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SAPO Campus towards a
 Smart Learning Environment


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Presented at ICT2015 Lisbon, 22 Oct 2015
Parallel session: "Smart Learning Ecosystems for social innovation and territorial development"

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SAPO Campus towards a
 Smart Learning Environment

  1. 1. SAPO Campus towards a
 Smart Learning Environment ICT2015, Lisbon Carlos Santos
 CIC.DIGITAL, SAPO Labs, DeCA, Universidade de Aveiro
  2. 2. SAPO Campus Spaces
  3. 3. SAPO Campus SLE
  4. 4. Example • Campus mobile app • creating multimedia content with geolocation (for all) connected to a Campus space/community • curation tools (also available on the Web) • indexation and retrieval tools (age, subject,…) • access to content by a smart engine with privacy rules from Campus
  5. 5. Example • How to use it? • teachers and learners as co-producers of content (formal or informal) • open to all or with privacy rules • connection to group activities inside Campus • gamification layer from Campus (OpenBadges)
  6. 6. Example • How to enhance it? • spaces created by other entities/organizations • create trust levels between spaces • real-time integration of IoT data relevant to the community members
  7. 7. SAPO Campus SLE
  8. 8. Thank you! Carlos Santos @csantos SAPO Campus