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This is a presentation on OpenSocial in the Enterprise given at Devfest 2009 in Buenos Aires Argentina on Nov 17, 2009 by Google Developer Advocate, Chris Schalk, eXo Platform CEO Benjamin Mestrallet, and Globant's Bruno Rovagnati

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Devfest09 OpenSocial Enterprise

  1. 1. OpenSocial in the Enterprise Chris Schalk Benjamin Mestrallet Bruno Rovagnati Nov. 17th, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda •  Introduction •  A Brief history of OpenSocial •  OpenSocial Pioneer technologies •  IBM •  Atlassian •  SocialText •  Apache SocialSite •  eXo Platform •  Wrap up •  Q&A 3
  3. 3. OpenSocial Background •  Launched in fall of 2007 •  Initial target audience was traditional social networking sites (SNS) •  Provides open source standards for building social applications •  Has both evolved and grown rapidly in the past 2 years o  Started at version 0.6 and is now approaching 1.0
  4. 4. OpenSocial Background •  Global user population now exceeding 800 million •  Technology evolving past its social network site roots •  In Sept. held our first ever “Enterprise OpenSocial Meetup” o  Has resulted in a series of spec updates for 1.0 and 1.x o  Will soon be publishing an “Enterprise OpenSocial Whitepaper” o  Plan to meet again in January
  5. 5. Some OpenSocial Enterprise Partners
  6. 6. IBM and OpenSocial •  IBM has been successfully innovating in the area and browser-based component models and social APIs for years, e.g. Lotus Mashup Maker, Lotus Connections •  Working closely with the OpenSocial community to ensure that the specifications and the Apache Shindig RI can meet our needs and complement iWidgets
  7. 7. IBM and OpenSocial •  Areas of improvement for OpenSocial: o  Gadget metadata and wiring o  Interoperability with iWidgets, OpenAjax and Dojo o  Specification modularity o  Extension Mechanism o  Better support for Groups o  Alignment with Activity Streams
  8. 8. Atlassian & OpenSocial
  9. 9. Development is social •  Developers are people who work in teams •  They collaborate around shared objects •  And generate lots of activity source code commits issues build failures builds comments Projects tasks docs wiki edits specs
  10. 10. Enterprise apps are silos
  11. 11.
  12. 12. OpenSocial and Socialtext - Today •  Socialtext Dashboard Launched Sept 2008 o  Personalized, customizable dashboard based on OpenSocial container o  Extend user experience with thousands of Google Gadgets o  Easy for customers to develop their own widgets o  Next: intergadget communications
  13. 13. Apache SocialSite •  Widgets and Web Services for adding social networking features to your existing web sites o  Web services: OpenSocial API + extensions to manage the Social Graph o  A complete end-to-end user interface for Social Networking in the form of JavaScript widgets that can be embedded into any site (Java, Ruby, PHP-based and more). o  A flexible Social Graph repository that can work in a wide variety of social networking scenarios. With configurable profile properties and relationship types. o  Comprehensive JavaScript and REST API access to the Social Graph: OpenSocial plus conforming extensions. o  Scalability via support for running in distributed configuration, table partitioning technologies, master and slave databases and distributed caching.
  14. 14. Apache SocialSite •  Allows you and (optionally) your users to embed OpenSocial Gadgets in your existing web applications •  Enables multiple web applications so share a common social graph of users, groups, activities and more •  Open Source software, developed by Sun • •  Now entering the Apache Incubator • •  as a Committer and first one to deploy it in a live site… A big running company, with 1.5M+ users.
  15. 15. Apache SocialSite Stats Load testing servers Three m1.small instances were use to generate the load. Amazon EC2 Standard small definition: 1.7 GB memory 1 EC2 Compute Unit (1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit) 160 GB instance storage (150 GB plus 10 GB root partition) 32-bit platform I/O Performance: Moderate Running in JBOSS and ORACLE
  16. 16. What I see in Enterprise 2.0 •  Communication •  Knowledge Management •  Find hidden Talent •  Reduce redundant internal email spam •  Sense the company mood
  17. 17. OpenSocial & eXo Platform •  eXo offers rich, intuitive collaborative software that is used by some of Europe’s largest companies and gov’t ministries. •  We just opened our first U.S. office. •  Created eXo Social based on OpenSocial that integrates our application services into GateIn (co-developed with Red Hat)
  18. 18. OpenSocial & eXo Platform Demo: