Crystal Semantics-What are words worth?


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What are Words worth-
In this presentation we explore the changing metrics for publishers and how the value of their content is not being fully exploited and how semantic marketing can help them to realise its potential.

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  • Making the invisible, visible
  • Semantic advertising technology is based on this knowledge.
  • Crystal Semantics-What are words worth?

    1. 1. WHAT ARE WORDS WORTH ? How semantic technology can monetize online content KATE OWEN Nordic Executive Network - Stockholm, May 2010
    2. 2. Some old truths “People don’t read ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes that’s an ad.” - Howard Gossage: Texter, Art Director, Author “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention … and a need to allocate that attention efficiently.” - Herbert Simon: Scientist, Economist, Psychologist
    3. 3. 2001-2007: Easy Money  Navigation and Architecture  Manual Content Classification  Page Views  Big Display Networks  High CPMs  Click Rate as Benchmark
    4. 4. What happened?! 1. Dinosaur picture
    5. 5. Google Came Along Search has made information architecture irrelevant
    6. 6. What use is the best web content … … if you can’t find it when you need it ?
    7. 7. Publishers are advancing slower than their own end users, Come on, guys ... in making use of web technology for the advertising and marketing that finances them.
    8. 8. … Users control this medium!
    9. 9. How do you identify markets and fulfill their needs? You make Display more like Search!
    10. 10. Don’t Get Drowned! Market Results: More inventory = lower prices Strategic Result: Differentiate your content. Make “invisible” inventory visible!
    11. 11. What do Advertisers Want? Plannable Measurable Comparable RETURN ON INVESTMENT
    12. 12. Advertiser Strategy I: Masses for Cheap
    13. 13. It’s Just Maths …
    14. 14. .. But It’s Devaluing Your Inventory
    15. 15. THEY Don’t Care About Your Platform!
    16. 16. Until This Happens Germany‘s Worst Child Abuser Appears In Court Party with the girls?
    17. 17. Or This Car Gutted By Flames; Jams on Motorway
    18. 18. Your Clients Care About Misplacement.  URL tracking, verification and control  Damage Assessment  Whose Fault Is It …  … And Who Pays ????
    19. 19. They want YOU to!
    20. 20. Advertiser Strategy II: Aim Intelligently Registration data name Demographics age sex sex address - postcode age purchase history location income TARGETING payment type race education home ownership Technology mobility employment site CONTEXT frequency click rate on site behaviour location
    21. 21. More Efficient Use of Your Inventory
    22. 22. Imagine …
    23. 23. But It Has To Work. Control ad exposure and penetration within target group, using:  Demographic analysis (research) .. Although this is not directly measurable  Behavioural analysis (cookies, retargeting) .. Although this distances an action /perceived interest from ad delivery  Contextual analysis (keyword) .. Right Idea, Wrong Execution : Not good enough!
    24. 24. So what is semantics? Semantics is the study of meaning. „ORANGE“ Fruit Colour Mobile Mountain Texas Louisiana Provence Hi-Fi South Telecom Bikes Equipment Africa
    25. 25. Sense Engine Taxonomy development 28 presentation title
    26. 26. Make Sense out of content Sense Engine receives URL Sense Engine visits webpage Extracts content of page Compares content to >3000 categories in taxonomy 1. Wine holidays 219.83 Most relevant categories 2. Piedmont, Italy 197.71 identified 3. Italy 185.94 29 29 The semantic revolution
    27. 27. Recognising “Bad Content” Alcohol  Economic Issues  P2P Unrest, Conflicts & wars X Accidents & Disasters  Environmental Issues  Social & Political Issues Violence & Crime Adult & Nudity  Extreme View  Swearing Weapons Civil Unrest  Gambling  Terrorism Drugs  Health Issues  Tobacco SITESCREEN PROTECTED 30
    28. 28. Do You Deliver In My Language? Completed Currently in development English (US, UK & AU variants) Swedish German Italian Dutch Spanish Danish French
    29. 29. Sales Idea #1: Precise Targeting Client Targeting a Travel & Leisure Audiencejourneys 2. Surfing and windsurfing holidays 3. Walking and trekking holidays 1. Travel planning and 33 33 The semantic revolution
    30. 30. (Traditional Tagging is Often Irrelevant)
    31. 31. Sales Idea #2: Target Group Learnings
    32. 32. Sales Idea #3: „Own“ a subject area GENERAL INTEREST NEWS BROAD SPECIAL INT. SPECIAL INTEREST Anyone can book a specialized thematic site!
    33. 33. Sales Idea #4: Brand Protection Car Gutted By Flames; Jams on Motorway
    34. 34. Sales Idea #5: Better optimization
    35. 35. Valuable Learnings for Clients Actual volume split by broad topic Best (and worst!) performing topics at finer level
    36. 36. Sales Idea #6: Enhance Existing Targeting Male 18 -35 High income Homeowner Interests: Travel... to Jamaica Hotels in Jamaica Flights & Car hire Montego Bay, Jamaica Pop Star Girlfriend (… Just Kidding!)
    37. 37. Some More Ideas media planners
    38. 38. Brand Disasters Are Your Friends Womens‘ Magazines Slimming Products Fitness Products Fashion ....
    39. 39. Brand Disasters Are Your Friends FMCG
    40. 40. Be Creative and Flexible Vitamins Adventure Holidays Environment Gardening Protecting Nature Hybrid Vehicles Healthy Nutrition Cooking Hiking Cycling Holidays Alternative Medicine Bio Products Prescription-free Medicines Yoga Eco-Politics Health
    41. 41. Enjoy the Surf !
    42. 42. Thank you for your interest! Acknowledgements Grateful thanks to the following authors, whose charts, graphics and articles I have borrowed and adapted for parts of this presentation: Prof. Dr. David Crystal OBE, Linguist, UK Kate Owen Don Hamilton, Precedio Consulting, UK Jonathan Mendez, Founder & CEO of Yieldbot, USA Sales Director W. Europe Ian Saunders, Founder & MD, Crystal Semantics, UK Phone: +44 (0) 207 269 1200