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3rd annual launch fest impact report


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Get pumped with exciting talks by Andy Weissman, partner at Union Square Ventures, Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo, Paul Singh, 500 Startups Master of Hustle and more great speakers. Launch Fest features practical advice to inspire the next generation of New Orleans entrepreneurs as well as the first public pitches by the Launch Pad Ignition 2012 class. Come learn what it takes to launch a startup and get inspired by the founders who are doing it right now all before heading out to the 'fest!
Andy Weissman - Union Square Ventures - An Interview by Andrew Yang
Noah Kagan - - The story of AppSumo from Getto to Classy
Paul Singh - 500 Startups - Moneyball for Startups
Richard Mumby - Bonobos
Dan Parham - Neighborland
Andrew Yang - Venture for America
Kinobi - Chapman Snowden - Professional skills training regime
VoteIt - Taylor Beery - SurveyMonkey for group decisions
Red Ticket Games - Barrett Conrad - Mobile social games
Giftmeo - Martin Roth, Michael Angle - Social group gifting platform
Unawkward - Gerard Ramos - Connecting people around local experiences
Lawyerfy - Arjan Singh, Jeff Lin - CRM for Lawyers
Connect for a Cause - Jason Nicosia - Lunch auction to meet people and support causes

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3rd annual launch fest impact report

  1. 1. 3rd Annual Launch Fest Impact Report May 3rd, 2012
  2. 2. We featured an awesome lineup of speakers to inspire the next generation of founders. Noah Kagan - Paul Singh - 500 Startups Richard Mumby - Bonobos Andy Weissman - Union Square Ventures Andrew Yang - Venture for America Dan Parham - Neighborland Dean Altiero - Tulane University
  3. 3. And then gave the seven Launch Pad Ignitioncompanies 7 minutes for their first public pitches.
  4. 4. To local angel investors and early stage VC’s from New York and Silicon Valley. Sequoia Capital - Silicon Valley Battery Ventures - Silicon Valley True Ventures - San Francisco Union Square Ventures - New York Andy Weissman“ 500 Startups - Silicon Valley Wow. Leher Ventures - New York Thank you so much for having me. k b s p Ventures - New York My mind was opened in many ways and I hope I made some contacts that can Austin Ventures - Austin really grow in the future. Silicon Valley Bank - Austin You are doing amazing things. Credit Suisse - San Francisco Andy Abstraction Ventures - New Orleans
  5. 5. The outcome of 12 weeks of lots of hard work through our mentorship-driven accelerator. - 15 founders - 37 mentors - 15 presentations - 1895 emails - countless Skype calls - 28 hours of pitch practice - 100 lbs of crawfish - 67 po-boys - 45 pizzas - lots of sleepless nights....
  6. 6. Everyone had a great time, learned a lot, and came away inspired.
  7. 7. It’s a good day when you’re covered by both TechCrunch and the Times Picayune. “ Launch Pad Ignition, the first tech incubator to make its home in the Big Easy, today officially unveiled the seven companies that participated in its second annual session.
  8. 8. A HUGE thanks to our sponsors.We couldn’t have done it without you.
  9. 9. So let’s meet the 2012 Launch Pad Ignition companies
  10. 10. Kinobi is an online marketplace for interactive training. Chapman
  11. 11. Giftmeo is a shared-gifting platform thatallows people to pitch in on a gift for afriend. Michael Angle, Martin Roth
  12. 12. Get meetings with top businessluminaries and execs by supportingthe causes they care about. Jason Nicosia
  13. 13. Unawkward helps you meet newpeople around local experiences. Gerard Ramos
  14. 14. Barrett Conrad founders@redticketgames.comRed Ticket Games creates fun mobile social games.Its launch title is ExpertTrivia, a do-it-yourself trivia games.
  15. 15. VoteIt brings group decisions online byproviding fun and productive collaborationso groups can reach consensus and takeaction. Taylor Beery
  16. 16. Lawyerfy is a collaboration platform forlawyers and their clients that takes theheadache out of the legal process. Jeffrey Lin, Arjan Singh
  17. 17. So are you ready to launch your company? Applications for 2013 open Dec 1st.