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Hero conf enhanced_anderson

  1. 1. Deep Dive intoEnhanced CampaignsPreparing for ECCrystal (Anderson) O’NeillSEER Interactivewww.SEERInteractive.com
  2. 2. 30 Second Background:• Lead PPC Division at SEER Interactive– AdWords & adCenter Qualified Company– PPC, SEO, Analytics• Began PPC career in 2006– SEO, Media, Analytics & Biz Dev Background• International experience in B2B, B2C, E-comm PPCaccounts & budgets from a few thousand to sixfigures
  3. 3. Why EnhancedCampaigns?
  4. 4. “Reach consumers at the moments thatmatter across devices with more relevantads”- Google
  5. 5. Take a DeepBreath andGet Started …
  6. 6. How I Learned
  7. 7. Getting StartedKnow Your StuffWatch the webinarsRead the blogsRead the upgrade guide
  8. 8. Practice Makes PerfectTest upgrading to EC to get familiar with the steps andoptions: How long it will take you What options you have Where new settings are located How bid adjustments will work
  9. 9. Test Yourself Transition an old campaign Create a test AdWords account/campaignsBe sure to create Desktop and Mobile campaigns topractice merging campaigns Test upgrading with interface and editor
  10. 10. How I Prepared
  11. 11. Getting StartedConduct an AuditIdentify which devices campaigns are currentlytargetingIdentify campaign settingsCheck out geo data – need to setup geo bidding?Do you need to transition sitelinks?What about call extensions?Day parting?
  12. 12. Getting StartedConduct an AuditIdentify if you will need to merge campaigns toupgradeDo you have separate mobile, tablet and/ordesktop campaigns?
  13. 13. Create A PlanUse your audit to determine how each campaignwill be upgradedIf you need to merge campaigns 2 importantconsiderations:Primary campaignLongest historyMost statisticsHigher investmentQuality ScoreTry to preserve keywords, ads, landing pages, and devicecombinations to keep QS intact (as much as possible)
  14. 14. Budget The Time5-10 minutes for basic upgradesExample: Desktop only campaign being upgradedUse Editor bulk when you can to save time25-30 minutes for more complex upgradesMerging campaignsCreating mobile only adsImplementing bid adjustments
  15. 15. Don’t Forget DetailsDon’t forget about sitelinks and bid adjustments!Remember they can now be campaign or ad grouplevel25 characters maxDon’t forget youcannot have phonenumbers in ads; Usecall extensions!Bidding – calculatorexample
  16. 16. BudgetingIf you have to merge campaigns, don’t forget tomerge budgets!Tip: Look at budget trends for all old campaignsto determine where to set your Enhancedcampaign budgets
  17. 17. How I PreparedClients
  18. 18. Be ProactiveExplain what Enhanced campaigns areBe prepared for questions! Remember thatclients/stakeholders often have only basic knowledgeof what you doDon’t focus on only thenegatives; Be sure toshare the benefits ofEnhanced campaignsGood opportunity to‘upsell’
  19. 19. Set ExpectationsProactively address how performance may beaffectedIf you had opted out of tablets before due to poorperformance, what will happen now?If you had mobile only campaigns before, and they nowmust run on desktops/tablets, how do you anticipateperformance to be affected?Think about what re-training is neededSeparate campaigns are no longer neededManaging bidding will changeDevice targeting will change
  20. 20. Post Upgrade PlanDon’t set and forget (brand new baby – image?!)Monitor performance closelyKeep an eye out on CPCsKeep an eye out for how your traffic is splittingBudgetsBe proactive in sharing resultsBe proactive in creating plans for optimizing andtesting as you aggregate data
  21. 21. In Summary …Do your researchTest upgradingConduct an auditPrepare your planExecute your planSet expectationsHave a post upgrade plan
  22. 22. Thank you!Ask Me Anything, Anytime:• Twitter: @Crystala• Email: crystala@seerinteractive.com