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Case stuies in Lymphomas


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target audiens: MBBS students

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Case stuies in Lymphomas

  1. 1. Case studies in Lymphomas Dr.CSBR.Prasad, MD., March-2017-CSBRP
  2. 2. Case-1 • 52yo, F. complains of painless enlarging lumps in both axilla for the past 3months • She has weakness and dry cough since one month • Chest radiograph reveled 1cm mass with irregular margins in the right lower lung lobe • CT failed to show any cavitation / calcification in the mass • There is no hilar / mediastinal lymphadenopathy • Local examination: Right axilla – matted lymphnodes meauring 5cm in diameter. Left axilla – 4 discreet firm lymphnodes. There are two discreet lymphnodes in the left upper cervical region • There is no organomegaly • CBC was normal • ESR 80mm at the end of 1st hour • FNAC of lung nodule was performed March-2017-CSBRP
  3. 3. AP view March-2017-CSBRP
  4. 4. Lateral view March-2017-CSBRP
  5. 5. FNAC smear from lung lesion March-2017-CSBRP
  6. 6. FNAC smear from right axillary lesion March-2017-CSBRP
  7. 7. Excised axillary lymph node March-2017-CSBRP
  8. 8. Excised axillary lymphnode March-2017-CSBRP
  9. 9. Excised axillary lymphnode March-2017-CSBRP
  10. 10. • What are your findings in the x-ray chest • Describe the cytology smears • Describe the gross appearance of lymphjnode • What are the findings in histology of lymphnode? • What is your diagnosis? March-2017-CSBRP
  11. 11. • What is the stage? March-2017-CSBRP
  12. 12. Case-2 • 40yo, F. presented with h/o gastritis since many years • Recently she started to have persistent pain abdomen • Upper GI Endoscopy is given in the next image • A gastric biopsy was done March-2017-CSBRP
  13. 13. Endoscopic view of different regions of stomach March-2017-CSBRP
  14. 14. Low power view of gastric biopsy March-2017-CSBRP
  15. 15. Closer view of gastric biopsy March-2017-CSBRP
  16. 16. Case-2 • Describe the endoscopic findings ? • What is shown in the gastric biopsy? • What further test you want to do? • If it is single lesion what is the usual mode of treatment? March-2017-CSBRP
  17. 17. Case-3 • 5yo, African girl with rapidly growing jaw swelling of 2months duration March-2017-CSBRP
  18. 18. Plain x-ray MRI March-2017-CSBRP
  19. 19. FNAC smear March-2017-CSBRP
  20. 20. Biopsy from jaw lesion March-2017-CSBRP
  21. 21. • Describe the clinical image • What do your think of x-ray findings? Is it malignant or benign? • Describe the FNAC smear • What are your findings in biopsy? • What further test your do confirm your diagnosis? March-2017-CSBRP
  22. 22. Case-4 • 70yo, M. was evaluated for weakness • o/e Patient had generalized non tender lymphadenopathy • CBC was done March-2017-CSBRP
  23. 23. CBC report March-2017-CSBRP
  24. 24. Peripheral Blood smear March-2017-CSBRP
  25. 25. Lymphnode biopsy March-2017-CSBRP
  26. 26. Bone marrow biopsy March-2017-CSBRP
  27. 27. • What are abnormal findings in the CBC report? • Describe the peripheral blood smear? • Describe the lymphnode biopsy. What those arrows pointing to? • What are your findings in BM biopsy? • What is the nature of this lesion? March-2017-CSBRP
  28. 28. Case-5 Can this be Hodgkin’s Lymphoma? CSBRP-March-2017
  29. 29. Case-6 Give your findings and DDs CSBRP-March-2017
  30. 30. Case-7 Nuclear imaging What is your most probable diagnosis? Based on what findings? CSBRP-March-2017
  31. 31. March-2017-CSBRP