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  1. 1. Homeschooling Wanzhen Gan (Crystal) 301126303
  2. 2. Homeschooling• Homeschooling is the education of children at home, typically by parents or by tutors, ratherthan in otherformal settings of public orprivate school.
  3. 3. Policy Document: Policy for homeschoolers in B.C.For persons of school age :• can register as a homeschooler and enroll as a student with a board or authority.• homeschoolers may attend an educational program, including the payment of a fee, but no credit.• A homeschooler that enrolls in a course offered through a regular school program, becomes an enrolled student.
  4. 4. The reasons for homeschooling Parents are dissatisfied with the school system• some families view grading systems as inadequate or irrelevant to real learning• Parents don‟t want their children to be programmed• they worry that their children are not getting enough individual attention in school
  5. 5. Parents decided on home schooling for religious reasons• They thought the public schools would brainwash the kids.For example, Christianparents want their childrento receive an educationinfused with Christianprinciples.
  6. 6. Some other reasons• Homeschooling fit the transient life style„• Some children did not like “learning in such a formal way”• Some children have learning disability
  7. 7. Advantages of homeschoolingHomeschooling is both time and location flexible.• Home-schooled can get to go at their own pace, unlike a regular classroom.• For example, Going to the grocery store became a lesson in math.Homeschoolers are free to select the curricula and activities they are interested in. Therefore, they gain more motivation to learn naturally
  8. 8. Advantages of homeschoolingParents can work one on one with their children, work with them individually and directly.
  9. 9. Advantages of homeschoolingInstead of missing out on socialization, homeschooler probably were more selective in the kind of socialization• Parents encourage individual activities, including internships and volunteer work, which help make their children comfortable with adults.• Sometimes in the school situation, children can socialize with the wrong kind of people
  10. 10. Problems of homeschoolingThe publics viewsThe biggest thing people want to talk about is socialization.• many mainstream educators remain wary about socialization skills and about the potential inability of parents to give their children the rigor and depth they need in all subjects.
  11. 11. Problems of homeschoolingSome have found the transition challenging• a lot of inherent mistrust of home-schooled students.• Many home-schooled students‟ are not going to gain acceptance in the world if they dont have the credential.
  12. 12. Problems of homeschooling Home-schooled children have had little experience with the kind of competition among school-children. Some school district does not allow home- schooled children to play on its teams.
  13. 13. Problems of homeschoolingFor parents Home-schoolingtakes time. Parentslose income whenthey at home Parents arenot an expertin every subject
  14. 14. discussion1. Do you recommend homeschooling?2. Parents home school their children because they think they can educate their children better than schools. Do you think they can?3. Do you agree that socialization is a problem for homeschooler?4. Is homeschooling a formal or non-formal education?5. Do you think children would prefer home schooling or regular schooling?
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