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Learn what types of infringement exist on the Internet and how you can take action against infringers. We’ll also explore how results can be categorized and prioritized, preventing you from having to navigate through masses of data.

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Internet Monitoring

  1. 1. Internet Monitoring By Quinn Taggart
  2. 2. About Quinn Taggart • Quinn Taggart is a Global Brand Advisor within the Corporate Identity Protection (CIP) division at CSC. • He has been in the company since 2003, and has worked at different levels of domain name management, including customer service, and now on a more strategic level on the Global Brand Advisory Team. • He is based out of our Yarmouth, Canada office.
  3. 3. Agenda • Why is monitoring valuable? • What are the challenges of monitoring? • CSC’s Internet Monitoring & NameProtect® platform
  4. 4. Reasons for Infringement • The Internet in growing – >1.8 billion users – 23% growth in 2009 vs. 2008 – 26.6% of the World’s entire population (2009)* – 1 trillion web pages • Potential for brand owners to reach billions of people in a cost effective way • Potential to facilitate infringement and illegal activities *Internet World Statistics 2009
  5. 5. Types of infringement • Domain Name abuse • Offensive Content • Traffic Diversion • Claimed Affiliations • Product Counterfeiting • Affiliate/Partner • Unlicensed/Unauthorized Compliance sales • Trademark Infringement • Corporate Disparagement • Trademark Dilution
  6. 6. Why should brand-owners care? • Brand dilution/hijacking results in lost earnings Impact Cumulative impact to brand over time Incremental impact to brand over time Time • Total impact increases with time
  7. 7. What can brand owners do? • Prevention – Not an option • Ignore – Too detrimental • Brand owners can only react • The key is to become aware of egregious infringements quickly by monitoring
  8. 8. How does monitoring reduce risk? • Value only extracted after infringement ends Impact Cumulative impact to brand over time Enforce Analyze Incremental impact to brand over time Detect Time • The quicker you can detect, analyze & enforce, the more valuable the service
  9. 9. Challenges of monitoring How am I going to coordinate Too many different departments and results to go outside counsel? through It’s going to be Which cases should I care too difficult to about? implement How can I track all cases in one place? What if the web content changes?
  10. 10. CSC’s Internet Monitoring • Advanced searching technology • Automated infringement analysis, classification & prioritization • All results reviewed by brand abuse experts and re-checked by a quality assurance team • Results delivered online with enforcement workflow tools – NameProtect®
  11. 11. NameProtect® – Internet Monitoring
  12. 12. NameProtect® – Internet Monitoring
  13. 13. NameProtect® – Internet Monitoring
  14. 14. NameProtect® – Internet Monitoring
  15. 15. NameProtect® – Unified Monitoring
  16. 16. Summary • Internet monitoring is valuable • Allows brand owners to enforcement IP rights quickly • However, there are challenges • CSC’s Internet Monitoring & NameProtect® platform address many of these challenges
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  18. 18. About CSC • Privately-held, 110+ year old company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware • CSC operates offices in the US, Canada, Germany, France and the UK and employs over 1,000 people worldwide • CSC offers a full suite of business license services designed to help you reduce the time and effort it takes to research, prepare, file, renew, and manage your organization's portfolio of business licenses and permits • Check out CSC on: For more information about how CSC can help you protect your brands, please email