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Individual Evaluatioin Sheet_Version 2


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Simplified Version of Version 1

Published in: Business, Technology
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Individual Evaluatioin Sheet_Version 2

  1. 1. Speaker: Phil, Title: Time Requested:1. It’s a pleasure to evaluate Phil’s talk about…2. As I heard Phil’s talk (Content | introduction – body – conclusion, etc.) “I remember his opening because…”3. As I saw Phil (approach | position | personal appearance | facial expression | gestures | detracting mannerisms) “From my seat…” “I liked…” “He ended strongly by…”4. I have two recommendations that make his future speeches even better. Recommendation 1  What?  Example!  Alternative Example & How-to-Use-It!  Why to use example? Recommendation 2  What?  Alternative Example & How-to-Use-It!  Why to use example?5. Even without these recommendations in his speech today, his strongest point was… (wrap-up)6. Phil’s speech could have been improved by… (recommendations)… (wrap-up)7. But it worked because… (wrap-up)8. Phil achieved the purpose of the talk & I really enjoyed his speech today!! Thank you, Phil.