2008 MTO Summit Program Guide Chicago


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2008 MTO Summit Program Guide Chicago

  1. 1. SUMMIT 2008 NOVEMBER 5 - 6, CHICAGO Technology Education for Events and Exhibitions
  2. 2. WEB V. VERSION MOBILE 1 4 7 * 2 5 8 0 4 6 9 # 4 PRINT KIOSK 100’S OF FEATURES FOR YOUR TRADE SHOW. INCLUDING SOME YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF YET. Start your show months before the doors open. MYS connects qualified buyers with exhibitors anytime, anywhere. Stop by the MYS booth to see how version 4 ties it all together 6915 Valley Ave. • Cincinnati, Ohio 45244-3029 • (p)888-527-8822 • www.mapyourshow.com • sales@mapyourshow.com
  3. 3. Agenda at a glance: Wednesday, November 5 at the InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Hotel 6:00 - 8:00 PM Opening Reception Grand Foyer Thursday, November 6 at the InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Hotel 7:00 AM Breakfast Louvre 1 7:30 AM Power Introductions 8:00 AM Keynote: David Meerman Scott 9:15 AM Technology Education Sessions Louvre 2 & 3 12:15 PM Lunch with Tech Panel: Shawn Pierce, John Curtis, Louvre 1 Stephen Nold, Jason Fellman 1:30 PM Technology Education Sessions Louvre 2 & 3 2:30 - 3:00 PM Conclusion: MTO Technology and Innovator Awards Louvre 1 3:00 - 4:00 PM Closing Reception Grand Foyer Technology Education Sessions Exhibition Systems Education Track Louvre 2 9:15 - 10:05 AM Orchestrating Disparate Systems: Moving from Websites to Web Platforms John Curtis, Quotient Integrated Solutions, Inc. 10:15 - 11:05 AM Exhibition Systems Panel Discussion Dr. Robin F. Potter, Bobbie Tracy, Alan Cordial, Teri Tonioli 11:15 - 12:05 PM Incorporating All Stakeholders in the Meeting Planning Logistics Process for an Event Johnnie White, CMP, Cardiovascular Research Foundation 1:30 - 2:20 PM The Fluid Communities of Events and Exhibitions Stephen Nold, Advon Technologies Social Media Education Track Louvre 3 9:15 - 10:05 AM Utilize Web 2.0 and Video Tools to Increase Success and Drive Revenues Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire 10:15 - 11:05 AM Design of a Show Business Model that Supports Exhibitors David Larkin, The Loft Group 11:15 - 12:05 PM Creating a Powerful and Sustainable Website Vision Jason Fellman, FG SQUARED Interactive Marketing 1:30 - 2:20 PM Impact of Web 2.0 on the Green Movement Andrew Kinnear, Green Rewards Inc. In this booklet... Speaker Bios / Session Overviews p. 4 MTO Innovator Awards p. 26 MTO Supplier Awards p. 27 Technology Case Studies p. 28
  4. 4. David Meerman Scott Keynote Speaker David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, key- note speaker, seminar leader and the author of the number one best selling PR and marketing book The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, viral marketing and online media to reach buyers directly which is being published in 20 lan- guages. He is a recovering VP marketer for two publicly traded tech- nology companies and was also Asia Marketing Director for Knight- Ridder, at the time one of the world’s largest newspaper and electronic information companies. David has lived and worked in New York, Tokyo, Boston, and Hong Kong and has presented at in- dustry conferences and events in over twenty countries on four con- tinents. 8:00 AM Louvre 1 How Exhibitions and Events are Impacted by the New Rules of Marketing and PR How to use news releases, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and online media to reach your buyers directly. For de- cades, marketers have relied on buying expensive advertising and begging the media and analysts for coverage. We interrupted “prospects” with our egotistical “messages,” in the hopes of generating interest from buyers (who usually ignored us anyway). The web has profoundly changed the rules. Smart marketers now communicate with buyers through content rich Web sites, blogs, YouTube videos, ebooks, and other online media that buyers actually want to consume. Learn how to lever- age the potential that Web-based communication offers. A step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of the new rules of marketing and PR will be provided, showing how to identify audiences, create compelling messages, get those messages to the most consumers possible, and lead those consumers directly into the buying process. Told with many case studies and real-world examples, this a practical discussion about the new reality of PR and marketing. SUMMIT 2008 4
  5. 5. Notes SUMMIT 2008 5
  6. 6. Shawn Pierce, John Curtis, Stephen Nold, Jason Fellman Tech Panel Shawn Pierce John Curtis Stephen Nold Jason Fellman Vice President of Divisional President and CEO, Quotient President, Advon Technologies Co-founder, FG SQUARED Operations, Hanley Wood Integrated Solutions, Inc. Interactive Marketing 12:15 PM Louvre 1 Hanley Wood: Web 2.0 Website Launch The MTO Lunch with Tech panel will feature the international launch of Hanley Wood’s next generation event website. Shawn Pierce, Hanley Wood Exhibitions V.P. of Operations, will be on hand to share his insights into the business drivers - and strategies behind the new site while Quotient CEO John Curtis will demonstrate some of the site’s innovative web 2.0 features and technologies. Starting with an existing set of integrated back office systems that included sales tools, floor plan management, and data warehousing, Hanley Wood sought to increase the visible benefits of these systems to their exhibitor and attendee custom- ers. Working with tight budgets, aggressive time lines, and a desire to push the limits of event industry norms, Shawn Pierce oversaw an extensive effort to reshape how the website would be used to deepen relationships with and among exhibitors and attendees. The end result is a website designed to “make our customers feel like we know who they are and ease their ability to participate in our events.” Advon Technologies CEO Stephen Nold and FG SQUARED Co-Founder Jason Fellman will co-moderate. From this session, attendees will hear about: • The innovative use of Web 2.0 solutions • Customization of the website experience with relevant content • Leveraging of historical customer data • The ability to deliver messaging based on exhibitor/attendee profiles SUMMIT 2008 6
  7. 7. Notes SUMMIT 2008 7
  8. 8. John Curtis President and CEO, Quotient Integrated Solutions, Inc. Exhibition Systems Education John Curtis, President and CEO of Quotient Integrated Solutions, Inc., has more than 9 years of leadership experience in architecting technology solutions. John’s vision and expertise have driven successful solutions implementations in the Energy, Healthcare, and Communica- tions industries. Companies such as Motorola, Symbol Technologies, Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil, Aetna, Newsweek, and Philip Morris have benefited from his unique combination of technical skills and strategic acumen. John is passionate about technology and its influence on culture and social trends. As an advocate for the end-user, John develops elegant, simple and innovative solutions designed to solve his customers’ busi- ness needs. 9:15 AM Louvre 2 Orchestrating Disparate Systems: Moving from Websites to Web Platforms The push to move “all things web” has left many organizations looking for the perfect system, as they rise to meet the ever increasing need to leverage the web as a platform for end-users. Organizations often start with the approach of looking outward to new technologies, new vendors, and new platforms. During this presentation we will explore and examine the power of looking at your existing infrastructure to create integrated, seamless systems for customers. LEARNER OUTCOMES • Learn realistic examples of integrations - making it look simple • Discover how web services and integrations work to bridge gaps between systems • Learn some of the risks associated with an integration endeavor as well as things to avoid • Learn about the resources your organization will need to effectively execute the plan SUMMIT 2008 8
  9. 9. Notes SUMMIT 2008 9
