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Why Are My Child’s Teeth Yellow?


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Here is the reason why a child’s teeth are yellow and how yellow teeth can be treated. An experienced pediatric dentist in Santa Ana can screen the conditions.

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Why Are My Child’s Teeth Yellow?

  1. 1. Why Are My Child’s Teeth Yellow One of the first things parents notice about their children once a baby tooth is lost, is how different the permanent replacement tooth looks next to all of the baby ones. Not only is it shaped differently and a bit wider – but the color variation can also be drastic. In most cases, permanent adult teeth are darker or more yellow in color. Why is that? It’s All About The Dentin Dentin is the layer of the tooth just under enamel. While enamel is white, dentin is more yellow in color. Baby teeth are made up of a higher ratio of enamel, making them whiter. But adult teeth are largely made up of dentin, and because enamel is slightly translucent – the yellow hue easily shows through. Since adult teeth are alongside of baby teeth for a few years in the transitional phase of childhood, it’s easier to see the color difference between the two. Thankfully, once the rest of the permanent teeth grow out – your child’s smile will look more consistent in color. Our children’s dentist in Santa Ana can let you know if the coloration is natural vs. something to worry about. Can My Child Bleach Their Teeth? If you’re worried about the aesthetics of your child’s smile, or they feel embarrassed about it, you might ask about teeth whitening. Our pediatric dentist recommends not whitening a child’s teeth until they’re in their mid-teens. Why? Because the teeth are still developing and the nerves can be extra sensitive. The last thing you want your son or daughter to have is teeth that hurt when they’re enjoying ice cream or a nice cold glass of water. However, once they’re 15 or 16, it’s completely fine to use over the counter strips for general whitening purposes. Some types of tooth stain may indicate decay. That’s why regular visits to our pediatric dentist in Santa Ana are important. We’ll screen for conditions to catch them early – when they’re simpler to treat. Are you looking for a reputable, experienced and revered children’s dentist in Santa Ana? Call Crystal Dental Centers today where families are always welcome! For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact Crystal Dental Centers at 714.541.9203 or visit