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Oxiem Marketing Technology is a digital marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio. We use a proprietary content management system that is open source but closed code -- giving you the flexibility to manage your own site, but secure from outside parties. Anyone who can use Microsoft Word can use our CMS to upload pictures and photos, share documents, create calendars and events, new pages and content with ease. Designing websites and website development is part of the process, but we focus on helping you harness the power of online to grow your business -- and being able to operate your site yourself is important.

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Oxiem | O2 Web Content Management System | Columbus, Ohio

  1. 1. O2 CONTENT MGT. SYSTEM More Powerful Websites Are Within Your Control. Relax, the simple control and powerful potential of the web is at your fingertips. All is takes O2 USER-CONTROLLABLE is the Oxiem O2 Content Management System. Unlike other “generic” shell CMS systems, CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Oxiem O2 offers pre-designed, high-functionality modules that enable a variety of marketing functions. Each module complements the proven HERO IMAGE ROTATORS reliability of core technology platform. Continually enhanced over NEWS & HIGHLIGHTS SYSTEM the past six years, the O2 CMS has been effectively implemented with clients across a range of industries. The Oxiem O2 technology platform E-COMMERCE PRODUCT CATALOG & SHOPPING CART offers a wealth of advantages: • Remote content management so clients or agencies can add, change or remove ONSITE PROMOTION SYSTEM content from any location, without special software AUDIO/VIDEO PLAYER & • High performance for feature-rich sites, right out of the box LIBRARY • Upstream CMS upgrades or enhancements can be made to the site without interruption EVENT & CALENDAR SYSTEM • A portable site architecture - sites created with O2 can be transported to any compatible hosting environment RESOURCE CENTER/LIBRARY • The template-based infrastructure allows content to be easily re-skinned with a fresh PHOTO GALLERY interface design • The Oxiem O2 architecture is search engine friendly “out of the box” UNIQUE USER SITE EXPERIENCE O2 is solidly built on a range of progressive web technologies. This proprietary, closed SMART FORMS system is architected using the LAMP platform, which integrates Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP. It also includes selective use of the Smarty templating engine and employs industry- MESSAGING & VOIP standard database APIs. INTEGRATION E-POLLING CAPABILITY ABOUT OXIEM. Oxiem brings a fresh approach to effective web marketing for companies large and small. By combining high-performance web sites, effective search marketing programs, social networking and interactive flash media, we take e-marketing to a whole new level. oxiem.com | 937.484.8181