  10. 10. Dr. Robin F. Potter, Bobbie Tracy, Alan Cordial, Teri Tonioli Exhibition Systems Education Dr. Robin F. Potter is a recognized visionary, futurist, authority, and speaker in the area of electronic transactions and financial transactions, especially as they relate to banking, tradeshows and health- care. He is the founder of PulseCard, the first card to be used electronically and exclusively for the sole purpose of healthcare payment. PulseCard, the card, was added to the collection of the Smith- sonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and PulseCard was recently recognized as the 258th fastest growing company in the nation from the Inc. 500 list of companies. Dr. Potter also founded MSAver, the first Health Savings Account company using debit card technology and restricted to healthcare. He was one of the leading proponents of HSA legislation adopted by congress in 1996. The experiences Dr. Potter gained from exhibiting at more than fifty healthcare and banking shows a year, in addition to input from numerous tradeshow professionals, led him to build TRAQ-IT, a software company dedicated to the automation of all aspects of the tradeshow industry. Bobbie Tracy has been involved in the trade show business for over 30 years. She is currently at The Boeing Company as the senior manager for the Air and Trade Shows group in business develop- ment on the military side of the business. In this role, Bobbie leads the strategic, budgetary and operational aspects of the Boeing Integrated Defense Systems international and domestic trade show program. Bobbie was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She resided in Denver, Colorado and Baltimore, Maryland, before her family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Over the years she played a key role in the transition from traditional media and turnkey applications to electronic and multimedia technologies focusing on alignment with industry standards. In 2007, Bobbie became the senior manager over Boeing’s military air and trade show program. Responsibilities include coordinating the yearly show schedules/budgets as well as creating the strategic objectives for the trade show program. Alan Cordial succeeded as an account executive with a client list that included AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Sony Electronics, Polaroid and Komatsu Machinery generating annual sales over $15M. As President of Creative Productions, a highly profitable custom house, he lead the company’s growth from $4m to $35M before its sale. He held the position of Executive VP Sales and Marketing for a global exhibition provider when annual revenues touched $460M. SUMMIT 2008 10
  11. 11. At one time he held concurrent seats on both the EDPA & TSEA BOD, leading the joint Taskforce effort that drafted the RFI/RFP Guidelines for the Exhibit Industry. He is a frequent speaker at major industry gatherings, published numerous articles and did a one year column for Exhibit Builder magazine of emerging technologies in the event industry. In 2001 Exhibit City named Alan one of the industry’s 10 most influential persons. Currently Alan Cordial is building the industry’s first commercial software, targeting the exhibit supplier with an effect- ive and affordable solution to the challenges of customer collaboration, account operations, asset management, production workflow and sales forecasting. Alan is currently a principle Calan Communications in Cheswick, PA. Teri Tonioli is a Senior Vice President of Strategic Account Management with Experient. Tonioli has been with Experient for 20 years, after experience as the Convention Service Manager at Adam’s Mark hotel in St. Louis, MO. She began as a Meeting and Event Manager in 1988, transitioned to an Account Manager and helped open the Experient St. Louis office in 1990. She then transferred to the Chicago office in 2000 and now oversees the sales and account management teams in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and Twinsburg. Tonioli’s professional affiliations include the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), Meeting Profes- sionals International (MPI), the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and International Association of Exhibi- tions and Events (IAEE). Tonioli was recently appointed to the Board of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research(CEIR) and as a commissioner for the Convention Industry Council, Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX). 10:15 AM Louvre 2 Exhibition Systems Panel Discussion The trade show industry is looking for ways to establish more personal connectivity to each participant, whether it be the show owner, the general service contractor, independent vendor or the exhibitor. This goal is going to require the establishment of some basic standards to communicate and exchange data in an organized yet intelligent manner. The Exhibition & Events Industry has a need to grasp these basic standards in order to utilize them to their greatest degree. Communication to send and receive documents, invoices (not money), acknowledgments, data, and routine show infor- mation are all possible and within reach today. The ability to utilize standards will only increase the “size of the pie” and lead to happier clients in all respects. SUMMIT 2008 11
  12. 12. Notes SUMMIT 2008 12
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  14. 14. Johnnie White, CMP Director, Meetings and Conventions, Cardiovascular Research Foundation Exhibition Systems Education With more than 12 years of experience in the field of meeting planning, Johnnie White was appointed Director of Meetings and Conventions at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in early July 2006. In this role, Johnnie is responsible for the strategic management and planning of the annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Scientific Symposium, which attracts an attendance of over 11,000, as well as more than 40 other meetings, symposia, workshops and physician training programs. He also oversees key areas including CME and Academic programs, Meeting Planning and Exhibitor Services. Since 1998, Johnnie worked at The Endocrine Society where he rose from the position of Meeting Planner to Director of Meetings and CME Services. His responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of the Society’s educational activities and events (including the annual meeting with over 8,000 attendees), over 50 committee meetings, and various regional meetings. He also oversaw the development of enduring-material programs, and managed the CME accreditation pro- cess for all the Society’s CME programs. While at The Endocrine Society, Johnnie was named the 2006 Program Chair for the Planning Committee of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) National Conference in Philadelphia, and served as 2006 President, Capital Chapter of PCMA. 11:15 AM Louvre 2 Incorporating All Stakeholders in the Meeting Planning Logistics Process for an Event Managing meeting logistics can pose a daunting task for all levels of meeting planner. Today’s sessions now offer a complex challenge as new technology is being incorporated into sessions and supporting speaker presenters. There is a learning curve for many meeting planners who need to manage and organize proper implementation of these items. Some planners can be resistant to such technologies as they don’t have the time to learn about them. Traditionally educational meetings have been empowering committees and speakers by offering ways for them to interact so they have a responsibility in the session planning process ensuring needs are known in advance. Why not take that approach with the knowledge base planners that are responsible for producing the meeting and enhancing the communication process with the vendors? Your vendor relationships are a key piece to the success of a meeting. As stakeholders in your meeting why not facilitate a process by creating an environment where information can be shared? Too often we rely on email and printed reports that take time to formulate and usually need to be updated constantly. Email presents challenges as it requires the planner to transfer information from an email into another format so it can be shared to develop the logistical “bible for the meeting.” SUMMIT 2008 14
