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PDMA Event -- "User Experience: What's the Big Deal?" May 2014


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PDMA May Event -- "User Experience: What's the Big Deal?"

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PDMA Event -- "User Experience: What's the Big Deal?" May 2014

  1. 1. USER EXPERIENCE—What‟s the Big Deal? Grab a beverage and a bite! We will start soon.
  2. 2. This event is brought to you by: Thank you!
  3. 3. Upcoming Events Join us on 3rd Thursdays, 6:00- 8:00PM at the Quimby Lucky Lab Brew Pub Thursday, June 19, 2014: MAKING AGILE LESS FRAGILE Thursday, July 17, 2014: YOUR CAREER IN PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: ENTRY, ADVANCEMENT, AND BEYOND
  4. 4. Hot Jobs at ADP Dealer Services Prod Owner Collaboration Services Prod Owner Network and Security Prod Manager Telecom & VoIP Prod Owner Owner Marketing
  5. 5. USER EXPERIENCE—What‟s the Big Deal?
  6. 6. OUR PANELISTS Clodine Mallinckrodt Manager of Planning Analytics, Oregon Region Providence Health and Services Margi Waite Senior Product Manager ADP Dealer Services Mike Lonergan Interaction Designer and Systems Engineer Intel (Moderator) Nate Bonn-Savage Product Manager Huron Consulting Group
  7. 7. The Questions 1. In your company/org how do you distinguish „UI‟ from „UX‟?---i.e., what other elements of your product interaction, beyond the UI (screen) affects the overall User Experience? Packaging? Install/Provisioning? Help? Support? Tell us a quick war story. 2. What are the key activities involved in UX (not just design?) (eg. UX Research, Design/Wireframes, Usability Testing, Style Guides, etc etc). 3. Who does UX in your organization? What are their competencies? Inside which org is your UX team located? Dev? Product? Research? Other? 4. Why should Product Management care about UX?
  8. 8. The Questions 1. What processes have you seen used for UX design (lean)? How do you balance UX and cost? 2. What does a „typical‟ UX cycle look like in your company? How long, and which processes tend to be the longest poles in the tent? 3. How have cross-functional teams with diverse backgrounds and perspectives impacted UX design output in your experience? 4. How do product management and UX designers collaborate in your organization? What input do you want, and when, explicitly, from the Product Managers/Owners you work with? Do you have any particularly memorable experiences or stories you could share?
  9. 9. The Questions 1. How has UX design solved real world business problems in your experience? 2. What are your experiences with executing design initiatives in an environment of great uncertainty? Does uncertainty help? Hinder? 3. You often hear “XX product has a great design” from consumers (Apple, Nike, etc). What is meant by “good/great” design in your experience and why does the business care? 4. Other than your own products  what‟s the best UX you‟ve seen, that you aspire to? Why? The worst? Why?
  10. 10. The Questions-Time Pending 1. If a Product Owner/Manager (not an expert UX practitioner) has time to read only one book or visit one site to learn UX essentials, where would you point them & why? 2. It‟s often said that „little things mean a lot‟. Can you cite an example where a seemingly little tweak made a big difference for your products UX?
  11. 11. Your Questions? Please take our 3 minute survey: ENTER SHORT URL HERE
  12. 12. This event was brought to you by: Thank you!
  13. 13. PDMA Oregon Discussion Group @PDXProductCamp @PDMAIntl THANK YOU!