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Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) is a leading advertising company/agency in India providing best advertising designing and translation services. We are amongst the top advertising and translation agencies/Companies in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, India

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Crystal Hues Limited

  1. 1. AL LOCA A TION LIZ RN AT TE IO IN N • • S P N RO O TI MO CA TIOG COMMUNI NAL COLLAT TIN E ER RK A A LS M Translating Marketing Communications into Global Opportunities Translating Marketing Communications UKAS into Global Opportunities QUALITY MANAGEMENT 013 I9 0 r d S1 C O0 t 0 0i 0: 2e fi e
  2. 2. Overview Overview Globalization has placed newer demands before the marketing gurus. Those who have ridden the crest of globalization with all-conquering zeal will now have to drive harder to maintain their equity. There are no short cuts. You cannot afford to keep clinging to the strategies of the bygone era. Staring the global consumer from neon-lit billboards will just not do. The new mantra is to enter consumers home, their heart and their soul. And to do that, you have to meet consumers on their home ground. You will have to speak the language that they understand and use the medium that they chose. Your brand is not going to transform their life. Their lifestyle will transform your brand positioning. Business Strategies are becoming increasingly culture specific. To avoid losses and maximize returns from transnational opportunities, it is imperative to communicate through the local sensibilities of the target audience. Crystal Hues Limited (CHL), a global consortium, makes it possible for you to do that. CHL is the premier provider for marketing communication and localization services, specializing in multilingual and multicultural projects, pioneering the localization activities in India since 1989. It was registered as a public limited company in 1995, the only one in India to have achieved this distinction in the localization industry.
  3. 3. Integrated Platform for Global Communication International Testimonials OverviewIntegrated Platform for Global CommunicationCrystal Hues Limited (CHL) offers cutting edge marketing communication servicesusing state-of-the-art technology, creativity, knowledge base both cultural andlinguistic. CHL makes the communication emanating from your company a PR andmarketing tool by directly impacting the target audience in their own language andthrough their familiar cultural symbols.CHL creates documents and messages in any language of the globe. With integratedinfrastructure and working methodology, CHL produces world-class messages for itsclients.CHLs services transcend the barriers of communication that exist between you andthe local markets around the world. CHL transforms your message into theconsumers own language to ensure that it is better understood and achieves thedesired impact. So also a website or an average multimedia presentation. Thepossibilities offered by CHL are endless.International TestimonialsCHLs functions and processes are based on the knowledge and expertises gainedover the years and are ISO 9001:2000 certified by worlds leading quality auditorsDNV, UKAS. Adherence to streamlined operations ensures delivery of high qualityservices at competitive costs. The Company enjoys a well-established internationalclient base and membership to major trade and industry organizations. CHL isacknowledged as the official localizer for Indian languages by most of the leadinginternational localization companies based in the UK, the USA, Germany, Singaporeand Japan, which underscore the companys credentials, capacities, infrastructureand professionalism.CHL has been associated with leading international events, prestigious globalconferences and conventions. CHLs expertise in marketing communications andlocalization services is used by over 500 national and international organizationsfrom diverse industry segments, government establishments, multinationalcompanies, as well as advertising and PR agencies.CHLs achievements have won accolades and unsolicited appreciations from clientsas well as associates from all over the world. The company has also been covered inthe news media for its achievements and has been a source of reference for issuesrelated to localization services in the media.
  4. 4. Marketing Communications ATL (Above-the-line) Services BTL (Below-the-line) ServicesMarketing Communications Marketing Communications It is imperative that marketing communication strategy is tailor-made to address the specific sensitivities, interests and conditions of the diverse groups of audience. To accomplish this task, CHL has highly specialized expert marketing communication strategists ready to work with you for developing the right communications for specific customer group of any given region. Conceptualization Conceptualization is the formative process of marketing communication strategy. Our proficiency in giving the perfect presentation to this idea is guaranteed by our multidimensional creative professionals, who understand, conceive, measure and deliver the idea as per the clients expectations and then moves from conceptualizing to animating the whole output. Design, Development The design and development part of marketing communication manages and presents the message and content of the idea. Our designers are, undoubtedly, the most experienced communication engineers, giving the best shape, hue and size to your thoughts to help your business grow. The CHL spectrum of services spans almost any international market and includes delivery in any international language in any medium of communication, viz. publications, internet, multimedia and software. Communications
  5. 5. ATL (Above-the-line) Services Press Advertisements Electronic Media Outdoor Publicity Marketing Communications ATL (Above-the-line) Services: CHL is unique and innovative in creating electrifying experiences for the masses on a 360-degree level. We have a complete range of expertise in generating press, television and radio advertisements, including outdoor publicity, with the message that reinforces the brand and creates a stronger and lasting impact. Our efforts are geared at imprinting lasting impressions upon customers about your product and services and not just creating expensive splashes of advertising. Press Advertisements: CHL can make your press advertisements, a finer and closer experience for your customers, helping them encircle their interest around your product. Electronic Media: T h o u g h a f o r m o f AT L , w e believe, electronic media has a different borderline from press advertisement and outdoor publicity. The precise reason why CHL has experts with the right and relevant experience to address these intricacies of communication. Outdoor Publicity: Visually comforting, appealing and necessity-driven – these are some of the underlying canons of publicity that we follow while creating outdoor publicity for your products.