  15. 15. Notes SUMMIT 2008 15
  16. 16. Stephen Nold President, Advon Technologies Exhibition Systems Education Stephen Nold is a publisher, technologist and researcher at Advon Technologies and blogger for Tradeshow Week where he investigates emerging technology and social media practices around the trade show floor. He focuses on connecting with our industry innovators as a way to make new things. He lectures and leads workshops on the intersections of social media, design, technology and the near-future possibilities for new event and exhibition marketplace. He has taught marketing at the University of Texas and the University of Texas Dallas as a guest lecturer. He has a BBA from the University of Texas and an MBA from the University of Texas Dallas. He speaks regularly for TSAE, MPI, PCMA and launched the eMERGE technology track at IAEE. 1:30 PM Louvre 2 The Fluid Communities of Events and Exhibitions Information has been crawling from database systems onto the tradeshow floor with recent technology evolutions. We are becoming a fluid community of connections. Exhibitor drayage, lead retrieval systems, our cell phones and even hotel rooms are designed to consume data that can be obtained with feed seeders like Twitter, RSS Blogs and other wid- gets. Increasingly, mobile devices know about physical space with orientation and location signals integrated into their designs. Devices network as meaningful real-world insights for the data analytics on show floor traffic. All of this data comes from sensors of all sorts such as personal data recorders, mobile phones, RFID tags, venues themselves, credit card transactions, and card swipes at registration desks. Creating meaning from the fire hose stream of data is the value for exhibitors and show management in the use of data analytics. Too many experts talk about web analytics as useful optimization metrics, yet it is actually real world analytics that provide people with insights into their own corporate brand activities. Real world analytics is about giving meaning to the data that can be sensed from the tangible actions, transactions, movements and encounters derived from the show environment. SUMMIT 2008 16
  17. 17. Notes SUMMIT 2008 17
  18. 18. Michael Pranikoff Director, Emerging Media, Global Trade Show Services, PR Newswire Social Media Education Track Michael Pranikoff, director of Emerging Media at PR Newswire, is responsible for educating PR News- wire staff and customers about the role emerging media, such as RSS, blogs, social networks, search engines, and other Web 2.0 technologies, play in public relations. Michael joined PR Newswire in 1998. He immersed himself in the technology industry in and around the Washington, D.C. area working with clients such as XM Satellite Radio, AOL and the Consumer Electronics Association. In 2003, Michael was named the National Technology Markets Specialist, and eventually led to being named PR Newswire’s first Director of Emerging Media. Michael is also the creator and facilitator of PR Newswire’s Seminar Series entitled “PR in a Web 2.0 World.” Michael has been a featured speaker and moderator at events across the country. Michael is also a featured contributor to several blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. Prior to joining PR Newswire, Michael worked for MacNeil / Lehrer Productions which produces the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Michael graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Speech Communications. Michael Pranikoff maintains a link blog linking to sites and conversations that pertain to the intersection of technology and public relations at http://del.icio.us/michael- pranikoff 9:15 AM Louvre 3 Utilize Web 2.0 and Video Tools to Increase Success and Drive Revenues Successful Marketing and PR have always been key elements in promoting attendance, sponsorships, exhibit sales, and overall industry awareness for your events. Current economic realities, competition for attention from other events, information glut, and growing budget restrictions have made an effective marketing campaign more critical than ever as part of an overall program to ensure the health and success of your events. This session will provide you with several solid case studies showcasing Web 2.0 technology tools and methods initiated and managed by a variety of major trade- show and meetings organizers along with exhibitors. In addition to learning how to apply these winning methods in order to enhance your own events, you’ll also leave the session with some practical solutions and recommendations for ways to help your sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors more effectively market their pre and post participation at your key events; to the ultimate benefit of all participants. SUMMIT 2008 18
  19. 19. Notes SUMMIT 2008 19
  20. 20. David Larkin Managing Director, The Loft Group Social Media Education Track David Larkin is Managing Director of the Loft Group which owns, manages and invests in unique entrepreneurial companies that are at the forefront of change in traditional industries. He is the founder of the Tradeshow News Network which is the most comprehensive directory of the global event industry, which was acquired by the Tarsus Group in 2006. He was vice president of the Larkin Group which was America’s largest producer of fashion trade shows until its acquisition in 2000. Mr. Larkin was an instructor at New York University in the Masters Program in Travel and Tourism. He also served as the Director of the Services Committee of the International Association for Ex- position Management and was a member of the Steering Committee for the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. He has worked as a literary tutor for the Henry Street Settlement and the Angel Rodriguez Youth Center. Currently, he also serves as Executive Board Member of the Montauk Observatory and is one of the founders. Mr. Larkin worked several years in the motion picture industry in New York and Los Angeles after graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Film/Drama. His duties ranged from production manager to producer. Memorable films include: The Flamingo Kid, Kane and Abel, and the late night cable staple Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, better known as CHUD. Mr. Larkin was part of a team that made the first descent of an unexplored river in Tibet, the Shilo Hi, accompanied by a National Geographic film crew. 10:15 AM Louvre 3 Design of a Show Business Model that Supports Exhibitors Many show managers talk about extending the show floor to 365 days, yet few support organizational objectives that meet this goal. Social media has introduced ways to interact with audiences prior to the event, but few show producers have succeeded in creating a true dynamic community that interacts year round. This presentation will discuss solutions for reaching more customers through web 2.0 strategies. LEARNER OUTCOMES • Study of the Internet – then and now. • Find out about the creation of exhibitor value. • Discuss right sized technology that is simple to deploy. • Learn about matching the attention span of customers. SUMMIT 2008 20
  21. 21. Notes SUMMIT 2008 21
