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Pepsi Sb Book Final Copy 1


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Pepsi Sb Book Final Copy 1

  2. 2. Marketing Objectives: Overall - Look beyond retaiL to deLiver 3-d excitement and 360 activation around a PePsico suPer bowL Program cOnsuMer - drive saLes of PePsi and frito-Lay take home Products and increase awareness of PePsico’s sPonsorshiP of the nfL and suPer bowL xLiii assignMent: - Primary: women, 24 - 49, hhi $50,000 + (muLti - ethnic) - secondary: nfL fans, 57% men, 43% women (muLti - ethnic) deveLoP a fuLLy integrated camPaign for PePsico activation of suPer bowL xLiii shOpper - change shoPPer behavior so that they anticiPate and seek the PePsico suPer bowL Program in-store, forge an aLignment between the frito and PePsi brands in the shoPPer’s mind and drive engagement by reinforcing a reLevant consumPtion occasion and event retail - increase Large format Pos and disPLay execution, esPeciaLLy with PePsi and frito Products together, account-sPecific Programming with nationaL and regionaL customers and suPer bowL execution in smaLL format pepsi/bOttler - drive excitement and ParticiPation
  3. 3. We held tWO 2-hOur qualitative fOcus grOups, With a tOtal Of fOurteen WOMen (30+ With children aged 4+ years), cOupled With ethnOgraphic exercises tO understand key insights acrOss a nuMber Of diMensiOns: - planning: What is MOM’s thOught prOcess and What is she thinking abOut in terMs Of hOsting a super bOWl party fOr her friends and faMily? - exercise: “thought bubbLes” as she PLans her shoPPing triP; her grocery shoPPing List Our apprOach - her ideal: has she Organized Or been tO a super bOWl party that stands tO put Our “gatekeeper” MOM cOnsuMer target at the fOrefrOnt Of Our idea planning by understanding Out in her Mind? What dOes that “ideal” super bOWl party lOOk like? her eMOtiOnal cOnnectiOn tO the super bOWl, and her rOle befOre, during and after the gaMe. - exercise: “coLLage” outLining her “ideaL” suPer bowL Party - shOpping: What dOes her shOpping trip lOOk like? What is in her cart? What influences that purchase? What dOes nOt get in cart? - exercise: “shoPPing triP” with a $70 budget - her beliefs abOut super bOWl: What dOes super bOWl Mean tO her? What