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Formal summer proposal


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Formal summer proposal

  1. 1. University of Puerto Rico at Cayey RISE Summer Bridge Program Friday, July 6, 2012 Crystal Koralis Colón OrtizTitleThe Effect of 17 α- Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate (17-0HP-C) in Puerto Rican Pregnant WomenAbstract The purpose of The Effect of 17 α- Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate (17-0HP-C) in Puerto RicanPregnant Women is to evaluate by questionnaires the effect of 17 – OHP-C in Puerto Rican women who had apreterm birth and the effects in their child. By these, we can realize if the injection is a safe alternative toprevent a preterm birth and reduce the high percentage of preterm births in Puerto Rico. With the collaborationof a gynecologist and a group of 45 mothers between 18- 30 years old, the information will be successfullyobtained. By the analysis of the questionnaires and other medical data –obtained under their consent– we willknow if the 17- OHP-C has positive effects in these and their child.Introduction After 56 years of its first appearance 17 α- about this problem; could 17 α-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate, was finally Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate be a safe alternativeapproved by the FDA in 2011.This is an injection to Puerto Rican pregnant women, who are in risk tofor the “Prevention of preterm birth in pregnant have a preterm birth and their child? In order towomen with a history of at least one spontaneous answer that question we need to know the effect ofpreterm birth” (Focus Information Technology 17- OHP-C, which is the objective of the proposal,2007). A “Preterm birth is any birth that occurs distinguish any unknown negative second effects inbefore the 37th week of pregnancy” (March of a tropical environment and eventually, by theDimes 2010). Some of the causes of a preterm birth analysis of the research determine if it is dangerousare: spontaneous preterm labor, being pregnant with or not. After evaluate the effects of 17- OHP-C, themore than one fetus, infection, placenta abruptio injection will be a safe alternative to prevent a(the early separation of the placenta from the uterus) preterm birth.and the use of drugs like methanmphetamine Methodology(March of Dimes 2011). In Puerto Rico 20% of thebirths are preterm births (Delgado 2010), which it Based on the fact that 20% of the births inmeans that it has the higher incidence of preterm Puerto Rico are preterm births, with thebirths compared to the United States. Concerned collaboration of gynecologists, a group of 45
  2. 2. mothers between 18- 30 years old will fill Referencesquestionnaires. This group of women will be The March of Dimes Foundation, Preterm labor anddivided in three groups. The first group, the birth: A serious pregnancy complication, The MarchExperimental Group, will be composed of 15 of Dimes Foundation, 2010women that had a preterm birth and were injectedwith 17-0HP-C. The second group and the thirdgroup will be the Control Group composed. These be a group of 15 women that had a preterm depth.birth, but were not injected with 17-OHP-C and a FDA, 17α-Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Caproategroup of 15 women that had a normal pregnancy for Prevention of Preterm Birthrespectively. The main purpose of the questionnaireis to obtain information about the course of their Overview of FDA Background Document, FDA,pregnancy, if they lived any secondary effect, what August 2, 2006were the conditions of the baby when born and how the growth of the child. They will be advised DAgov&site=FDAgov&lr=&proxystylesheet=FDAabout the purpose of the questionnarie. The gov&output=xml_no_dtd&getfields=*&filter=1information will be obtained under their voluntary The March of Dimes Foundation, Your Prematureconsent and strictly used for the research, their Baby, The March of Dimes Foundation, Januarynames will not be used at any time, and only 2009/April 2010statistics will be published. Results and Discussion epth.html After collecting the questionnaires and Curran M., 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproateanalyzing them, we will know if the 17 α- (17OHPC), Focus Information Technology, 2007Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate had positive effects Puerto Rican pregnant women and their child. s%20in%20Pregnancy/17OHPC.htmMeaning that 17- OHP-C will produce a 37 termpregnancy, and any dangerous second effect that Delgado Castro I., Posible evitar los partoscould affect the child or the women, lowering the prematuros, El Nuevo Día, August 23,2010high cipher of preterm births in Puerto Rico., the injection will be a safe alternative to 3&year=2010&mon=8reduce the high prevalence of preterm births.