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The importnace of the forests


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The importnace of the forests

  1. 1. University of Puerto Rico at CayeyRISE Summer Bridge 2012Crystal Koralis Colón Ortiz804-12-1562July, 6,2012BIOL 3009Prof. Llera The importance of the forests It does not matter if it is too cold or too hot, if it is located at the South or at theNorth, every single forest forms part of the lungs of the biosphere. It establishes the perfecthabitat for different and unique species, like the Amazona vittata which is endemic, andonly resides in the Cyrilla racemiflora at El Yunque. Thanks to them many of thescientifics get the opportunity to evaluate the behavior and preserve those types of species.The forests can provide the development of the most important flora in Puerto Rico and inany other countries of the world. Having them in a tropical environment is what helps usbalance the changing climates; like controlling erosion and floods when it rains too much,and refreshing the air when the temperature gets to the highest point. The human needs tohave a healthy relationship with the environment and understand the real importance of it.If we do, we will get to defend the forests like what they are; our reason to be alive.