  22. 22. Jason Fellman Co-Founder, FG SQUARED Interactive Marketing Social Media Education Track Jason is the co-founder of FG SQUARED Interactive Marketing and served as the CEO and President for 10 years. He now serves as a Strategy Consultant to the firm and its clients. Jason has devel- oped interactive marketing strategies for the world’s most respected international organizations including Shell, Hitachi, Canon, Cardinal Health, Dell, Tokyo Electron, and Motorola. Currently, Jason is the Lead Web Strategist for Shell Global Solutions, provides strategic oversight for FG SQUARED’s Motorola.com agency activities, and has been instrumental in the development of the next generation web strategy for Hanley Wood Exhibitions. As an industry leader, he has been invited to speak at numerous conferences over the years on the subject of Integrated and Web-based marketing. Jason, also a part time professional singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, is a graduate of Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA. 11:15 AM Louvre 3 Creating a Powerful and Sustainable Website Vision The rapid proliferation of leading edge web technologies has left many show managers and event marketers strug- gling to determine the best way to prioritize and leverage these new tools. Industry executives often feel like they’re constantly ‘behind’ with the development and maintenance of their event website. This presentation will discuss step- by-step processes for developing a next generation website strategy, and then continuously improving the website to help increase customer participation. LEARNER OUTCOMES • Learn realistic processes and approaches for developing a strategic vision for dynamic websites • Discover how Web 2.0 technologies can help meet the needs of the target audience • Discuss how to get ‘ahead of the curve by’ transitioning from a reactive to a proactive website development ap- proach. • Learn about the resources available to assist with the development of next generation websites. SUMMIT 2008 22
  23. 23. Notes SUMMIT 2008 23
  24. 24. Andrew Kinnear Manager, Online Experience, Green Rewards Inc. Social Media Education Track Andrew Kinnear has more than 10 years of marketing and technology experience and is a se- rial entrepreneur. An accomplished marketing innovator, his vision and expertise have helped to craft many businesses over the last few years, and generated significant proof of concept or revenue growth. Andrew’s ability to connect with customers and colleagues has been a key ingredient in delivering outstanding results throughout his career, and his unique and distinctive insights for the web drive tangible economic benefit. He is currently an online marketing consultant to LoyaltyOne™, operators of the AIR MILES Reward Program®, and joined the team when LoyaltyOne acquired Green Rewards Inc., a coalition loyalty program for Canadians empowering consumers to make greener choices by shifting behavior toward eco-friendly reward options. Andrew previously worked for Advertising and Marketing agencies in Toronto, as well a few start-ups. In April of 2007, Andrew was one of only 200 Canadians selected from thousands, to be trained by Al Gore as part of his Climate Project, to deliver the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ presentation. Andrew is a social networking evangelist, and often speaks about climate change, technology, innovation and social media marketing. 1:30 PM Louvre 3 Impact of Web 2.0 on the Green Movement The not-for-profits from the environmental movement, like many other associations, had the challenge of getting public attention for their causes. How can they get public eyeballs on our issues and effect change? We will explore how Web 2.0 has become a welcome solution providing the necessary features to attract consumer attention. Incrementally, when consumers do get engaged, we will explore how social media has provided the tools to harness all of the individual contributions to resolve the issue into large national (or global) solutions. LEARNER OUTCOMES • Acquire the Top 5 take home examples of high impact solutions to drive web attention • Learn the coolest Web 2.0 features with real life examples from the “Green” space • Preview some early thinking on where Web 3.0 will take us • Learn a little about the “green” movement in the process SUMMIT 2008 24
  25. 25. Notes SUMMIT 2008 25
  26. 26. MTO Innovator Awards 2008 Chris Brown Mentor Award roadcasters Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations, National Association of Broadcasters a focus on producing Chris has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the trade show industry, most of it in the non-profit sector with a focus on producing sion, which supports large-scale trade shows and events. In his current capacity Chris heads NAB’s Conventions & Business Operations division, which supports ions for the associa- all of NAB’s revenue-generating operations and is also directly responsible for producing two major annual conventions for the associa- w features 900,000 tion. One of these conventions, the NAB Show is the largest event in the world covering electronic media. The show features 900,000 net square feet of exhibits, 1,600 exhibitors and over 100,000 attendees. munications Industry Prior to coming to NAB Chris spent three and a half years as Vice President of Conventions for the Personal Communications Industry nual convention, the Association (PCIA), an organization that represents the wireless communications sector. While at PCIA, Chris helped build the association’s annual convention, the ris’ early experience Communications Showcase, into the largest show serving the wireless industry and one of the fastest growing events in the country. Chris’ early experience Personal or one of the top 15 ten years (1985-1994) with Food Marketing Institute (FMI) where, as Director of Exhibits, he managed the sales and exhibitor services for one of the top 15 included ourcing divisionshows in the U.S. Between his tenures at FMI and PCIA, Chris served as Vice President of the Association Services Group, a show management outsourcing division that that Chris helped launch for the private show management company CMC. ajor American Trade is a past Chairman of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE; www.iaee.com). He has also served on the Board of Major American Trade Chris Commerce from the Organizers (MATSO) and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). He holds a BS in Commerce from the Show rry reside in Fairfax, University of Virginia and an Executive Masters of General Administration from the University of Maryland University College. He and his wife Sherry reside in Fairfax, VA and are the proud parents of four children, Ryan, Sean, Jessie and Cory. Shawn Pierce Rising Star Award Vice President of Divisional Operations, Hanley Wood twork serving North Shawn Pierce is Vice President of Divisional Operations, Hanley Wood—the premier business-to-business media network serving North T, infrastructure, IT, America’s residential and commercial construction industries—where he has full P&L responsibility for CONNECT, infrastructure, IT, He helped start the registration and administration and streamlines all operating groups, systems and processes within the company. He helped start the ce serving the trade Exhibitions Division in 2000 and grow it into a $50 million+ business. Pierce has more than 13 years’ experience serving the trade gistration center for show industry, including creating and developing all technological support for a $3 million, 80+ trade show registration center for hing companies. He Miller Freeman/CMP, the world’s largest trade show producer and one of the largest business-to-business publishing companies. He ance and marketing also created ADAPT (A Database Analyzer & Prospecting Tool), a database system used worldwide to track attendance and marketing tional Association of for exhibitions companies, for which he received the 2003 Trade Show Executive Innovation of the Year Award. Pierce belongs to the International Association of data Exhibition Management (IAEM) and Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO). Rajiv Jain Entrepreneur Award President and CEO, a2z Inc. nd works along side As the President/CEO of a2z, Inc. Rajiv Jain not only undertakes the daily business responsibilities, but mentors and works along side the staff. sed exposition floor Rajiv leads the development of cutting-edge technologies for the events industry, including the first fully web-based exposition floor 2z is now widely rec- plan management solution and the first generation of online matchmaking tools for exhibitors and attendees. a2z is now widely rec- ces and trade shows, ognized as the leading provider of web-based event management software for managing and marketing conferences and trade shows, serving over 500+ shows, including 40+ TSW Top 200 shows. v has transformed1998, along with three other partners, he founded a2z, Inc. to develop a new breed of online solutions for B-to-B applications. Since then, Rajiv has transformed it In it test growing private a start-up into an internationally-recognized provider of software solutions for the events industry that has just been ranked among the fastest growing private from companies by Inc. Magazine. In 2008, Rajiv was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008 Award Finalist in Maryland. 26 26
