◊√W- ≥À‡-ÿV- ≤M° -μfi-√·-μ. 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