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Nonprofit Services Brochure


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Brochure I designed to highlight my specialization in working with nonprofit organizations and charitable giving as a financial advisor.

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Nonprofit Services Brochure

  1. 1. MISSIONTo assist individuals and nonprofit  organizations in preserving and  building a strong financial foundation for a better community.  Financial Management Services for Nonprofit EXPERIENCE Organizations Almost a decade of experience in both the financial services industry  and nonprofit sector, including  experience as a personal financial  planner specializing in charitable giving, and working directly in small and large nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit work included executive administration, fundraising, public  Crystal L. Thies, M.P.A. 1660 West 2nd Street, Suite 850 Helpingrelations, volunteer management,  Cleveland, OH 44113 make your (216) 592-7355 and program development. financial Master’s of Public Administration  Crystal L. Thies is a registered representative of and offers building degree with a specialization in  securities, investment advisory and financial planning services through MML Investors Services, Inc. Member SIPC. Insurance blocks Nonprofit Management.  offered through Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and other fine companies. Supervisory Office: 1660 West 2nd work St., Suite 850 Cleveland, OH 44113 216.621.5680 together CRN201010-111882
  2. 2. SERVICES & PRODUCTS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES DISCOUNTS    Review of cash reserve needs and   Personal commitment to strengthening  Portfolio management rates are comparable  options  to market rates and vary based on size of  nonprofit organizations.  portfolio and management services utilized.   Review of current investments:  risk‐ return, expense, & asset allocation    Nonprofit organizations may qualify for a  discount on a case‐by‐case basis.  analyses  Review and analysis of organization’s  Creation/revision of Investment Policy  current financial situation provided for  Brokerage Services:  Sale of assets to be  no direct fee.  reinvested may qualify for reduced and/or  Managed Portfolios for investable assets  commission free trading fees.    and endowment funds    Charitable Giving Seminars:  educational  Portfolio management starting at  Employees, donors, and volunteers may  seminar presentations to donors and  $50,000.  qualify for a 25% discount of personal  Board on advanced charitable giving  financial planning services.  methods    Brokerage services for donated stock  Full brokerage services and ability to  directly place and service approximately  Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) of  70 mutual fund families.  current fundraising activities  AFFILIATIONS & Review of employee benefits – retirement    MEMBERSHIPS: and health, life, and disability insurances  Resource for planned giving and major  Group and individual employee 403(b)  gift implementation and education.  retirement plans     Discounted Employee/Volunteer/Donor  Existing alliances with attorneys and  Financial Plan Program including  educational seminars  accountants skilled in the areas of  charitable giving and nonprofit  Client Seminars: 1 educational seminar   management  per year to clients on basic financial  management techniques    Free life insurance program offered by  Graduate education and direct  Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance  experience working in small and large  Company (MassMutual) called  nonprofit organizations.  LifeBridgeSM.*  * To be eligible under the LifeBridge program, applicants must meet certain criteria.