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A	  User-­‐centric	  Way	  to	  Change	    Management	  for	  Rural	  Community	                  Development	            ...
Overview	  of	  presentaIon	                   ICT	  for	  community	  development	            	            	  Methods,	  ...
What	  is	  Change	  Management?	          Change	  Management	  is	  a	  structured	  process	  	  and	  a	  set	  of	  t...
A	  tool	  is	  only	  as	  good	  as	  the	  thinking	  and	                       approach	  behind	  it.	             C...
What	  will	  we	  do?	    Agree	  on	  some	  broad	  guidelines	  to	  assist	  development	  pracIIoners	  with	  the	 ...
What	  is	  User	  Experience	  (UX)?	                                                                                    ...
Differences	  •  Where	  do	  we	  (non-­‐rural)	  live?	      –  World	  of	  things	      –  Community	  of	  things	  • ...
 	  	  	             Working	  in	  CommuniIes	                 Where	  do	  you	  start?	  	  
Entry	  Point	  	  The	  Entry	  Point	  is	  the	  moment	  at	  which	  you	  make	  your	  first	  contact	  with	  a	  ...
Five	  Elements	  of	  a	  Developmental	                        Approach	  1.    Change	  begins	  and	  ends	  with	  re...
When	  to	  use	  what?	  
Why	  CM	  and	  UX?	  •  Keyword:	  	  People/User	  •  How	  do	  we	  introduce	  Change	  to	  the	  world	  of	     p...
Rural	  CommuniIes	  •  Preferred	  methods	  and	  techniques	  •  What	  works	  and	  what	  not?	                     ...
Contact	  Details	  •  Darelle	  van	  Greunen	    	  Email:	  •  Alida	  Veldsman	    ...
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A user centric way to change management for rural community development


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A short summary of a workshop presented at various international forums on how to approach rural communities when doing ICT interventions.

The presentation show the role of user experience and change management and how important both these areas are when working in rural communities.

Published in: Technology, Business
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A user centric way to change management for rural community development

  1. 1. A  User-­‐centric  Way  to  Change   Management  for  Rural  Community   Development     Prof  Darelle  van  Greunen     &     Ms  Alida  Veldsman  Nelson  Mandela  Metropolitan  University,  Port  Elizabeth,  South  Africa  
  2. 2. Overview  of  presentaIon   ICT  for  community  development      Methods,  processes  and  tools  to  facilitate  adop9on,  acceptance  and  successful  implementa9on  of  ICTs  as   an  enabler  for  community  development    
  3. 3. What  is  Change  Management?   Change  Management  is  a  structured  process    and  a  set  of  tools  for  leading  the  people  side  of  change.    During  the  Change  Management  process  one  needs  to:   • influence  people’s  beliefs  &  behaviors  to  bring  about  change;   • manage  &  lead  the  change  to  insure  business/project   outcomes;   • enable  individual  changes  to  bring  about  group  change;     • ensure  that  everyone  is  on  board;   • project  strong  &  sensi9ve  leadership;  and   • help  people  through  transi9on.  
  4. 4. A  tool  is  only  as  good  as  the  thinking  and   approach  behind  it.   CM   User   acceptance  &   adop9on  of   change  in  rural   communi9es   UX  
  5. 5. What  will  we  do?   Agree  on  some  broad  guidelines  to  assist  development  pracIIoners  with  the  essenIal   work  for  a  healthy  change  process.   What  will  you  learn?   •  How  to  manage  the  change  brought  about  by  the   introduc9on  of  ICTs;  and    •  How  to  contextualize  the  systems,  guided  by  use  needs    to   drive  requirements  and  design.      
  6. 6. What  is  User  Experience  (UX)?   Eisch   mama!   Before   During   ARer   UX  goes  beyond  the  usability  of  a  product  .  It  is  an  innate,  subjec=ve    emo=on  of  a  person’s  interac=on  with  the  product  in  a  specified  context.    
  7. 7. Differences  •  Where  do  we  (non-­‐rural)  live?   –  World  of  things   –  Community  of  things  •  Where  do  rural  communi9es  live?   –  World  of  people   –  Community  of  people  
  8. 8.         Working  in  CommuniIes   Where  do  you  start?    
  9. 9. Entry  Point    The  Entry  Point  is  the  moment  at  which  you  make  your  first  contact  with  a  community,  in  such  a  way  that  it  s9mulates  community  ac9on.      The  underlying  message  is:    ‘We  will  be  there,  but  you  are  the  ones  doing’.  
  10. 10. Five  Elements  of  a  Developmental   Approach  1.  Change  begins  and  ends  with  rela9onships…  2.  Gain  understanding  3.  Facilitate  change  4.  Ground  &  support  the  change  5.  Review  and  monitor  
  11. 11. When  to  use  what?  
  12. 12. Why  CM  and  UX?  •  Keyword:    People/User  •  How  do  we  introduce  Change  to  the  world  of   people  and  s9ll  ensure  the  experience  is   posi9ve?  •  How  do  we  ensure  the  ubuntu    and   development  of  technology  in  rural   communi9es?   Ubuntu  –  I  am  because  we  are   Spirit  of  wellbeing,  posiIve  support,  relaIonships  
  13. 13. Rural  CommuniIes  •  Preferred  methods  and  techniques  •  What  works  and  what  not?   It  is  Puzzling!  
  14. 14. Contact  Details  •  Darelle  van  Greunen    Email:  •  Alida  Veldsman    Email:       Want  to  know  more?    Contact  us  to  present   this  half  day  workshop  at  your  organisaIon.