  6. 6. BTL (Below-the-line) Services Marketing Collaterals Digital Presentations Online Presence Event Management PR, Media ExposureMarketing Communications BTL (Below-the-line) Services: Marketing Collaterals: Highly skilled and creative designers along with publishing experts in CHL ensure seamless integration of the message with the presentation be it brochures, multilingual catalogues or manuals, packaging designs, business documents and correspondence. We have a talented team of visualizers, concept developers, copywriters and designers well equipped to handle all creative demands and meet the expectations of our clients. Our printing presses are well maintained by a strong team of printing professionals with a long experience behind them. The team offers solutions for all your printing needs and supervises and monitors at every stage, the entire process to ensure a faultless delivery. Digital Presentations: Electronic presentations are fast gaining popularity because of adaptability to amendments, revisions, updates, and most importantly, it eliminates the use of paper. Our multimedia engineers and graphic designers create e-brochures, e-catalogues, etc, that combine the convenience of traditional media with the ease of using digital technologies. Online Presence (Website): Amidst the growing cutthroat competition, it is necessary to maintain a long-term presence, especially over the Internet, where customers usually reach the product in multiple ways. CHL has extensive know- how in website development, search engine optimization, keyword generation, website publicity and impacting online presence. Our committed team of creative web designers, SEO specialists and programmers work on the latest software applications to achieve the marketing needs of your website. Hosting: CHL is one of the most competitive web service providers today, offering host of services for building your web presence. These services are flexible and can be customized to meet the current and future needs of your business. Customized hosting plans are available on both LINUX and Windows servers resident on Internet backbone with multiple high-speed links, delivering high performance business websites. Our network operations team ensures uninterrupted service and our engineers help you overcome nagging website issues.
  7. 7. BTL (Below-the-line) Services Marketing Collaterals Digital Presentations Online Presence Event Management PR, Media Exposure Marketing Communications Domain Name Registration: Registration of domain names for Top Level Domains and other domain extensions ensuring unparalleled domain accessibility and security. E-commerce Solutions: CHL engineers bring together customers, vendors and suppliers in ways never before possible. Our websites enable your core business processes to improve customer service, reduce cycle time, get more results from limited resources and actually sell things. CHL uses technologies that are designed to replace traditional paper-based workflow with faster, more efficient, reliable and safe communications with your customers. Website Promotion: CHL clients get a wider and focused exposure through its own experience and well-defined on-line promotional plans. Using ethical promotion techniques, our search-engine- promotion engineers deliver exposure and highly favorable positions on most search engines. Event Management: CHL expertise in organizing and managing corporate events is delivered through its multitasking personnel who ensure that the visitors, delegates and participants enjoy the experience while meeting the objectives stipulated by the client. PR, Media Exposure: Media exposure service includes educating clients on media perception, arranging successful press conferences, publishing news and coverage that retain the essence of the matter the client wants to give, creating photo opportunities for personal image building and branding. Media Management: This service helps our clients to monitor reports appearing in the media, in any language, related to specific subjects or interest and includes short term monitoring to cover visits, launches, incidents or events. Industry Feedback: Industry feedback services include collection of clippings from any newspaper or periodical published in any language, in any country, on clients and competitors exposure in the media along with updates on the related industry.
  8. 8. Localization Services Publishing localization Website Localization Multimedia Localization Software LocalizationLocalization Services Localization Services Our localization and internationalization services include customization (adaptation and translation) of documents, marketing collaterals like brochures, website and CD presentations for any country, especially those countries which have language, cultural and other trade barriers. Localization services are indispensable to any market expansion endeavor, especially if the culture and language is different. Through localization, both your company and its products are presented to the target audience to ensure smooth and hindrance- free acceptance while, at the same time, projecting an international image of the company. Localization eliminates the language barriers and any culturally inappropriate hues, graphics, symbols, geopolitical issues, etc. CHLs in-house localization and domain experts with their in-depth knowledge of culture and language of the target audience, deliver localization services in the following areas: Publishing Localization: Localization of brochures, product manuals, advertisements and any other marketing collateral, which needs to be printed. The domain expertise also includes pre and post press handling capabilities. Website Localization: Localization of websites and web-based applications. The domain expertise includes server, application and user interface reengineering. Multimedia Localization: Localization of multimedia presentations and movies. This includes animation, graphics re-engineering, editing and subtitling. Software Localization: Localization of software applications. The domain expertise includes programming in multiple languages, user interface designing, context mapping and help file generation capabilities.
