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  1. 1.  Scream makes more of a direct reference to several horror films. In the opening scenes the killer is talking to their first victim about classic horror films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street in which the killer Freddie Krueger is referenced out his iconic bladed glove. Also referenced in this sequence is Friday the 13th in which the killer asks a question which seems to be the obvious answer and turns out be not obvious.
  2. 2.  Also in the final sequence when the killer is revealed the killer then makes a reference to the film Psycho by quoting “we all go a little bit mad sometimes” this is a famous quote and Wes Craven makes these references to these texts to make the killers in this film seem smart and to give the audience they know what there doing and are experts as they have done their research.
  3. 3.  The action codes in Scream is very high paced often with characters running which shows to the audience that this is horror film. Often shows characters that are screaming which shows panic and fear also adds to the horror film feel to Scream.
  4. 4.  the camera starts as a mid shot and then zooms in often when the characters are on the phone to the killer. There are many close ups to show the fear on the characters face. There is a shot of the killers reflection in a window which is an effective camera shot because it makes the killer seem more ghostly there for being invincible.
  5. 5.  The first sound heard is a phone ringing in a high pitched tone the character then proceeds to answer the phone and then has a conversation with the person who turns out to be a killer and brutally murders her. The phone then rings in a different part of the trailer so the audience now recognise this as an important feature of the film. The music is fast paced and tense all the way through which creates atmosphere and tension.
  6. 6.  From the trailer the audience can tell that the killer is the villain and he is dress in a grim reaper type costume also based on the painting ‘The Scream’ we can also tell that a woman called Sidney is the heroine as her name is the only name mentioned and she features in the trailer the most
  7. 7.  There is a shot of the killers reflection in a window which is an effective camera shot because it makes the killer seem more ghostly there for being invincible. The costume creates a quite intimidating and ghostly feel to it.
  8. 8.  Wes Craven was the director of scream and also directed many other great horror films. He was the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street which was a very successful film so successful that it was remade in 2010. Craven is responsible for Freddie Kruger who is probably the most famed killer in movie history.
  9. 9.  $173,046,663 was the amount that Scream made from the box office, it remains still the highest grossing slashed film of all time strangely followed by Scream 2 and 3 respectively. Scream currently has a rating of 7.2/10 on IMBD.
  10. 10.  Out of 59 reviews from rotten tomatoes only 10 gave scream a bad review. scream/
  11. 11.  The target audience for scream would be male aged between 17-35 this is probably the age range for this type of genre. The hero is female which may apply to the male gaze theory because some males may be more interested if it is a young female actress playing the lead role.
  12. 12.  The film Shutter island makes references to different types of text ranging from zombie movies to a drama named Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kane. Martin Scorsese said that the main character Teddy Daniels was similar to a character from “Laura”
  13. 13.  Shutter island makes references to more dated texts which were made around the same sort of time as the film is set.
  14. 14.  The audience can obtain the information that Leonardo di Caprio is the hero as he is a police officer and featured the most in the trailer. Unlike the Scream trailer you cannot tell who the villain is as it is not made clear.
  15. 15.  There are many close ups to show the fear on the characters face. There are also many close ups of Leonardo di Caprio’s face to show his emotion and physical features.
  16. 16.  We first see di Caprio arriving in a suit and tie but as the trailer goes on he finishes wearing an asylums patient outfit which my show the audience that he starts as an important figure but ends as an insane patient. The sky is always grey which connotes dull, dreary and shows the audience that this is a horrible place .
  17. 17.  We see di Caprio walking around curiously debating his surroundings, he also walks with fear as he has no knowing of what he is doing or what the asylum is like. As the trailer ends we see someone attack him this creates enigma to the audience an important feature for a thriller.
  18. 18.  The music is much like the music from Scream quite tense and creates atmosphere we here many diegetic sounds in the trailer for example; heavy rainfall, scribbling/writing, walking, a buoy in the sea moving.
  19. 19.  Leonardo is a iconic actor recognised worldwide he also often plays the hero in most films so the audience can recognise him for this in Shutter Island.
  20. 20.  Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 69% based on reviews from 240 critics, and reports a rating average of 6.6 out of 10 the film made £128million making it one of di Caprio’s most commercially successful film.
  21. 21.  We first see a skyscraper and then a shot of looking down this connotes fear. Batman’s costume is very different to the jokers because batmans is black and connotes a more serious feel to it and the jokers is purple and green which connotes stupidity and a joke really as these arent conventional colours of a villain.
  22. 22.  The music is quite tense but is a slower pace to begin with and then high tempo in the middle ending with slower pace again which is the same as the Scream and Shutter Island trailers. When the joker talks we always hear him before we see him which creates tension
  23. 23.  There are many close ups to show the jokers face this is to show the enigma of his face this creates enigma as he has a distinctive look. There are many special effects like fire and explosions which show destruction
  24. 24.  The action codes of the trailer shows people panicking and a city being destroyed these are the 2 main things happening in the trailer this creates enigma in the audience.
  25. 25.  The narrative codes show that batman is a well known hero and the joker is one of his biggest enemies so the audience can already tell who the hero and villain. The Jokers apparel also connotes insanity because he is wearing face paint and a purple suit which are consider strange in society.
  26. 26.  The film received critical acclaim, and set numerous records during its theatrical run; it is currently one of only three films to have earned more than $500 million at the North American box office
  27. 27.  Dramatic music is played throughout this scene to build tension in the audience it is accomplished by increasing in volume and in tempo the music gets louder
  28. 28.  Colours used in this scene are mainly dull the sky is a yellow colour which denotes dusk and early morning. The colours of the detectives clothing are also dark and dull which connotes professionalism. The clothing is iconographic and stereotypical to a detectives clothing for example the long coats are often seen frequently worn by detectives in older American crime genres.
  29. 29.  A hand held camera was used to show Somerset running over towards Mills and Doe. This shot creates panic and enigma in the audience as the audience is unclear why Somerset is running. The hand held camera is also used again and links in with dialogue in the helicopter section of the scene
  30. 30.  The audience would expect the villain to be more submissive and show remorse from their crime but, this does not happen during this scene as Doe wants to die and shows no remorse for his crime
  31. 31.  The villain Doe is more calm and calculated in what he says and the audience can see that Mills is growing agitated which challenges the audience as they would expect the hero to be more dominant and expect the villain to be struggling and expect the villain to be more agitated but the roles are reversed during this scene.
  32. 32.  Filming took place in Los Angeles, California. The film was released in the United States on September 22, 1995. Grossing $327 million at the box office internationally,