INFO 6800 (Winter 2013) Week Thirteen: Archives Management


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Slides for Week Thirteen of INFO 6800 (Winter 2013).

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  • January – grant writingFebruary – budget planningApril – new fiscal yearJune, July August – summer projectsSeptember – new school year October – Monetary appraisals
  • Gather information about planned and proposed projectsEstimate costsReview revenue and expenses from previous yearsCompile draft budget Approve budgetMonitor projects and accounts
  • Budget planning problems include:Submitting budget without knowing status of grantsIncorrect estimates (time, supplies, etc.)CutbacksLoss of revenueTimeliness of informationBudget documents include:Grant ApplicationsBusiness Plan and BudgetBudget ReportRequest for Proposals
  • What do Associations Do?AdvocacyMaintain funding programsPublishing (journals, guides, procedural documents, etc.)Conferences and PDCollegialityUnify membersDescription databases
  • What is the future of archives?Public administrations – and society in general – have gradually lost sight of the fundamental purposes and rationale for recordkeepingFocus on peripheral issues of privacy, access, transparency, and accountability blinds us to the presence of recordsCreator-drivenTechnologically neutralAligned with the culture of public administrationResponsive to democratic valuesCustodians of cultural heritage or…?Preservation paradigm shiftThird party service providersSteve Bailey – “the future of digital preservation is in Google’s hands”PotentialInnovationContinued relevance for societyNew discoveriesTechnologically-driven ArchivesSpace, ICA AtomFedora, Islandora, Blacklight, SolrRAD, EAD, EAC, OAIS, TDR…What skills will archivists need to handle the challenges of electronic records?How will theory evolve?
  • These citations are provided for informational and reference purposes only. Please do not use these citations as examples for formatting your own citations. Refer to style guides.
  • INFO 6800 (Winter 2013) Week Thirteen: Archives Management

    1. 1. INFO 6800 - Archives• Announcements and instructor evaluation• Budget exercise and archival management• Seminar presentations 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 1
    2. 2. Archives CalendarMonth(s) ActivitiesJanuary Grant writingFebruary – March Budget planningApril New fiscal yearJune, July, August Summer projectSeptember New school yearOctober – Monetary appraisalNovemberApril 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 2
    3. 3. Budget Planning• Gather information about planned and proposed projects• Estimate costs• Review revenue and expenses from previous years• Compile draft budget• Approve budget• Monitor projects and accountsApril 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 3
    4. 4. Budget Planning Problems• Submitting budget without knowing status of grants• Incorrect estimates (time, supplies, etc.)• Cutbacks• Loss of revenue• Timeliness of informationApril 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 4
    5. 5. April 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 5
    6. 6. April 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 6
    7. 7. Archives in the Future What is the future of archives?April 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 7
    8. 8. Sources (in order of appearance)Adams, Scott (2010). Dilbert comic. 23/Visualization of the U.S. Geological Survey Record Group. 110325.html.Visualization of the Kress Collection. digital-collections/.April 1, 2013 Week Thirteen 8