  9. 9. Quality Assurance - CHL Global Working Systems Faultless start Handpicked specialists for every job Efficient Execution 100% Error Free Reporting, Correction Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance - CHL Global Working SystemsThe emphasis on cultural acceptance by the target audience is delivered by CHLsservices to the satisfaction of its perfectionist clients. The native in-country domainspecialists employed by CHL ensure this.Faultless start:In CHL, every project is first scrutinized and analyzed for its purpose along with relatedtechnical information. The facilities are geared to receive projects in any form be itelectronic, digital, Internet (direct transfer to our internet server) or just plain hard copyof documents.The project is then assigned to a domain specialist who may split the project amongother international or in-country team members, based on different tasks to beaccomplished, to facilitate project handling and convenience. After completion, thevarious tasks are integrated back to ensure project comprehensiveness andconsistency. This procedure has built-in redundancies to prevent any non-conformance of the project requirements.Handpicked specialists for every job:CHLs super specialist (selected from a minimum of 5 specialists) supervises each taskbeing handled by the pool of domain specialists. The procedures laid down conformto the best of international quality standards and compliance is ensured throughautomated custom-developed project management system.Efficient Execution:The emphasis is on continuous improvement in quality and consistency. This isachieved through a mandatory process of evaluation of individual projects, constantimprovisation and a client specific quality control system in place at CHL.The obligatory use of latest tools by the team ensures efficient, accurate andconsistent results.100% Error Free Reporting, Correction:All projects follow a “100% error free reporting and correction” Process Flow. This ismandatory for all the projects executed by CHL.
  10. 10. An exceptional resource base An Exceptional Resource Base An exceptional resource base CHL has a capable and absolutely professional team that ensures well-integrated service delivery. Our team of experts have impeccable credentials with each member having an experience of at least 10 years in the related industry. The total strength of the CHL team is over 70, with domain expertise in Marketing Communications, Project Management, Linguistics, Graphic engineering, Publishing, Multimedia, Websites and Software. We also have professionals in diverse industries like FMCG, Hospitality, Heavy engineering, Automotive and Pharmaceutical. CHLs combined strength of 300-strong associates spread across 34 cities around the world, covering specialists in all languages along with a host of in-house domain specialists, ensure a flawless back office support in providing value based solutions to all technical challenges of market expansion. These offices and the dedicated workforce reinforce the inherent capability of offering marketing communication and localization services to the clients not only locally but also meeting their international marketing communication and localization needs efficiently and cost effectively. Through a world-class working system and constant technology upgrading, CHL integrates marketing communication and localization services to offer comprehensive solutions. The marketing communications and localization services are geared to support a host of presentation modes, from electronic media to publishing to multimedia to web, thanks to CHLs highly system-based operations, which are focused on ensuring efficient and accurate execution of each project as per schedule. Thus translating opportunities into tangible assets through integrated solutions to all communication needs.
  11. 11. CHLs clients - Partial list of CHLs growing client-baseABN Amro Bank • Accenture • ACME Telepower • Adidas • Agreeya Solutions •Air France • Amway • Aviva • Ayurvet • Bata • BBC • Bharti Telecom • Bikanerwala• Birla Yamaha • BPL • BSI Management System • C Dot • Cadilla • Candico •Canon • Clinton Foundation • Colgate • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)• Control & Switchgear • Dabur India • Delphi • Delvac • Eli Lilly • Ernst & Young •Everest Industry • FCS Software Solutions • Federation of Indian Chambers ofCommerce and Industry (FICCI) • Flextronic Software System • G E • Gas Authorityof India (GAIL) • Gillette • Glaxo • Grail Research • Havells • Hindustan Lever (HLL)• Honda • Hughes • ICI Paints • ICICI Bank • Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) •Infosys • ITDC • Jindals • Jubilant Organosys • KPMG • KSA • Larsen & Toubro •LG • Maruti Udyog • Max New York Life • McCann Erickson • Ministry of ExternalAffairs, Government of India • Mobil Delvac • Modicare • Moser Baer • NationalBook Trust • National Geographic Channel • NDTV • Nestle • NIIT • Nokia• ONGC • Oxfam • Panasonic • Pepsi • Piaggio • Price Waterhouse Coopers •Ranbaxy • Sage Herbals • Samsung • Schneider Electric • Shell • Siemens • Star TV• Su-Kam Power • Text 100 • Thomas Cook • Thomson Digital • UNDP •United Petroleum • Virgin Atlantic • VLCC • W H O • Whirlpool • Wipro • WorldBank • World Food Programme • Xerox • Zee TV w w w. c r y s t a l h u e s . c o m
  12. 12. Translating Marketing Communications into Global Opportunities CRYSTAL HUES LIMITEDNEW DELHI BANGALORE CHENNAI1001A, Devika Tower, #002, Palace View Apartment, #Megabyte Business Center,6, Nehru Place, 14, Jayamahal Main Road, 3D Ali Towers 55, Greams Road,New Delhi – 110019 (INDIA) Bangalore - 560 046 (INDIA) Chennai - 600006 (INDIA)Tel: +91-11-30881595-98, 41377561-62 Tel : +91-80-23544132-33 Tel: +91-44-42142780Fax: +91-1130881599 Fax : +91-80-23544134 Fax: +91-44-42142781E-mail : E-mail : Email: w w w. c r y s t a l h u e s . c o m