Trademark Monitoring


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Find out why companies need to monitor the domain name space and what types of infringements are common.

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Trademark Monitoring

  1. 1. Trademark Watching Kathleen M. Davis Senior Global Brand Advisor
  2. 2. Landscape • Upwards of 50 million trademarks worldwide • 35K international tm applications were received in 2009 by WIPO • Examples of tm’s filed on the rise - EU + 3.1%; Republic of Korea +33.9%; Singapore +20.5%; Croatia +17.5% and Hungary +14.5%. • Developing countries accounted for 1,973 filings in 2009, representing 5.6% of total filings
  3. 3. To Watch or Not to Watch • To watch - the only option that can help ensure against possible infringement and dilution that can damage your brand. • Be proactive about protecting the equity in your brands. Failure to oppose can have significant consequences to your business strategy. • Keep track of your competitor’s new trademark filings as part of business intelligence.
  4. 4. CSC’s Approach To Watch • CSC pulls together global sources to notify brand owners of trademarks that may be confusingly similar to your brand. • Requires knowledge of what may be deemed confusingly similar both phonetically & visually. • Our trademark watch includes word marks, designs/logos and slogans.
  5. 5. The Challenge
  6. 6. Trademark Watching • The results are reviewed and selected by an experienced trademark analyst • Track status from filing to registration • Both Date & Days to oppose notification • US and Worldwide coverage • Company Name Watching • State and Common Law Watching
  7. 7. Name Protect Portfolio Page
  8. 8. Report Overview
  9. 9. Summary View
  10. 10. Trademark Watching Trademark watch records contain “Days to Oppose” and “Date to Oppose” deadlines to help you manage enforcement activity
  11. 11. Detailed Record View
  12. 12. Detail View & Enforcement Tracking
  13. 13. Keep Your Eye on it!
  14. 14. Changes Tracked in Color
  15. 15. Even though it is beach season. . . • • Be alert! • Be vigilant! • Use monitoring tools!
  16. 16. Questions & Answers Q&A To ask a question, please type your inquiry into the Q&A panel in the upper left-hand side of your screen
  17. 17. About CSC • Privately-held, 110+ year old company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware • CSC operates offices in the US, Canada, Germany, France and the UK and employs over 1,000 people worldwide • CSC is the only provider that combines domain management, trademark clearance and brand monitoring solutions to help Corporations such as the Global 2000 Secure, Promote & Protect their Corporate Identity • Check out CSC on: For more information about how CSC can help you protect your brands, please email