  27. 27. MTO Technology Supplier Awards 2008 MTO MeetingTechOnline Top Technology Suppliers 2008 Awards honor the most distinguished and innovative technology suppliers in the meetings and events industry. The candidate pool was notably exceptional this year, with numerous candidates displaying outstanding attributes of innovation, originality, and leadership in the development of technology tools. 27 27
  28. 28. ethnoMETRICS, Inc. Notes Case Study Contact: Dave Fellers, CAE 4000 W. 87th Street dfellers@ethnometrics.com Prairie Village, Kansas 66207 702-263-1517 Challenge A leading medical society that holds one of the world’s largest medical meetings desired to improve its technical exhibit layout and the user friendliness of the hall where its educational and scientific posters were displayed. Traffic was a problem in the exhibit hall as crowds stacked up in aisles and around large exhibitors. The Education hall consisted of 300,000 square feet which included poster boards, informatics displays and an area for more than 300 computers so that electronic education and scientific exhibits could be displayed. The technical exhibits covered over 560,000 square feet. Solution EthnoMETRICS utilized over 50 cameras installed in McCormick Place to measure traffic flow and attendee behavior. Video taping analysis of technical exhibits resulted in a recommendation to increase the “drive aisles” and to shfit some of the larger exhibitors further back in the hall . The result was significant improvement in traffic flowing through the hall and increased satisfaction of exhibitors. Video analysis of the Education hall recommended reorganization of the hall into “spoke and wheel” communities for each of the 16 medical subspecialty areas and adding signage above the spokes. This allows attendees to easily find their area of interest, to network, discuss and view the posters and view electronic exhibits on large screens as part of each medical specialty “community.” This resulted in an increase of 35 minutes of dwell time per attendee and ease of finding their specific community. SUMMIT 2008 28 25
  29. 29. Notes SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals Case Study Contact: Steven Shatsoff 2430 Visount Row sshatsoff@smartsourcerentals.com Orlando, Fl 32809 407-582-9221 Challenge The client, one of the nations’ leading financial services firm, annually holds several hundred corporate meetings and events on an international level. The rapid production and dissemination of information on an ongoing basis in an ever changing environment proves to be extremely costly, time consuming, and inefficient. At the same time, facing the need to be the leader in their industry in becoming a socially conscious organization utilizing a “green” solution to meet their challenges, the client turned to SmartSource. Solution SmartSource offered to meet the challenge utilizing technological tools to provide the services necessary to fully integrate the systems and services the client required. First was the implementation of an on-line information system which serves as an Electronic Document Library. The establishment of a central server to hold and maintain an electronic database of all marketing materials, annual reports, show materi¬als, and presentations, which is then accessed and maintained electronically on show site by means of a kiosk based cyber café, resulted in saving tens of thousands of dollars in replacing printed materials, drayage, storage and waste. To disseminate the information, the end user simply emails selected documents to their inbox while providing essential instantaneous demographics to the event manage- ment team. Coupled with a fully integrated Digital Signage System to replace printed show materials and allowing for on the fly changes provided the client with an integrated, “green,” cost saving solution utilizing the computer and audio visual systems only a full service national provider can offer. SUMMIT 2008 29 25
  30. 30. a2z Inc. Case Study Contact: Michael Hatch 10320 Little Patuxent Parkway mikeh@a2zinc.net Columbia, MD 21044 443-393-2440 Challenge InfoComm08 (Las Vegas, June 18-20,2008) was history’s largest annual conference and exhibition for audiovisual buyers and sellers. Challenges: The size and complexity of the show resulted in several exhibition and conference management and marketing challenges to InfoComm: how to consolidate member, attendee and exhibitor data from several loosely connected systems? How to better integrate the conference/session database management with the exhibition and overall event management? How to transition from manual booth sales to an automated process to save time and reduce eventual errors? And how to launch, integrate and manage a state-of-the-art matchmak- ing, professional networking and appointment scheduling program. Solution The InfoComm management team meticulously planned the event and provided stringent, but well thought through requirements to a2z for their new system. Thereafter, a2z and InfoComm teams worked closely to design, host and manage a solution that not only delivered on their requirements, but also provided innovative functionality such as interactive and self-serve event website tools for attendees and exhibitors, automated online sales for web site advertising, keyword purchases, rebook and new booth sales, matchmaking and profes- sional networking. Innovation: A comprehensive a2z marketing program was seamlessly integrated with InfoComm08’s a2z matchmaking, networking and appointment scheduling solution, including intelligent marketing opportunities for exhibitors. Using the system, exhibitors were able to greatly enhance their marketing efforts, increase booth traffic and qualified leads since the system allowed focused delivery of their unique marketing messages, and value-proposition selectively to only their best (targeted) buyers coming to the show. Results: 1. 88% exhibitor retention by NSF, up 4% from last year 2. 82% exhibitor retention by revenue, up 10% from last year 3. 500+ exhibitors rebooked onsite, up 12% from last year 4. Booth selection and sales time reduced by 95% over last year 5. 100% system availability SUMMIT 2008 30
  31. 31. Acteva Notes Case Study Contact: Ed Lemire 100 Pine St. 10th Floor elemire@acteva.com San Francisco, CA 94111 415-962-9039 Challenge In 2007, SocialWorld saw that with such a wide variety of organizations and events on university campuses - chapter meetings, parties, guest speakers, workshops, fundraising activities, etc - there are endless opportunities for students to get together. SocialWorld identified a real need for a campus-specific social networking platform targeted to students and student organizations for both generalized social networking and for a centralized online location for their activities and events. The system was to combine elements of social network- ing with organization-specific functions and communications and it needed to have both a Campus-wide and Organization-specific events calendar with integrated registration and online payment capabilities. Solution SocialWorld approached Acteva because Acteva was in the process of developing a new type of social network focused on organizations’ needs. In addition, Acteva has already built an established reputation with university-based organizations. This year SocialWorld released their new system - built on the Acteva Community Network platform – and is now live on 12 college campuses. Major campuses, such as Penn State University, University of Georgia, and the University of Florida are among these first sites. The Acteva Community Network is the first social networking solution to integrate an event calendar, online event registration and social networking for any organizations. It provides a single tool to easily manage an organization’s memberships, dues, events and online payments – all within a social networking platform. With an event calendar, event registration, media sharing, internal and external email messaging, file sharing, collaboration and other social networking capabilities, the Acteva Community Network provides a complete social solution for any organizations. SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 31 25
