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Pepsi Natural Book Viewing


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Pepsi Natural Book Viewing

  1. 1. (Awareness / Buzz / Trial) Markets: Denver, Indianapolis Target: Balance Seekers, 25-49
  2. 2. Drive awareness and trial of Pepsi Natural via activation ideas that connect the product positioning with the target consumer.
  3. 3. Pepsi Natural is a new, all-natural cola made from sparkling water, sugar cane and kola nut extract. It’s raw, pure and simple, kind of like acoustic music. Which is why Pepsi will leverage unplugged music events to launch the product in key test markets. It’s time to drink – and listen – naturally. SAMPLING EVENT IN-STORE PROMOTION • Pepsi Natural sponsors carbon-neutral acoustic jams in • Partner with Martin Guitars and Jack Johnson and give away Denver and Indianapolis in support of the environment. (10) signed Martin D28 acoustic guitars in each market ($2,000 each). Also give away a grand prize trip for 5 to • Events produced by green concert promoters (eg. Reverb, Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival in April in Hawaii. Green Apple Festival) and feature environmentally conscious musical artists. • Product sampling to take place. • Events could also have an open-mic component to allow local musicians to open for bigger acts. RADIO MERCH • Pepsi Natural sponsors “all-acoustic hours” on various rock and pop stations. • Search for the Next Great Singer/Songwriter: Pepsi Natural sponsors open-mic acoustic jams on radio stations to search for a local natural talent.
  4. 4. Pepsi Natural isn’t just made, it’s grown. Created with pure sugar cane and Kola nut extract, it’s 100% natural. And to create awareness of this new natural cola, Pepsi will turn city-scapes into lush, nature-scapes in key test markets. BUZZ / SAMPLING OOH • Pepsi Natural takes over city locations (preferably indoor • Ads begin as simple product shot. Each day green, natural locations since it will be P2) and transforms them into lush, foliage starts to cover the ads more and more. green environments. • Ambient environmental foliage sculptures: Carve the Pepsi • Examples: busy office building lobbies, train cars / stations, Natural logo into bushes (topiary messaging: “Try new Pepsi bus stops, airports, night clubs, in-store Natural. Text for a discounted 4-pack.”) • Passersby will be able to sample product from a “soda spring” and “pick” free “plantable” product coupons and product ONLINE VIRAL / TRIAL literature from the branches. • Free Pepsi Natural when you help us “grow”: Send out e-mail blasts to XX number of people in each city. We give those IN-STORE people a printable coupon for a free bottle of Pepsi Natural when they forward the e-mail to 5 friends. The e-mail chain – • Lush, foliage decor in the soda aisle along with a sound dome and product awareness – keeps growing. with nature sounds. • Cross merchandise Pepsi Natural in the produce or health- food section.
  5. 5. Eco-home design and construction is growing in popularity, thanks in part to Tom Chudleigh, designer of Free Spirit Spheres. More and more people are looking for natural, environmentally-friendly products to make their homes greener. Pepsi will leverage this new trend by creating and sponsoring a traveling open house with the latest in green design and technology to help create awareness for their new product – Pepsi Natural. BUZZ / SAMPLING PROMOTION • We partner with HGTV or Dwell Magazine and create a green • We give away the home (and a site to put it on) via sweeps home that travels on a flatbed to both Denver and Indianapolis. at the end of the tour / launch. • Rooms within the home will feature natural, renewable and • Sweeps will be communicated via in-store POS. energy-efficient building and design materials (cork walls, bamboo floors, green paints and wood finishes, natural fabric upholstered furniture, solar power, energy-efficient appliances MEDIA and mechanicals, etc...). • Create awareness of the event on local HGTV home • The model home will be open to the public for walkthroughs programming. Perhaps leverage an HGTV celebrity and everyone who visits will get a free sample of (eg. Carter Osterhouse of Red Hot and Green). Pepsi Natural. • Create a presence at the Colorado Garden and Home Show.
  6. 6. What’s more natural than wearing nothing? Pepsi will create some buzz and lighthearted fun by marketing new Pepsi Natural with naked people (make that “nearly” naked people, we wouldn’t want to upset consumer relations) in key test markets around the country. We’re getting naked to encourage you to “go natural.” BUZZ / MEDIA SAMPLING • Sampling Au Naturál: Nearly naked samplers (again with NFL Streaker: logos covering their fronts and backs; chest if a woman). • Assuming the Colts and Broncos are in the playoffs in January Giving out free sample coupons on streets in malls and (a pretty good bet), Pepsi will let loose a streaker at the games. building lobbies. They’ll be kept warm by overhead space heaters. • The streaker would be naked except for a small yellow Pepsi Natural logo covering their private areas and buttocks. The • G-rated version: each sampler will wear skin-colored streaker would run out and hand one of the sideline coaches bathing suits. (or cheerleaders) a Pepsi Natural. Polar Bear Club Sponsorship: PR / STUNT • Polar Bear events generally get good local media exposure. • Pop Art: Partner with artist Spencer Tunick and create a “strip art” gathering that forms the Pepsi logo (very risqué, • Pepsi will sponsor local Polar Bear Club events in Denver but incredibly buzzworthy). and Indianapolis. • All “swimmers” would get special “skin colored” Speedo suits TV with logos on the front and back. • Pepsi Executives in a boardroom discussing the launch… • For those who really want to “go natural,” they’ll get swimming they’re all naked. caps with the logo on top.
  7. 7. How can we create awareness of Pepsi Natural during awards season? Let’s partner with Pizza Hut in Denver and Indianapolis and create a “Hollywood’s Big Night” Meal Deal that’s as “natural” as the naked Oscar statue. PROMOTION BUZZ EVENT • Every Pizza Hut Natural Pizza comes with a free 4-pack of • Create special “Oscar-night” viewing parties in each city. Pepsi Natural (delivery and take-out). Invite local celebrities and sample products. ADVERTISING ONLINE • Develop advertising (Print, OOH, Online, TV) leading up to the • Create engagement by getting people to vote for the most broadcast that highlights Pepsi and Pizza Hut as the winners: “natural” beauty on the red carpet for a chance to win Most Natural Performance in the Food Category: Pepsi Natural movie cash. and Pizza Hut Natural Pizza. • TV commercials with pixelated naked delivery people.
  8. 8. • Create see-through outdoor billboards situated near • Partner with fashion designer and sponsor a uni-sex stunning natural views. The only area of the ad that is fashion show featuring organic clothing. not transparent is the product.
  9. 9. • Guerilla media: Violate “artificial” things in Denver and • Create pop-up farmer’s markets and/or farmer’s produce Indianapolis with the Pepsi Natural logo (eg. artificial carts in malls, office building lobbies and on city streets with turf at stadiums, “artifical tree“ cell phone towers, Pepsi Natural merchandise alongside fresh produce. plastic surgery billboards).