Ncvps orientation part i


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Ncvps orientation part i

  1. 1. Part I: How to be Successful in an Online Class ©2010 Wellner Design
  2. 2. You will now become responsible for discovering your best learning environment…
  3. 3. …and making it happen. • Is the television a distraction? Are you watching Maury instead of reading Shakespeare? • You may love music but if you are singing instead of typing, you need to rethink the ipod. • Good news for night owls… NCVPS is open 24 hours a day for your viewing pleasure!
  4. 4. What type of environment is the most productive for you?
  5. 5. Careful what you say, text, type… • Online teachers love it when you communicate with them. They miss the “one-on-one” of the classroom. Being a virtual student DOES NOT MEAN you have to figure out everything without the help of a teacher, however…
  6. 6. Careful what you say, text, type… • Online teachers and students cannot read your body language from a text or email so be careful when sending a message. Make sure that it conveys ONLY the message you are sending. Read it over before sending. Have someone else read it. It is important that you don’t make the wrong impression…
  7. 7. Careful what you say, text, type… • AND, many teachers will take points off of typed discussions and papers if you use texting shortcuts and/or improper language and punctuation. B careful. bcause ur typin short message duz not mean grammar z not important.
  8. 8. How hard will this be? • Are you a good reader? If so you will be rewarded by finding this to be an easy class. If you are a weak reader/writer, you may have to work a little harder but your reading and writing skills will definitely improve in the online class. • Did you know that many colleges now require freshmen to enroll in an online course?
  9. 9. “I never take notes in class!” • All students need to take notes in the online course… I know you are thinking “…but it is already written down!” Don’t be fooled. Notetaking is a strategy for remembering as well as organizing what you are learning. If you prefer to study for hours and get a lower grade every time you take a test, go ahead, ignore the notetaking suggestion.(By the way, that is sarcasm!)
  10. 10. The importance of Time Management Okay. Your mantra is, “I am grown up and can do it myself.” Well now you can prove it!
  11. 11. Students that are proficient at • monitoring their own progress, • keeping up with assignments, and • meeting deadlines have no problems with online courses. For many of you, learning how to manage your time may be harder than the class itself.
  12. 12. “I have until Friday so I think I will start on Thursday…” • Ah, many good students have been foiled by this strategy. Usually, teachers post assignments on Monday and the turn-in date is Friday. Good time managers will do the assignments on Monday and Tuesday and they can relax the rest of the week.
  13. 13. • Poor time managers wait until the last minute then, when the internet crashes, their parents “kidnap” them for an unexpected opportunity to bond or (sadly) an emergency comes up, assignments are late. Do not fall into this trap.
  14. 14. What do I need to take this class? • Reliable internet. • A headset with a microphone if you are in a language class. • Your personal headset if you are working at school. • Let me know if you need a textbook but usually all reading material is posted online. • Students need to have friends and family members that are supportive of the decision to take an online course.
  15. 15. How to succeed in an online course • Log in every weekday • Complete all assignments on time • If you have questions, email your online teacher or other students in the class-every day if you need to. • If you have technical problems email or contact the NCVPS Help desk. • If you are going to be out-of-town, contact your teacher before you go.
  16. 16. Remember… • You can access your NCVPS blackboard from any computer, in any state, any time.
  17. 17. The NCVPS Contract… • You must turn in a Student Agreement (available at • You must follow me on Twitter (@mswellner) • The course calendar is available at the top of the page including the dates for Early Calendar classes. • You must pass an online course to be eligible to take another online course.
  18. 18. Help…My dog ate my computer…I need to drop the class!!!! (sure he did) Simply send me an email and don’t log into the class. You will be automatically dropped after 10 days.
  19. 19. Speaking of email… • As of today, you need to be checking the email you registered with EVERY DAY. That is how your online teacher will greet you and introduce you to the course. It is also how I will send you alerts such as …“email your grades to Ms.Wellner …You are doing great so don’t call Ms.Wellner… WHY AREN’T YOU TURNING YOUR WORK IN! CALL MS.WELLNER!” • If you do not check your email and meet your teacher you will be dropped from the course.
  20. 20. Check your email everyday… • Beginning yesterday!!!!
  21. 21. So how do I start the class? • Your blackboard may not open until the start date. You are welcome to try to log in as many times as you want because you cannot hurt a thing-not your grade, not your enrollment, not my feelings! If you are waitlisted you will not be able to log in until you are enrolled. • Once you are able to open the blackboard, it may not show your class(es),or or it may say that you are not enrolled. Ahhhhh, technology. If your online teacher emails you, you are enrolled.
  22. 22. Now what do I do? • Until your class opens all you can do is wait…but you can learn how the class works by going to Part II: How the Online Class Works