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Facebook for churches


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Facebook for churches

  1. 1. That as of July 2011 over 750 Million people are using Facebook?
  2. 2. If the message of the Gospel could reach them all… …All 750 million of them!
  3. 3. So shouldnt your parish?
  4. 4. A Page is similar to a profile except that it is,default, public, and users can Like and becomea “fan” of your Page without first requiringapproval from the Page’s administrators.Creating a Page is completely free but willrequire your time to build and maintain.
  5. 5. Now that you’ve built your Page,you need to focus on attractingsome fans. Here are a few ideas toget you started.
  6. 6.  Create an engaging Page.Use applications like the discussion board and YouTubevideo box to add more interesting and engaging content toyour Page. Give users a reason to become a fan of yourPage and engage with you. Make your Page publicly searchable.By default, your Page will be public so it can be indexed bysearch engines and give you the opportunity to driveorganic search traffic to your Page. Use Face Ads for an extra push.Facebook ads allow you to advertise a website or otherproperties on Facebook, including Pages, Groups, and Events.
  7. 7. AND LET’S NOT FORGET… Facebook Mobile
  8. 8. Facebook Groups Facebook PagesOverview Community of people Represents a brand or with a common entity of which there interest are fansMessaging Message-emails Update-shows upMembers/Fans members and sends to under Requests on Facebook Inbox user’s homepage and sends to Facebook inboxVisibility on Profiles Shows up on member’s Shows up on fans’ profiles as a small text profiles with an image link and text link
  9. 9. Facebook Groups Facebook PagesVisibility in Public Groups are publicly Pages are publiclySearch indexed and searchable indexed and searchable (single page only) (each Page’s tab) Pages may show up in fans’ public search listingsDistribution in News When members join or When users become aFeed engage with the group, fan or engage with the action is distributed in Page, action is News Feeds distributed in News Feed Updates / content shared by the page
  10. 10. Facebook Groups Facebook PagesAdministrator Visibility Group admins listed on Admins are the Group behind-the-scenes managers of the Page When Group admins engage with the group When Page admins (send a message, engage with a group respond to a (send an update, post discussion thread). It content), it comes from comes from the the Page (business) – admin’s personal unless changed in Profile settingsApplications Available Basic applications Almost all applications including Events, (tens of thousands) Discussions, Wall, Links, Photos, Videos