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Producing pixels

  1. Producing pixels The story of three digital products (and one product team) Craig Saila / @saila For TorCHI on April 4, 2012
  2. Soundbite February 2011 – Constraints made the election effort mobile, pitch was one page Thoughts? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  3. Politics Late-March 2011 – App is in market, with a reduced but viable, feature set and a bold new design concept Thoughts? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  4. Lessons learned Stick to the core goal of the product Define product leaders and rules Move fast and confidently Thoughts? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  5. Live August 22, 2011 was a quiet Monday morning and a perfect time to test a new technology
  6. Grief Within 12 hours, thousands had shared their feelings about Jack Layton’s death with atypical sensitivity
  7. Lessons learned Pick the right vendor quickly Look for flexibility and simplicity The Globe resonants for Canadians Comments? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  8. Big picture
  9. Tiny details
  10. Post-Its
  11. Lessons learned The vision must be anchored Collaborative design requires trust There is no perfect answer
  12. Neither succeeded
  13. Thoughts? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  14. Editors Revenue Generators Product Managers Design
  15. Fear paralyzes decisions and prevents risks
  16. Editors Product Revenue Managers Generators Design
  17. Fail small, learn Fast
  18. Editors Product Revenue Managers Generators Design Comments? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  19. Focus on the one important thing
  20. Audience Product Revenue Editors Design Generators
  21. Executive support to clear blocks Agile development and product management Lean UX practices including paper prototyping, guerrilla testing
  22. Countless outlets for one product Journalism
  23. In the end... Vision must be anchored, core values must be constant Collaboration requires understanding Acknowledge failures fast, readjust quickly and confidently There’s no perfect answer (but the simplest is probably the best) Thoughts? Tweet @saila with #TorCHI
  24. Thoughts, questions, comments Thank you are always welcome Twitter –@saila