Prescreening Phone Interview


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Thematic Table Topic toward Career Development

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Prescreening Phone Interview

  1. 1. SU TOASTThematic Table TopicsPrescreening Phone Interviews Topic Master: Kim, Sung-Jin
  2. 2. Role Play & Setting Recruiting / Hiring Manager vs. Candidates Simulated Configuration  Two seats lie in front stage; each seat facing opposite direction: e.g., north-to-south or east-to-west!  Except job candidate & manager, everybody is waiting outside the door!  When one candidate is done with his interview and get out of the room, he tells the next candidate lining up for the line to come in.
  3. 3. Things you need to rememberDURING the interview (1)• Understand what manager wants to hear  He thinks to himself… “Is this the kind of person as I listen to? Does this person sound like somebody I want talking to my customers and to my clients?”
  4. 4. Things you need to rememberDURING the interview (2)• Understand what manager wants to check (Evaluation)  He is checking to see if… “How are this candidate doing with his fundamental skills, fundamental knowledge, attitude, and personality? Is he reflecting confidence and professionalism in terms of those four factors above?”
  5. 5. Things you need to rememberDURING the interview (3)• Notice what the goal of prescreening phone interview is  To disqualify the candidate; elimination process
  6. 6. Things you need to rememberDURING the interview (4)• Know of limits: Time & Visual Cues  No Visual Cues over the phone!  Finish your answers within 1-to-2 minutes: 2 minutes maximum  Get to the point soon; make it succinct; ask him any details to tell for what you answered to his  Take your time before answering: Use your pauses wisely whenever you need
  7. 7. Things you need to rememberDURING the interview (5)• Be energetic!  Don’t sit standstill; stand up!  Visualize that you are looking at the mirror right in front of you!  Make your passion and enthusiasm convey to him!
  8. 8. Things you’re askedDURING the interview• “Tell me about yourself!”• “What is your greatest weakness?” (!)• “Are you a team player?”• “Are there certain dramatic skills, such as computer skills, technical welding place?”• “What do you like the most and least of your job position?”• “Describe your typical day and week? (!)”• “What is your long-range goal?” (e.g., within 5 years)• “Why should I hire you?”