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Using Social Media for Your Wedding Business


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Using Social Media for Your Wedding Business

  1. 1. Using Social Mediato Build Your Wedding BusinessCrystal Olig / Oxiem today’s presentation online at
  2. 2. Getting StartedThe Basics
  3. 3. Social Media is MarketingTarget Market: Her Circle of Influence• Brides• Moms & Grandmas• Bridesmaids & friends• Grooms & Dads• Partner vendorsGoals & Strategies: What you want to do• Build credibility & professionalism• Create awareness• Attract new business• Create preference or a niche• Get referralsTactics: How you do it• Build an online presence for yourself and/or your company• Show off your work• Position yourself as an expert
  4. 4. Social Media is JournalismThink like a journalist: You are the reporter• Choose to share items that are interesting• Edit and curate• Use your trained expert eye• Share your opinions• Be critical but positive• Be mindful of your reputation
  5. 5. Social Media is NetworkingYour social media toolkit: The New Little Black Book• Keep in touch with the click of a mouse• You don’t need their email if you can find them on Facebook• You don’t need their phone # if you can tweet them• Surround yourself with the best people, vendors and clients• Just like in person, good karma, good will goes a long way
  6. 6. What is your web home base?You must have a primary source of information about your business… otherwise, all your social media energy fizzles.
  7. 7. WebsitesAsk yourself:• How important is this to my marketing?• How easy is it to maintain?• Do I have any money to spend?• Is there anyone who can teach me how?Cost considerations:• Hosting – think of it like your site’s rent• Domain name registration – your www. Address• MaintenancePlaces to start:• GoDaddy• Wix• Intuit• Webs• Google website builder• Weebly• Yola
  8. 8. BlogsMany times, a blog is indistinguishable from a website• Wordpress• Blogger• Tumblr• Posterous• squareSpace
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  14. 14. Fill up your toolboxPick a few tools you can use well.
  15. 15. Social Media MarketingYou don’t have to do everything.You just have to do a few things well.
  16. 16. Get Your Toolbox ReadyA few things everyone should have to use social media:• A clear idea of your identity – is it you or is it your business? • Cohesive color scheme and visual identity • If it’s your business, you need a professional logo • A professional headshot• A short biography of what you do: •Think of using keywords people might search for • Make sure it represents your voice – it shouldn’t be boring! • Use consistently in your profiles
  17. 17. FacebookWhat is it?• Top social network• One of the most popular websites in the world• 1 in 12 people worldwide have FacebookWhy use it?• Easy way to stay connected to brides, get referrals• People want to do business with people – you can be yourself!• Ability to create a constant stream• Keep growing your network• Photography looks nice on it• You can have a professional or personal page (or both!)
  18. 18. TwitterWhat is it?• Micro-blogging service – 140 characters or less• Uses SMS (texting) technology• People “Follow you” on Twitter• You “have Twitter” or you “Tweet”Why use it?• Easy to update frequently• Versatile to incorporate into other sides• You can tie it to your blog, site, or Facebook• People can send you personalized messages without being a “friend”
  19. 19. YouTubeWhat is it?• Top video network• One of the most popular websites in the world• It’s a search engine, tooWhy use it?• Great way to share experiences• 360 view of your events• Easy to send out as portfolio items• Easy to embed into websites or blogs• More and more people watch video online or on devices
  20. 20. LinkedInWhat is it?• Professional social network• Mostly used for building partnerships or relationships• Lots of discussion boards and groupsWhy use it?• Builds your credibility as a professional• Connect to your partners/other vendors• Showcase your expertise and experience• Good for search engines if people search your name
  21. 21. FlickrWhat is it?• Photo-sharing network• Driven by beautiful images• It’s a search engine, tooWhy use it?• Showcase your work• Share large and hi-resolution images easily• Group your sets in albums to show range
  22. 22. ...just fun
  23. 23. Use your tools intelligentlyCreate content, share consistently and curate
  24. 24. FacebookTo Do’s:• Create a personalprofile or a pagefor your business•Connect withclients & theirnetworks• Share yourcontent• Post photos of allyour events• Interact withother pages/partners
  25. 25. FacebookHow To’s:• Introduce yourself:• Say, “So nice to meet you at BRIDE NAME’swedding/shower/rehearsal. Would love to keep in touch.”• Make a point to post on their wall with something kind,funny, personal:• “I loved your shoes! A very chic bridesmaid statement!Let’s keep in touch.”• Make a page• Check once a day• Mention someone in a status update by typing “@” thenthe name of a person. If you are connected to thatperson/page, it will link:
  26. 26. FacebookGood Examples
  27. 27. FacebookGood Examples
  28. 28. TwitterTo Do’s:• Create a profile• Use your headshot and profile statement• Link to your home base• Participate in Twitter chats like #eventprofs• Listen!• Create lists or find ways to manage• Tweet pictures from your phoneHow To’s:•# is a Hashtag, used to create a topic• @YourName is your “handle”• You respond to someone using an @reply• Use or Tweet Grid to search for a topic• Use Hootsuite to manage multiple feeds• Check a couple times a day
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Twitter
  31. 31. Twitter
  32. 32. FlickrTo Do’s:• Create an account• Create sets and galleries• Tag with keywords and link to your email or site• Use it to quickly share your work• Make sure you protect your photosHow To’s:• Just create an account and follow the steps• You can have a professional account very affordably, to be able tostore large, hi-res photos• Make sure you ask your photographer for the rights to use their work,give them credit
  33. 33. FlickrShowcase your work!
  34. 34. FourSquareTo Do’s:• Create an account• “Check in” at locations using your smart phone• You can create an event at your venue• Create a specialHow To’s:• Download the app or create an account online• Use the app to check-in• Log-in to your account to see who has checked in at your event
  35. 35. FourSquareBy showing who is at your event, you build awareness & attract thatperson’s connections.
  36. 36. Great examples
  37. 37. Ready2SparkLara McCullough• Event planner and business owner out of Toronto• Leader in local events market• Ready2Spark is her consultancy, and she also is part of a family business in tents• She is a writer & speaker as well as an event professional
  38. 38. Social Media Marketing
  39. 39. Ready2Spark
  40. 40. Pink Inc.
  41. 41. Pink Inc.
  42. 42. Bloomtastic
  43. 43. Fresh French Floral
  44. 44. Fresh French Floral
  45. 45. Fresh French Floral
  46. 46. Fresh French Floral
  47. 47. Thank You! Your turn?!