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CrystalSign Advertising is based in Delhi NCR. The Company eyes the vision of becoming one of the India’s well-known and reputed Direct Marketing Agency by fulfilling our client’s needs and giving our clients the best quality results using of our rich experiences. We specialize in Advertising Services, Brand Promotion Services, and Product Promotion Services.

Quality Cantered Approach
Being a quality conscious company, our efforts are to deliver services that are consistent and effective. We pay strict attention to the project and engage in detailed consultations with the clients which enable us to offer solutions that are specific and result oriented. This approach ensures that each project is handled and executed with a personal touch.

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Crystal Sign Advertising

  1. 1. CrystalSign an overview…
  2. 2. About Uso Experienced BTL & Outdoor Advertising Agency having PAN India presenceo Balanced composition of team with specialization in direct marketing, promotions, events, tie-ups, contest management and database management.o Most of the team members have worked with reputed brands and agencies. The team has mix of rich experience with projects of reputed multi-nationals like Hero Honda, Monte Carlo, Jaypee Group, Pioneer Music System, SABMiller Escorts, ESIC and SAIL etc.o In-House creative & production facilityo More than 200 associates Pan- India for operational support
  4. 4. Strategic and communication planning 4 Building strategy to achieve clients’ objectives Building communication techniques and communication mix to achieve right communication, with optimal budget in right time, on right media, and the right way. Only long term strategy planning (annual, seasonal etc.) gives results.
  5. 5. Media planning & buying 5 Attracts major chunk of the marketing spends. Determination of the target group. In turn plan for the selection and frequency of media exposure. Optimal media plan provides information to be distributed to largest number of people for optimal budget, and in the same time will provide optimal number of rating points (of viewer ship, listener ship and reader ship). We provide the best deals on all relevant media in India, included: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Internet
  6. 6. Public relations 6 Beside good strategy and campaign planning, media and public communications are necessary to improve the credibility and give more specific information. These strategies are establishing the link between different interest groups in the process of communication. Pubic relation is not encouraging or affecting and it does not directly increase sales or profit. PR influences on consumer’s awareness in purpose to achieve positive effects for the product, service or company.
  7. 7. BTL, promotions and sponsorships 7 We believe that the promotions must give the right results in direct communication with the consumers. They must increase the sales or make the communication stronger, even change certain consumer opinion about certain brand. The sponsorships by their own choice, and in the choice where and how they communicate , we believe that they can function only if they are dimension right and truly targeted.
  8. 8. Design, creative solutions and ideas 8 Design is result of the previous strategy, brand goals, also shows which communication resource well be used. We are applying fresh ideas into design, taking care of the target groups and the message that should be delivered. We believe that the most beautiful design, if its not communicated and directed to the targeted group, in right way, is not functional and not competent.
  9. 9. Printing & Display Solutions Vertical Glow Sign Tower Solvent Banner Multi Image Scroller Roll Up Banner Stands Cut Vinyl O.S ( Glow Sign ) Front Lit Boards Solvent Printed Glow Sign Boards Glow Sign Boards Showroom Front Signages 3 Dimensional Glow Sign Boards "X" Banner Stand Router Cut Aluminium Composite Panel Boards Road Signages Road Show Demo Tent Acrylic Dispensers Promotional Cut-outs One Way Vision Films
  10. 10. Mall Promotions
  11. 11. Micro Road Show
  12. 12. Truck Back Road Show
  13. 13. College Promos
  14. 14. Lead Generation
  15. 15. Modern Trade
  16. 16. Corporate Contact
  17. 17. Events Decor
  18. 18. Exhibitions
  19. 19. POS Signage
  20. 20. In-Store Branding
  21. 21. OOH Media
  22. 22. Multiplex Branding
  23. 23. Retail Branding
  24. 24. School & Kids Activity
  25. 25. Newspaper Insert
  26. 26. Shutter Branding
  27. 27. Wall Painting
  28. 28. In-shop Demonstrations
  29. 29. Melas &Van Pro motions Mandis Rural Sports Haats
  30. 30. Branding, Trials Activity In Melas
  31. 31. Branding, Trials Activity In Melas
  32. 32. Branding, Trials Activity In Melas
  33. 33. Branding, Trials Activity In Melas (Cont…)
  34. 34. Buzz Creation At Mela
  35. 35. Rural Events
  36. 36. Manpower Based Activity
  37. 37. Manpower Based Activity
  38. 38. Manpower Based Activity
  39. 39. Road Shows
  40. 40. Van Based Activity
  41. 41. Urban Promotions (Cont….)
  42. 42. College Events
  43. 43. College Events
  44. 44. Design & Fabrications (Cont…)
  45. 45. Design & Fabrications (Cont…)
  46. 46. Production Of Collaterals
  47. 47. Why CrystalSign  Young, Motivated & dedicated team  Pan India Presence  In-house creative, logistic & production Facility  Ability to conceptualize cost effective solution  Provide Quality & Real time execution Best Monitoring Team to make campaign Effective & successful and to provide daily campaign tracking report to our clients.
  48. 48. Our Reach Himachal Pradesh,  Madhya Pradesh, Punjab,  Chhattisgarh, Haryana,  West Bengal, Delhi(NCR),  Karnataka, Rajasthan,  Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat,  Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra,  Kerela, Goa,  Assam. UP UK
  49. 49. Contact usB - 106, Sec. 63, Noida - 210301 web : email :