Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy


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Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy

  1. 1. Jan, 2009 A simple method is to divide your exercises to Welcome Letter movements. The basic trunk movements are: Flexion, Extension, Rotation, & Side Flexion. Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. The tness center has a brand new Flexion: face with all the new treadmills & ellipticals, and everyone seems to love it. If you didn’t notice, now you only have to sign up during the peak hours. Also Flexion is basically rounding your back. Most ab now we have a few free machines, so even during the exercises, like sit ups, crunches, sit ups with a peak hours you don’t always have to sign up to use a ball, & leg raises fall in the exion category. No cardio machine. If you do one exercise for all the above muscle in the human body has endured so As far as new events, we had a Women’s Free Weight movements, you covered every inch of every much torture and pain as the rectus abdominus Training & The Big Three Class. The women’s free muscle in your trunk. (front ab muscle). And there is no end to it weight training class was a 2 day class for 2 hour each that taught the basics of free weight exercises. seems. We had 8 participants, and I already have people Now your assignment is to divide your ab asking the dates for the next class. The Big Three was exercises into the above movements and see Tight abdominal muscle can pull your rib cage a lot more in depth and covered the basics of the which movement is lacking and which is over down and give you a hunch back posture which deadlift, squat & bench press. emphasized. is common in many folks. Check out our new Member Spotlight section and our new event Walkin’ To Paradise, Step it Stout 2009. Add or subtract exercises or sets until you Extension: Enjoy the articles! attain the right balance, harmony, joy, and world peace. Anoop Balachandran Extension works your lower back and is the Health & Fitness Center Coordinator opposite of exion, as in leaning back or arching your back. Unfortunately, this Anoop Balachandran movement is the most ignored in the gym. Health & Fitness Center Coordinator HOW MANY AB EXERCISES? Functionally speaking, your low back is part of MEMBER SPOTLIGHT your trunk musculature. 85% of the adults end One of the feedbacks we got after the Women’s up with low back pain in their life. Strengthening Weight Training Class was that they need more DIANN RUDIGER: your low back is one way to sneak into that 15%. abdominal exercises. I think this is a good time to address the comment. Tell me about yourself: I am a custodian at HKMC (residence hall) and I have been working in the same building for From what I have seen, most people know eight and a half years. I have been married 32 plenty of different ab exercises. Even my front years and have three daughters. My rst desk staff, with little background in tness, daughter got married this year. knows more ab exercises than me. Why do you work out? To stay healthy. What is lacking in people’s ab routine is proper I don’t want to die young. I enjoy my workout. balance of different ab exercises so that you Sometimes I don’t feel like coming, but I feel have equal emphasis on all the muscles in your a lot better once I’m done working out. I talked Side Flexion: trunk. Anybody who hangs out in our ab area my co-worker into coming to work out because will see crunches and sit ups being the most she needed to get stronger for work. Side Flexion involves side bending. Look at dominant exercises in any ab routine. Without Maggie in the pic if you are unsure. What do you like about the HFC? proper muscle balance in your routine, you are I love all the equipment and variety. I like setting yourself up for postural deviations, and being around young kids. maybe injury, in the long run. Do you have any advice for people who don’t exercise? Take time for yourself. Stay healthy. Rotation: SO HOW DO YOU ENSURE PROPER MUSCLE As the name implies, it involves rotation of your trunk. BALANCE IN YOUR AB WORKOUT: H E A LT H & F I T N E S S C E N T E R . 715. 2 3 2 .1378
  2. 2. Speci c Sources of Antioxidants WHAT ARE ANTIOXIDANTS? Antioxidant Vitamin Sources Antioxidants: Eggs, meat, milk, cheese, cream, liver, kidney, Vitamin A A dietary substance that can prevent damage to your body’s cells or repair damage that has cod & halibut sh oil (* also high is saturated already been done. fat and cholesterol) Work by signi cantly slowing or preventing the oxidative process caused by free radicals. Green peppers, citrus fruits and juices, straw- Vitamin C berries, tomatoes, broccoli, turnip greens and Free Radicals: other leafy greens, sweet & white potatoes and cantaloupe. Are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures, like cigarette smoke or radiation. Wheat germ, corn, nuts, seeds, olives, spinach, Vitamin E other green leafy veggies, asparagus, and corn, - Created intentionally by body’s immune sun ower, soybean and cottonseed oils system to ight viruses & bacteria. - These damaged cells may play a role in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, memory loss, *Note: These are JUST the antioxidant vitamins, there are literally hundreds of antioxidants (carotenoids (more than strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s 600 naturally), lycopene, zeaxanthin, lutein, xanthophylls, to name just a couple). disease Cataracts, emphysema and many other diseases. - Eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, to get the most bene t from hundreds Where do I get Antioxidants? and hundreds of different antioxidants. - Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, vegetable Tami Stibb oils. HFC Personal Trainer Dietetics Graduate Student - Over the counter nutritional supplements. - Human body produces antioxidants naturally The registration fee for this program includes Stress can severely impair this ability. pedometer, tote, t-shirt and Passport Booklet. The pedometer, tote and passport booklet can What Ranks the highest in Antioxidant be picked up at the UW Stout Health & Fitness Center beginning January 26th. T-shirts will be content? ordered following the completion of the event’s registration. Your team captain will be noti ed Fruits: via email when the t-shirts are ready for distribution. Cranberries, blueberries and blackberries ranked highest. The total journey is approximately 750 miles or WALKIN’ TO PARADISE 1,500,000 steps. This averages 500,000 Vegetables: steps per team member or 10,612 steps per day (2000 steps = 1 mile). Beans, artichokes, Russet potatoes were Step it Stout 2009 highest. Aloha! “Walkin to Paradise-Step It Stout 2009” is Alternative activities, such as climbing, weight lifting, swimming, basketball, have been Nuts: just the ticket to beat the winter blahs. converted into steps for your use as well. This program should be a fun and challenging These gures are located in your passport Pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts ranked highest in journey through the beaches, mountains, and booklet. nut category. rainforests of the Hawaiian Islands. We are taking the “virtual” walk through the islands of Safe travels to all. What’s Important to know? Maui, Lanai, Oahu, Hawaii, Molokai, and Kauai. Aloha ~ Student health Services and University - You need antioxidants everyday to combat Our 7 week journey will begin in Honolulu on the Recreation free radicals from environmental factors and breaking down food to lower risk of MANY island of Oahu on February 2nd and end on major diseases. March 20th. At the end of journey we will have a Luau Celebration. Plan to join us for lunch, prizes, - Antioxidants are contained within the color of and celebration with all the other teams. the food. Please register online at: The more bright in color the fruit or vegetable is urec.uwstout.edu/hfc/paradise.html the more antioxidants are in the piece of food. Completed registration form and $5 fee can be mailed or dropped of at Rm 41 Sports & Fitness Center-by February 2, 2009. H E A LT H & F I T N E S S C E N T E R . 715. 2 3 2 .1378