AB MY TH 3: DOING ABS ON A STABILIT Y BALL WILL...

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New Study Puts the Crunch on Ineffective Ab Exercises


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New Study Puts the Crunch on Ineffective Ab Exercises

  1. 1. NOVEMBER, 2008 AB MY TH 3: DOING ABS ON A STABILIT Y BALL WILL NEW CARDIO MACHINES Welcome Letter IMPROVE BALANCE. October was truly an eventful month at HFC. We The use free weights by athletes, functional training TREADMILL had the Blue Devil 5K /10K Run/Walk and the and movement training are based on one theory Strongman & Strongwoman Competition. called the theory of Speci city - It says strength, balance, & coordination is very speci c to the The weather was perfect for the race and we had movement. over 135 runners and walkers. The Strongman and Strongwoman had over 7 men and 4 women Simply put, if you want to get better at running, you competitors and they all could lift some heavy run; if you want to get better at running on a treadmill, weights. I listed all the winners for both the you run on a treadmill not outside. The more close events. Who knows your neighbor might be in the exercise to the movement or skill which you are there. trying to improve, the better. So if you lay on a ball and do crunches, you will only become more We also bought 16 new treadmills & ellipticals this balanced lying on a ball and doing crunches. month. Now what’s your excuse for not working out? The balance you gained lying on the ball won’t carry Anoop Balachandran over to other activities, like running or walking. ELLIPTICAL Health & Fitness Center Coordinator AB MY TH 4: HANGING LEG RAISES WORK YOUR LOWER ABS. Anatomically speaking, there is no lower or upper AB EXERCISE MYTHS abs. The rectus abdominis is one single muscle. They are called upper and lower abs because they are AB MY TH 1: DO NOT USE WEIGHTS FOR AB innervated by different nerves and hence could be EXERCISES. emphasized differently. And even if they could be emphasized, leg raises do not do a good job. I see this myth all the time in the gym, but see no logic whatsoever. If you use weights for biceps, chest and every other muscle, why not use weights for abs? Your abdominal muscle is no different than the rest of the muscles in the human body. If you can already see your abs, using weights can only make them look a lot better. If it is under a thick layer of fat, your focus should be on your diet and COOL FEATURES: cardio than ab exercises in the rst place. Touch screen. The only ones who should stay away from weights for The major function of the rectus abdominis muscle is abs are those have a lot of fat around their abs; exion or rounding of your spine. If you are just Charge your I-pod & view your songs on the doing abs with weights can make their stomach look raising your legs without rounding your spine, you are display. mainly using a different muscle group called hip bigger as the muscle grows underneath. exors. This is simply because ab muscles are not Use the landscape, track & mountain views to attached to your legs and hence abs in no way can AB MY TH 2: HIGH REPS WILL TONE YOUR ABS. motivate yourself. raise your legs. The burn you feel from leg raises is Spot reduction is the most well known myth in mainly from the hip exors which run deep below the Use the USB to create, download workouts and tness. Ironically, you see people in every gym lower part of the abdomen. track them online. across the world trying to “spot reduce”. You cannot lose fat from a speci c area on your body by exercis- If you want to emphasize lower abs, make sure your Use the virtual trainer to talk you through the round your spine when you bring your legs up. The ing that speci c area, period. different features of the machine. same applies for upper abs too. Women have more fat on the back of their triceps & hip; men have more fat on their low abs and low back. Anoop Balachandran It is simply because that’s how we are wired Health & Fitness Center Coordinator genetically and is not because you do less exercise for these speci c body parts. So it doesn’t really matter whether you do low, medium or high reps for your abs, or for that matter any other muscle. When you start losing weight (eating less and doing cardio), the body gradually loses fat from those stubborn areas, including your abs.
  2. 2. NOVEMBER, 2008 STRONGMAN / STRONGWOMEN BLUE DEVIL WINNERS NEW CARDIO MACHINES COMPETITION RESULTS DISPLAY FEATURES 10K RUN WINNERS The eleventh annual Strongman & Strongwoman competition was a success thanks to the many Under 18 enthusiastic participants. Many competitors exceeded KAYLA BRICE their expectations of their physical capabilities, endurance, and strength at this year’s event. On behalf 19-24 of the Health and Fitness Center, we would like to DAVID SCHONSCHECK thank all who participated. We would also like to BRENDA HUEBSCHER congratulate this year’s winners. 25-34 After enduring The Viking Grip with 20 lb weights, the JOE ANDERSON 70lb Farmer’s Walk, and the 150 lb Axel Dead Lift, KRISTA MOORE Laura Freund won the woman’s por tion of the competition. The rivalry was erce among the 35-54 women as Laura Freund and Jenny Wegner battled JOHN ZBARNIK it out. Upon calculating all of their points, the two JO WILSON tied. However, after the tie-breaker event, Laura won by a mere 0.2 seconds in the Farmer’s walk! 65+ PHILIP MCGUIRK The Men’s event consisted of a choice between 400 or 450 lbs for the Axle Dead Lift, the Press Medley event in which competitors are given one minute to 5K RUN WINNERS press the 150lb Regular Bar, the 185lb 2” axle 225lb 8” diameter log from the oor. Men also competed in the Tire Flip and Plate Carry Competition. For this Under 18 event, they ipped a 550lb tire 6 consecutive times, JORDAN BRINGOLD and then proceeded to carry a 200 lb plate down the track and around the cones for 120 feet. The last two 19-24 events were the 300 lb Farmer’s Walk and the 25 lb LUCAS WILSON Tire Throw. Ryan Thompson was the overall winner for DANIELLE BLOOMQUIST the men and Dave Langer came second. 25-34 All participants received a wide array of prizes, and JUAN RAMIREZ there was a raf e contest for spectators. Thank you EMILY HODGE to all who made it a very fun event, we look forward to future successful Strongman & Strongwoman 35-54 Competition. GERALD PORTER JEAN BRINGOLD By Grace Brown HFC Personal Trainer 55-64 JOHN MIKESELL COMPETITION STANDINGS 65+ ROBERT NESVACIL Men’s Standing RYAN THOMPSON 1 DAVE LANGER 2 JORDAN NELSON 3 JOHN TARASIK 4 JAKE REGNER 5 JUSTINE LAVALLE 6 DREW SOWLE 7 Women’s Standing LAURA FREUND 1 JENNY WEGNER 2 AMANDA JOHNSON 3 ERIN DAHMS 4 Laura Freund, Jenny Wegner David Langer, Ryan Thompson