  32. 32. ASP Inc. Case Study Contact: Aaron Coole 6260 Mcleod Drive, Suite 120 ajc@aspevents.com Las Vegas, NV 89120 702-433-2611 Challenge With over 70,000 visitors and 4,000 exhibitors, Spring Fair, held in February each year, is the largest international show for the retail gift and jewelry industry. Spring Fair approached ASP with a view to fulfilling three key objectives: · exploit the exhibitor company and product information available · extend the show brand online and off the show floor · create new revenue streams from the website Solution Using the content management system developed inhouse specifically for the expo industry, ASP designed and built SpringFair.com. SpringFair.com has become a year round marketplace for the gift, housewares, stationery and party industry with news, information and suppliers being added throughout the show cycle, alongside the annual event itself. Exhibiting suppliers pay for a comprehensive year round listing including full contact details, product information and photos, press releases and links to supplier website, enabling them to gain new leads and orders via the show site before, during and after the show. This results in an impressive ROI for the exhibiting suppliers and adds vital content to the site aiding the search engine rankings. Along with the extensive supplier functionality, the site has incorporated advertising space where organizations can choose whether to appear on specific pages, according to their sector interest, or across the whole site. The success of these ads can be monitored through the CMS analyzer tools helping the organizer and advertiser to quantify their effectiveness. These two features alone have created over $3m online revenue for the SpringFair.com organizers. SUMMIT 2008 32
  33. 33. Attendee Interactive Notes Case Study Contact: Tim Lynott 10281 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 201 Tim@attendeeinteractive.com Ellicott City, MD 21042 410-480-8148 ext. 302 Challenge Our Client was having difficulty managing the day-to-day logistical components of their conference. With over 10,000 attendees, hundreds of vendors and meeting rooms, our client was looking for a better way to manage and enter the tremendous amount of data associated with a meeting of this size. The sheer number of Food and Beverage orders and Audio Visual requests can be overwhelming. In addition, they were seeking a better way of distributing and communicating their logistical needs to the convention center and their vendors. Solution Attendee Interactive was able to facilitate the client’s needs through the use of its AI-Logistics and Vendor Management application. The system allowed show management to input, update and review their logistical details through a secured web-based application. The solu- tion provided our client with accurate information, improved communication tools and increased reporting capabilities. The system also allowed vendors to access real-time data concerning room sets and layouts. Through a secured login, each vendor could view the require- ments of each room set, in addition, to being notified by email of any changes. In the end, the system worked flawlessly and was a well received solution for both the conference manager and vendors. SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 33 25
  34. 34. Certain Software Case Study Contact: Chris Emerson 1 Daniel Burnham Court Suite 330C cemerson@certain.com San Francisco, CA 94109 415-345-2704 Challenge In 2005, Westfield’s Director of Guest Services and Corporate Event Planner, Kristene Hawk and Sara Tester, were looking to the market for a cost-effective, easy-to-use technology solution to tackle online registration for the 250 – 300 meetings that they plan each year. Up to that point, their event planning process had been almost entirely manual. They needed an online registration application that would allow them to get started quickly and streamline their event planning process. Hawk observes, “Technology right now is really putting everything into the palm of meeting planners’ and attendees’ hands. Our guests are so much more accustomed to doing everything online in terms of registering than to do it via paper.” * Westfield Insurance is an Ohio-based insurance, banking and related financial services group of businesses, providing commercial and personal insurance and surety services to customers in 28 states. Solution Westfield compared many online registration applications, but Certain Registration™ stood out because of its ease of use and ability to automate the entire registration experience. “We were going from not using any kind of online products to initiating this product with our agents, and we just wanted something very user friendly. Attendees get an automatic confirmation. That was a big part of our decision as well. We don’t have to do a lot of the steps that we did before. It’s all automatic,” says Hawk. Certain Registration helped Westfield go online with their event planning very quickly, getting them started with templates, program and housing features that make recurring events easy to replicate. Building a new registration site for specific events is now as simple for Westfield’s planners as swapping out a logo on a registration form. “We did a lot of research when we were trying to decide on a provider. Certain just offers exactly what we were looking for….Certain Registration is very user friendly.” Kristene Hawk Director of Guest Services Westfield Insurance SUMMIT 2008 34
  35. 35. Digitell Inc. Notes Case Study Contact: Steven Parker 111 West 2nd St., 3rd Floor sparker@digitellinc.com Jamestown, NY 14701 800-249-2662 Challenge The Society of Financial Services Professionals (SFSP) in the past has created video training scenerios using actors and actresses. This has been a costly process for SFSP, especially when changes take place and the need to re-shoot the video occurs. SFSP was looking for a way to reduce the cost of producing training videos, yet maintain the effectiveness of delivering the appropriate message. Solution Utilizing Digitell’s new virtual technology, Digitell created a training video using avatars (digital people) who acted out a training scenerio in the virtual world built by Digitell that reflected a real world environment. This enabled SFSP the ability to produce their training videos using virtual technology for less than 25% of their previous cost. In addition, changes are as simple as changing the audio file and can be done at a minimal cost instead of having to re-shoot the entire video. SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 35 25
