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Sustainable Staff Development - 5 Steps to Create a Culture of Learning


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Do you want to push the boundaries, drive change, and transform your library? Do you wish for a staff that is eager to learn new skills and change work behaviors? In order to create and maintain this culture of learning, it is essential that your library provide support for staff and cultivate learning experiences. Learn five practical steps to sustain this culture in your library staff and volunteers, brainstorm ways to encourage staff learning and growth, and more. Join this experienced librarian and trainer in an interactive workshop filled with useful tips and techniques for creating a learning culture in your organization.

Presented at these conferences:
Colorado Association of Libraries, 2015
Internet Librarian, 2015

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Sustainable Staff Development - 5 Steps to Create a Culture of Learning

  1. 1. Sustainable Staff Development: 5 Steps to Create a Culture of Learning October, 2015
  2. 2. About me Librarian Trainer Kixal California Crystal Schimpf @crystalschimpf
  3. 3. Defining a Culture of Learning
  4. 4. Image credit:
  5. 5. Who? What? Why? When?
  6. 6. Visioning Activity When it comes to learning… •  Where is your library now? •  Where do you want to be? •  What do you want to achieve?
  7. 7. Creating a Culture of Learning
  8. 8. 5 Steps 1 5 4 3 2
  9. 9. Allow Time for Learning1
  10. 10. Allow Time for Learning1 5-10 minutes everyday learning part of performance
  11. 11. Allow Time for Learning1
  12. 12. Allow Time for Learning1 •  Tell staff how much work time they are allowed to use for learning •  Ask staff to keep track of when they learn something “on the fly” •  Have staff include learning as part of their performance evaluation & goals •  Offer incentives for time spent learning
  13. 13. Give Staff a Choice2
  14. 14. Give Staff a Choice2 goal setting follow curiosity self-directed learning
  15. 15. Give Staff a Choice2
  16. 16. Give Staff a Choice2 •  Ask staff what they want to learn about •  Suggest they set 1-3 learning goals at a time •  Use coaching skills to help staff come up with ideas •  Let staff choose specific trainings based on personal learning preferences
  17. 17. Encourage Sharing3
  18. 18. Encourage Sharing3 ripple effect organizational learning learner’s choice
  19. 19. Encourage Sharing3
  20. 20. Encourage Sharing3 •  Allow for a variety of creative sharing methods •  Avoid setting rules around how or what needs to be shared •  Create opportunities for sharing at staff meetings, bulletin boards, etc. •  Encourage casual sharing of ideas at service desk
  21. 21. Create Space for Play4
  22. 22. Create Space for Play4 experiment make mistakes problem solving
  23. 23. Create Space for Play4
  24. 24. Create Space for Play4 •  Let all staff know that play-based learning is okay •  Set aside an area for tinkering with technology, testing tools, and creating stuff •  Reflect on mistakes, and discuss what has been learned or what you would change •  Actively encourage staff to engage in project-based learning
  25. 25. Invest in Learning5
  26. 26. Invest in Learning5 improves services justifiable cost part of strategy
  27. 27. Invest in Learning5
  28. 28. Invest in Learning5 •  Include learning (time and cost) in funding requests and grant proposals •  Talk about learning needs during strategic planning processes •  Emphasize the importance of staff learning in annual reports, grant reports, and communication with stakeholders
  29. 29. 5 Steps 1 5 4 3 2
  30. 30. Invest in Learning Create Space for Play Encourage Sharing Give Staff a Choice 1 2 3 4 5 Allow Time for Learning
  31. 31. Group Activity Of these 5 steps: •  Share one your library is doing already. •  Share one your library needs to improve. •  Share one your library should try.
  32. 32. Addressing Challenges
  33. 33. Be persistent Make a compelling case Ask why (or why not) 1 2 3
  34. 34. Partner Activity •  What challenges might you face? •  How will you address them?
  35. 35. What Next?
  36. 36. Planning Activity Choose one step you want to improve or try for the first time at your library. •  Why did you choose it? •  Who will you need help from? •  What is the first thing you will do? •  When will you start? •  How will you address possible challenges?
  37. 37. Thank you! Please stay in touch: Crystal Schimpf @crystalschimpf
  38. 38. Resources •  Stephen Gill, Training Culture vs. Learning Culture, The Performance Improvement Blog, February 12, 2015. learning-culture.html •  Daniel Goleman, Playfulness at Work: How to Inspire Innovation, American Management Association. •  Developing a Learning Culture: An Infographic, Association for Talent Development, January 26, 2015. Culture-An-Infographic •  Britt Andreada, 6 Steps to Create a Learning Culture – and Why You Should,, May 5, 2015. •  Marcia Conner, Learning Culture Audit, •  Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline, Doubleday (2016).