Voodoo Ventures Accelerator Services for Startups


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Ready to build a product?
Have a product, ready to grow your customer base?
Ready to scale?

We are passionate about working with startups through all phases of their growth. We've developed accelerator services for our portfolio companies to help solve the challenges startups face.

Learn more at http://www.voodooventures.com

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Voodoo Ventures Accelerator Services for Startups

  1. 1. Accelerator services for startups. start build grow We accelerate startups by providing services that we’ve built to solve our own problems in launching companies. We’ve built a platform of services to help you: ‣ learn from peers & mentors how to build a business ‣ create great software products ‣ acquire customers for your business
  2. 2. We share a common philosophy. We educate, accelerate and scale your core team. We don’t replace the need for a talented team, we add leverage so you can get things done faster. We deliver great value and fair pricing on flexible terms. If we’re not adding value, cut us loose. We understand how difficult building a company is, and we know we need to take ownership and deliver. We are here to help you execute on your vision.
  3. 3. Thesis. Test. Validate. Iterate. Scale. Our services are tailored to the startup lifecycle Product Risk can you build it? Market Risk does anyone want it? Scaling Risk can you grow it? marketing team & specialized agency customer acquisition customer development prototype & MVP full stack blended resources coworking & mentorship office infrastructure & investor support Bootstrapped Accelerator Friends & Family Angel Seed VC full stack integrated resources & onsite project management leased office & full advisory team VC
  4. 4. Get more done, and love where you work. How can I accelerate launching my company? Where can I plug into the entrepreneurial community? Launch Pad is a mentorship and education focused co-working space and network. workspace / events / education / mentors / network / fun
  5. 5. Get more done, and love where you work. Federated Sample creates market research technology. By starting the company at Launch Pad, Patrick was able to focus on building the company, not the office. He raised funding, hired talent, and successfully graduated and continues to grow. federatedsample.com
  6. 6. Create amazing software, and build your winning team. How can I get an MVP built with limited funding? How will I scale my team to keep up with growth? Flatstack is a full-stack software development firm that scales as you grow from MVP to funded startup ruby on rails / iOS / frontend / UI/UX / design / project management
  7. 7. Create amazing software, and build your winning team. Roadtrippers helps people discover America on the road. Flatstack helped James build the original MVP and has helped them scale their engineering team on back-end, front-end, iOS, Android after raising a series A. roadtrippers.com
  8. 8. Getting new customers isn’t magic, it’s Voodoo. If I build it will they come? I have a great product, why does no-one know it exists? voodoo:growth is marketing & distribution designed for startups. content / SEO / social / UI/UX / outreach / customer development / metrics
  9. 9. Getting new customers isn’t magic, it’s Voodoo. Foresight sells financial models for entrepreneurs and leveraged voodoo:growth for data-driven customer acquisition so Taylor can focus on product development. buildforsight.com
  10. 10. Here’s where it gets fun. We have the privilege to work with amazing companies all over the world. Over the years we’ve built a diverse network of mentors, partners & investors. Over the last three years we’ve leveraged the network for founders in New Orleans at Launch Pad. Now, its time to connect the network of founders we work with all over the world. Now we’re connecting the dots between the companies we serve through Launch Pad, Flatstack and Voodoo Ventures and create a platform for education, distribution, investment. Because we can do more together. Welcome to the fun part.
  11. 11. Opportunities for accelerator companies. ‣ TribeCon - Art+Tech conference - October 31, 2013 ‣ WinterCamp - New Orleans - February 2014 invite only ‣ Launch Fest Startup Showcase - May 1, 2014 ‣ New York Demo Day - May 2014 ‣ San Francisco Demo Day - June 2014
  12. 12. Join us. Ready to grow your business? Join our portfolio companies who are fueling their growth through Voodoo Ventures accelerator services. Get in touch at: chris@voodooventures.com Follow our portfolio companies on Twitter: @voodoo