  36. 36. EventReady Case Study Contact: Ed Mahoney 1346 Blue Oaks Blvd, Ste. 180 ed@eventready.com Roseville, CA 95678 916-774-8601 Challenge This client is a large organization that has over 500 events and needed a company that understood their needs immediately and could build them a product that solved their issues with an easy to use solution. The current calendar and registration automation used by the client has limited functionality and requires a high amount of maintenance. In addition, the management of Events, Accreditation, Registration, Sponsorships, and Shopping Cart utilize different applications that are not integrated and each requires specialized resources to support and maintain the applications. The client also had a unique need for all of these separate applications to integrate seamlessly with their membership database, allowing them to streamline all of their current processes. The following business objectives will be addressed by implementing products or enhancements outlined in this white paper: · Improve the end-user experience, typically Members, and thus improve overall satisfaction and build usage of the web site. · Increase the functionality available to meeting planners thus improving overall efficiency and reducing manual work. · Consolidate various applications that require separate support and specialized technical resources, thus reducing cost. · Improve the reliability of the application thus reducing maintenance and improving overall satisfaction. Solution Event Ready built an event management system that replaced the client’s current multiple applications. We successfully consolidated these applications into one integrated event management database. This integrated application solution provides event management, accredita- tion, calendar management, registration, exhibitor and floorplan tools, while implementing shopping cart functionality for use on the various corporate websites. Following is a list of the major requirements and functions that we built for the client. Event Ready identified and implemented an integrated application that provides the following functionality: Event Management, Calendar, Registration, Shopping Cart, Accreditation, Floor Plan, Membership Integration The solution needed to be available to various business units within the client’s membership. - Client headquarters - Regional Offices & Subsidiaries Integrates with internal systems to obtain/maintain Contact and Company (Member) information as it relates to: - Attendees (Public, Employee, Member) - Exhibitors (Vendors, Contracted Suppliers) - Corporate web sites (marketplace, HPPI Exchange) SUMMIT 2008 36
  37. 37. Fish Notes Case Study Contact: Michael Gilvar 1434 Patton Pl. Suite 190 mgilvar@fishsoftware.com Carrollton, TX 75007 903-436-1617 Challenge Problems related to poor measurement are endemic in the event business. Trade Shows remain at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of measurement and quantitative value. Exhibitors are clamoring for more measurable value, while simultaneously the “leads” which are collected remain under leveraged (86% of all leads never receive any form of post-event follow-up). This lack of real measurement adds to the increasing show producer problem of exhibitor attrition rates, which translate to smaller shows and a decrease in value for the attendee. Solution Fish has deployed the first RTLS (Real Time Location System) attendee tracking system for the event industry. The Fish system records the exact location of every attendee every second with an accuracy of six inches. The system is focused on driving attendee value by allowing the attendee to leverage two buttons on the tag to request location specific information sent to a personal website and to swap contact information with other attendees. The exhibitor and show producer benefit from automated (real time) reports that include analysis (segmented by measurement zone and visitor type) on visit counts, aggregate time of visits, average time per visit, aisle analysis, booth staff intelligence and session tracking. The Fish technology transforms events from the least measureable to the most measureable form of marketing mediums. SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 37 25
  38. 38. IndustryConnect Case Study Contact: Dave Einzig 307 West 38th Street, Suite 901 dave@industryconnect.com New York, NY 10018 800-288-1440 ext 702 Challenge The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) was seeking a solution to execute a cutting edge attendee e-Marketing campaign for their CONEXPO/ConAGG event to drive online pre-registrations as well as increase verification rates to ensure that those that are pre- registered attend the show. At the same time, it was known that the number one reason attendees visit their show is to see the industry’s new products and solutions. Featuring such content from the exhibitor, base in the attendee e-Marketing campaign, could prove to be very powerful and engage the audience to pay special attention to the e-Newsletters while giving exhibitors added value. Solution IndustryConnect and CONEXPO/ConAGG successfully produced an eight week “Countdown to the Show” attendee e-Newsletter campaign with both Show News and featured exhibitor content viewable by product category. The exhibitor content collection and billing functions were seamlessly executed through IndustryConnect’s user friendly online Announcement Entry System. “The success of this campaign exceeded our expectations, both in the number of exhibitors who participated and the revenue generated,” says Chuck Frey of AEM. “Fea- turing such exhibitor announcements, press releases and invitations to events helped to communicate the value and power of the show to attendees. The planning and execution of this program was completely handled by the IndustryConnect team with a high degree of profes- sionalism.” Over the last year many of the nation’s largest trade shows including K/BIS, The National Hardware Show, GlobalShop, JCK Las Vegas, Book Expo America and The PGA Merchandise Show have executed similar IndustryConnect programs with the same excellent results. SUMMIT 2008 38
  39. 39. Map Your Show Notes Case Study Contact: Phil Louis 6915 Valley Ave. plouis@mapyourshow.com Cincinnati, OH 45244 513-379-7052 Challenge MYS had a major trade show client using our services to maintain and produce their show directory both in print and on interactive CD. The client wanted to offer their 80,000 plus attendees the opportunity to more easily prepare for the show online as well as offer their exhibitors additional branding opportunities. They defined their specifications for an interactive floor plan and agenda builder and submit- ted this project to several companies for bid. Solution After receiving the requirements from the client, the MYS development team proceeded to build a beta version of an online floor plan that won the approval of our client. The beta version was honed and refined and additional components were added. Shortly thereafter, version 1.0 was implemented on the client’s website. The floor plan’s ease of use and real-time interactivity quickly caught the attention of other trade shows and was implemented on numerous other sites. The MYS floor plan resides on a secure and scalable client/server framework that easily integrates with any size trade show’s web site. Our strong in-house development team has since added numerous enhancements to our products and MYS now offers version 4.0 of our application. MYS currently presents a suite of advanced solutions and products that will bring new revenue streams and efficiencies to any show. Contact MYS at 888-527-8822 or sales@mapyourshow.com to find out more! SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 39 25
  40. 40. Quotient Integrated Solutions Case Study Contact: John Curtis 723 E 6th St. john.curtis@quotient.net Austin, TX 78701 512-646-4902 Challenge In 2007-2008, Motorola, an enterprise B2B company needed to migrate and consolidate the content of 12 acquisitions under a single content management system and online brand. This consolidation consisted of over 45,000 pages of content originating in a variety of sources, formats, and content guidelines. The internal IT department had developed a migration plan and written an import script based on a single format, and had not considered the additional formats and sources of content needing migration. Solution Quotient took an inventory of all of the systems and gathered information about the size of the project and level of effort. Migration scripts were developed for each of the acquisitions to collect the content and translate it into a format compatible with the generic import script. Essentially all 45,000 pages of disparate content needed to be fit into a singular format for the import script to be successful. Ad- ditionally, global business units needed to rework their content to make it fit the new constraints and content guidelines before the content could be imported into the unified content management system. Quotient built an online tool and imported the content there, allowing the tool to serve as a single place for non-technical business users to review, change and validate the content. The project took 6 months and 4,800 hours of work. SUMMIT 2008 40
