chemistry matters environmental forensics chemistry cmi court sandau analytical chemistry pahs fingerprinting arson polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons wildfire ignitable liquid residue environmental forensics investigations phil richards ilr wildfires environmental professionals site monitoring geoforensics legal sampling chemical analysis arsonous remediation science petroleum biomarkers petroleum forensics surface casing vent flows dioxin oil spill crude oil chain of custody pcbs methane gcxgc gc gas chromatography forensic fingerprint forensic chemistry statistical analysis soil salinity salinity pca multivariate statistics fire investigator fire natural organic material muskeg peat cymenes btex toluene natural phcs natural petroleum hydrocarbons natural hydrocarbons environmental sampling legal chain of custody litigation support oil forensics stray gas pcdf pcdd gas migration petroleum hydrocarbons oil sands background data quality risk assessment dioxin conference dioxins stable isotopes source allocation lisa kates condensate gcxgc-tofms hawaii multidimensional chromatography workshop gc x gc two dimensional gas chromatography arsonous wildfire accelerant 2dgc wildfire debris statvis analytics statvis khalid lemzouji lacey harbicht source apportionment principal component analysis fish tissue statistics site investigation hidden figures techtalks agat 2018 tom knapik plains midstream canada oil and gas fires 8th multidimensional chromatography workshop tcdf tcdd hexachlorophene 245tcp 245-tcp pattern international association of arson investigators iaai coc natural saline hca anthropogenic saline mru mount royal university alberta count sandau agat 2017 watertech 2017 biomonitoring pfas geochemistry forensics data validation polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon gas sampling natural gas vocs ambient air sampling oil production chops odours polyaromatic hydrocarbons pops vapour intrusion landfill gas isotopes metals envrironmental sampling reference samples data variability analytical error environmental data phytogenic hydrocarbons; petrogenic hydrocarbons; health drinking water residential groundwater frack water perchlorate dietary intake nitrates groundwater fertilizers nitrogen isotopes water cut methods and techniques yemen polycyclic aromatice hydrocarbons isotope dilution mass spectrometry setac 2011 efi soil contamination source identification fugitive methane
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