Final Review Worksheet


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Final Review Worksheet

  1. 1. Physics Final Review1. What is Momentum, Power? What are their common units?2. If 37 W of power are consumed in 25 s, the work done was what?3. What are the different types of animals in the food chain called?4. What happens to usable energy as it moves through the food chain?5. What is the efficiency if 1600 J is used to life a 250 N crate 6 m using a pulley system?6. What are Newton’s 3 Laws of motion?7. What is the difference between elastic and inelastic Collisions?8. What is the impulse necessary to change the speed of a 12 kg object 13 m/s?9. Why are seatbelts and airbags important?10. What is the equation for angular momentum?11. What is the difference between angular speed and linear speed?12. Define the following: Harmonic Motion, Amplitude, restoring forces, natural frequency, harmonics, damping forces, period, resonance13. Define the following: Wave, Wavelength, Reflection, refraction, diffraction, absorption, Fundamental frequency14. What is the difference between constructive and destructive interference?15. What does the decibel scale measure?16. What causes beats to form from two different sounds?17. What is the Range of human hearing (frequency & wavelength)18. What is a musical scale, octaves?19. Why do different instruments sound different?20. Why is the speed of light called the universal speed limit?21. How do the following produce light: Incandescence, fluorescence, diodes, phosphorescence?22. What are the Primary and secondary colors of light, of pigments?23. How do TV’s produce a picture?24. What is the difference between a Real and a virtual images25. What is the law of reflection?26. What causes light to refract away from the normal line? Towards?27. Draw a ray diagrams for a converging lense. Be sure to include the three principal rays.28. Using the thin lens formula, if the object is 6 cm in front of a converging lens with a focal length of 14 cm, where is the image?29. How do we know light is a wave?30. How can two polarizing filters completely block light?31. What is time dilation?32. What is a complete circuit?33. What do resistors and batteries do in a circuit?34. What do the following do: voltmeter, ammeter, multimeter?35. What are the following units used to measure: Volts, amperes, ohms?36. What is the difference between a Fuse and a circuit breaker?37. What is the function of Conductors, semiconductors, insulators in a circuit?38. What is Ohm’s Law?39. What is the difference if resistors are added in series or in parallel? Batteries?40. How can you find the power flowing through a circuit?