  41. 41. TRAQ-IT Software Notes Case Study Contact: Eric Schaumburg 7300 W. 110th St. Suite 920 eschaumburg@traqit.com Overland Park, KS 66210 913-498-1221 ext 121 Challenge Six Tradeshow Managers were faced with: 1. Lack of an organized process for tradeshow management 2. Inundation with multiple spreadsheets and word documents 3. Lack of communication with other show managers and outbound sales reps 4. Inefficient and inaccurate after-show reporting 5. Total lack of business continuity Solution TRAQ-IT Online Provided the Solution with: 1. Organized repository for show data such as to-do’s, reminders and financial data 2. Reduced paper trail with archived information that is entirely web-based and accessible 24/7 3. Increased communication through Personal View accounts, Notes & Attachments 4. Instantaneous after-show reporting 5. Business continuity through a standardized system that can bring in new users with no down time FINAL NOTE: This major corporation on their own calculated that implementation of TRAQ-IT reduced manual work by ~400 hours a year, at a rate of $50 an hour which equated to approximately $20,000 in annual savings as well as incalcuable benefits such as business continuity and unimpeded workflow. SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 41 25
  42. 42. Turning Technologies, LLC Case Study Contact: Dominic Italiano 255 West Federal St. ditaliano@turningtechnologies.com Youngstown, OH 44503 866-746-3015 Challenge Image Work Communications was commissioned to create a memorable, interactive experience for Hewlett-Packard’s booth at the 2007 Interhop IT Expo and Conference. As one of the main players in the computing and printing world, HP was working to showcase their ProCurve Networking capabilities, offering networking solutions, products, customer care and training to keep businesses connected inside and out. In order to generate leads, multiply booth traffic and increase ROI, Image Work had to determine a way to drive attendees to the booth and keep them in their seats. Solution Image Work transformed a typical tradeshow booth into an interactive theater. The booth produced a fun, high-energy environment that featured mixed media, product videos, live talent and audience response technology. Turning Technologies’ audience response was integrated heavily to ask qualifying questions built around specific product features, benefits and customer preferences. One series of questions even involved a “”fastest audience finger”” where winners were given a chance to play for an iPod® Nano. HP was given survey reports and a list of qualified leads for future sales and marketing campaigns. Due to its large success, Turning Technologies’ audi- ence response is continually integrated into HP’s tradeshow atmosphere. Thanks to their innovation, Image Work was awarded The HP One Voice Award for global brand excellence in event marketing for their tradeshow events using audience response. The productions achieved 20-fold, “$60 million” ROI results and video assets were leveraged during other events. SUMMIT 2008 42
  43. 43. Ungerboeck Systems International Notes Case Study Contact: Steve Mackenzie 100 Ungerboeck Park steve.mackenzie@ungerboeck.com O’Fallon, MO 63368 636-688-2000 Challenge Maintaining an accurate CRM databse at a low cost. An event organizer in the entertainment industry was updating their CRM database by sending out a form to its members and affiliated organizations on an annual basis. The issue was that the reply rate to these mailings was often 60% or less, meaning that at any one time almost half of the CRM database may have had invalid, or at the very least data that hadn’t been verified in over a year. Those that did return the forms often didn’t fill out entire sections because of the amount of time involved and the paper being generated. Solution It was found that using the internet capabilities of their existing software (EBMS), allowing members to sign on securely to their website to update information real-time in the CRM database was the solution for them. This solution was chosen because it was low cost (they already owned the software), could be up and running quickly, and integrated with their pre-existing CRM database. An accurate contact database helps drive event attendance, improve member retention, and reduce costs by reducing the amount of returned mail. By integrating directly and in real-time with the back end database event organizers are able to maintain a more accurate database. iEBMS can help to facilitate greater data accuracy from those that do respond because forms are user-definable and can be powered using validated fields thus ensuring that answers are stored in a uniform manner. SUMMIT 2008 SUMMIT 2008 43 25
  44. 44. WingateWeb Case Study Contact: Steven Sheffield 15 West Scenic Pointe Suite 200 steve.sheffield@wingateweb.com Draper, UT 84020 801-617-0265 Challenge A Fortune 500 software company was hosting their annual conference with 15,000 attendees, 6 hotels, 400 exhibitors, 300 breakout sessions, 500 speakers and a dozen surveys. The event managers were experiencing considerable pain and time waste by using separate systems to manage registration, hotel blocks, content development, breakout room scheduling, exhibitor management, lead retrieval, and conference surveys. Providing up-to-date reports for senior executives meant a continual process of combining spreadsheets. Supplemental staff was required for the process of maintaining, updating, and reporting from all the systems. Additionally, the data collected from on- site systems was disparate and not useful for follow-up sales and marketing purposes. Solution WingateWeb Conference™ was deployed to manage registration, hotels, sessions, speakers, exhibitors, lead retrieval, surveys, and report- ing from within one system. Huge efficiency gains were realized by managing and reporting across all elements in real time from one system. Functional managers were given the appropriate levels of access to manage their areas of responsibility. The attendee experience was improved with the use of better system interfaces and a single web-based portal for attendees to register, schedule sessions, schedule 1x1 meetings, take surveys, and socially network with fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Event managers were able to eliminate the expense of multiple systems and easily provide detailed reporting and trend information to executives. The on-site data from the event yielded highly targeted leads showing demographic data, purchasing power, sessions attended and exhibitors visited. As a result, the event managers were able to quantify the marketing impact of the event. SUMMIT 2008 44
  46. 46. SUMMIT 2009 WASHINGTON D.C. March 24-25 (Registration available Dec. 15) Social Networking, Venue Tech Management and Association Management Systems SUMMIT 2009 LONDON, UK JUNE 2009 Mobile Applications and Registration Tools SUMMIT 2009 SAN FRANCISCO, CA OCTOBER 2009 Wireless and Registration Solutions Crystal Lloyd, Sales Manager • crystal@meetingtechonline.com • 512.310.0628
  47. 47. Success Story No. 107: How RSNA made a hit with their attendees. When the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) came across challenges in their show, they knew ethnoMETRICSSM would help achieve the results they needed. Because of ethnoMETRICSSM unique ability to measure factor that influence the tradeshow experience, RSNA revealed key components that require adjustments to their current show strategy. Using their in-depth video analysis principles, ethnoMETRICSSM helped the RSNA team interpret attendee behaviors to formulate a solution to improve the overall tradeshow experience for show attendees and exhibitors. By modifying floors plans, adding additional signage to increase visibility and creating an efficient traffic flow among exhibit halls, RSNA increased customer satisfaction and gained positive feedback among visitors who came to the show. Get the analysis you can count on ethnoMETRICSSM. Let us help you tell your story today! For more info call (269) 208-5508 www.ethnometrics.com
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